Ultimate Guide For Making Baby Food

Thinking of the right solid foods for your baby? Well, you are not alone. There are other parents who are thinking of the same matter. It is really a serious concern for the parents when their kids turn into an age to eat solid foods as well as breast milk.

The easiest solution is to provide baby foods by the baby food making companies. But the problem is the quality. All these foods are not healthy and standard.

It is always the best idea to make food by you. As all the ingredients are available, your baby will get the best food quality if you make food.  But there are procedures to make baby food. In this guide, I will tell you the ways to make food with best ingredients.

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What type of food should be chosen?

It is the most important thing to choose the type of food you will give your baby. At this age, babies cannot chew and swallow all types of solid foods. Go for those solid foods which are comparatively softer. Fruits and vegetables are the best for this reason.

Banana, avocado, green peas and sweet potato are the best for the babies. The benefit of the fruit and vegetables is these foods are full of vitamins, nutrition and minerals that the babies need most. Another important thing is these foods are sweet and tasty which is favorite to the babies.

No matter what type of food you choose, fruit or vegetables, make sure that the foods are organic. Avoid the foods which are produced using pesticides and chemical fertilizer. USDA certified foods are considered the best.

You can also provide grains to your baby. Make sure that the grains are not too large for the baby. You better blend the grains and boil in the water. Among the grains, avoid using rice and any food made by rice.

How to make and store?

Storing is another important task while making baby food. So, when you will make food, make a large quantity. The separate the food into small portions. Keep the quantity of food of your baby need and store the rest.

Defrost the food to make the food fresh for long. Defrost the food is the right temperature. Glass containers are the best to store the food. If you use plastic containers, make sure that the container is BPA free. Always keep the containers clean.

It is very crucial to remember that, all the foods are not safe to store. Baked foods and some vegetables are safe to store. When you prepare fruits for feeding, feed them instantly and keep for later.

Why use food makers?

In order to save time and energy, some parents use food makers to blend, puree and defrost. But a food maker is not necessary for making food. You can use your own hands. This will help you to save some extra money.

But the food makers really help the food making faster and easier. If you use a food maker, be careful to clean the food maker and all the equipment before and after making the food.

What are the health issues?

As the health of the baby is the main concern, you need to be careful enough to match food with the health of the baby. Babies face certain health problems like allergy, rashes, sneezing, breathing problem and hives.

Never feed the kind of food that can create allergy problem to your baby. Don’t buy cheap foods with low quality. Know the health condition of your baby. The best thing is to discuss with your pediatrician before applying any food to your baby.

Making baby food is not just a responsibility. It is fun and the best way to know about the health and the choice of the food of your baby. If you know your baby’s choice, you can make the best for your kid.


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