Top 10 Best Baby Bouncer in 2017

As babies are able to roll by itself and crawl, it is quite risky to leave the baby alone in the bed. But you can’t hold your baby all the time when you’re at home. In that case, to remove your tension, baby bouncers are needed. Bouncers are very helpful and unique instruments for your baby to entertain. Bouncer is usually made with plastic and steel. It has a quite strong frame. It includes a seat where a baby can seat. Babies love to jump or bounce on the seat. That’s why it is called Bouncer. But you are gonna relaxed because there is no chance to falling down of the baby as all the best baby bouncer have belt with them to tie the baby up.

Top Picking Best Baby Bouncer

This 3 is our top picking best baby bouncer for your little star!

10 Best Baby Bouncer Reviews

Here are the 10 best baby bouncer in our consideration. We design this reviews by the combination of expert advice & user experience. Here is the list –

1. Rainforest Jumperoo Reviews

  • Plastic and metal made
  • Toys and music
  • Multiple uses
  • Easy use & attractive look
  • Comfortable

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Pros & Cons: A very convenient jumper for baby which has multi-functions. Your baby can move, spin and jump simultaneously in it. Its rotating seat insures more support and safety. The extra cushioning in the back side of the head provides more comfort to your baby. The frame of this jumper is made with both metal and plastic proving higher durability and long lasting guarantee. It is easily folded and easily carried to any place. Its built-in music system soothes the ear of your baby and its nice looking and colorful rainforest toys sooth the eyes of your baby.

2. Infant To Toddler Rocker Reviews

  • Colorful design
  • Removable toy bar
  • Vibration enabled with deep cradle seat
  • Perfect for feeding, sleeping and reclining
  • Suitable for different ages of babies

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Pros & Cons: An outstanding bouncer by Fisher-Price to entertain your baby with all facilities in it. From infant to 3-4 years old baby, this bouncer easyily suits with any kinds of babies. And also it holds the weight of the babies from 40 lbs to 18 kg. It is very colorful which soothes the eyes of your baby and increases the beauty of your home. Its frame is stiff enough and can be carried easily as it is light. Having a fold-out kickstand, there is no chance of slipping. This bouncer is one of the best as it supports napping, feeding and reclining in it. For your baby’s amusement, this bouncer has toy with a toy bar.

But if you’re using this bouncer for your baby of 2-3 years old, you can easily remove the toy bar as it is removable. An older baby can play and sit also in this bouncer. To entertain your baby’s sense, this bouncer also provides a musical elephant to play soothing music. Its deep cradle seat is soft enough for your baby’s comfort and gives vibration for the enjoyment of your baby. This bouncer is all in one type bouncer. Only cons is, some users say the older models were better than this.

3. Deluxe Auto Rock N Play Newborn Reviews

  • Rocking enabled
  • Polyester made
  • Multiple use
  • Smart Connect technology
  • Fabric seat

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Pros & Cons: Another great bouncer by Fisher Price. For maintaining high quality, this bouncer is polyester made. Made for mostly for the sleeping of your baby, your baby can also play in it. The body of the baby is very soft and tender, that’s why this bouncer provides deluxe and cuddly fabric mesh sides. The head rest of this bouncer is ultra-plush and the insert meets all the demands of your baby’s comfort. For a sound and comfortable sleep, this bouncer can rock with the gentle push of your hands. It has built in vibration system for a soothing and relaxing experience of your baby.

The high quality seat back of it guarantees the elevation and safety of your baby. Another important feature of it is its durability with a light frame which makes it easily foldable and portable and takes a small space to store.

4. My Little Snugabunny Reviews

  • Cushion body
  • Toys
  • High quality fabric
  • Soft cushioning
  • Built in sound and vibration

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Pros & Cons: A healthy and comfortable bouncer is made just for your dear baby. The deluxe fabric seat is very soft and ready to provide the best comfort to your baby. Its snuggling cushion covers the top to bottom of your baby’s body which is perfect for your baby’s tenderness. With a sturdy steel frame, this bouncer is free from any kind of slipping caused by the jumping of the baby. The baby can pass his time with fun by playing with the toys attached to this bouncer. For the ease of the baby, this great bouncer enables gentle vibration for a comfortable sleep and playing.

Its attached music system includes 8 songs and soothing nature sounds. The main con is, it runs by only battery and no battery charger included.

5. Bright Starts Jungle Stream Bouncer

  • Colorful toys
  • Soft and comfortable seat
  • Soothing vibrations
  • Easy to carry
  • Seat provide support and comfort

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Pros & Cons: Bright starts bouncer One more awesome product that we have worked for you this one. You will really enjoy the outstanding performance of this product. The design and performance are impressive. If you want to prepare your kid for cradle and sitting for your kid then you must use this product. The playful characters and pinwheel bouncers are lovely that even make your kid happy. The dish, colorful toys and comfortable seat add more fun to the mind of the kid and he enjoy his full sitting in the bouncer.

The interactive toys inside the bouncer keep your baby happy and active during the time. The soothing vibrations in the product keep your baby amused and happy

6. Rock n Play Aqua Stone Sleeper Reviews

  • Auto Rocking motion
  • Built in sound effects
  • Various functioning seat
  • Dual speed of rocking
  • Light and portable

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Pros and Cons: No time for rocking your baby in the bouncer?? This bouncer is for you if you are busy doing household or other works. This bouncer has an automatic rocking motion without using hand. Just push the button and it starts to rock your baby. And it also includes 2 different rocking speeds for your baby’s delight. Its high quality seat works both as playtime and sleeper enabling your baby a joyful playing and sleeping. Your baby easily gets a sound sleep as its Comfy incline is upgraded. Its nice design has a great look and has better portability and stability by its little weight.

Your baby can enjoy his time with the help of its attached music system which includes 12 songs and 3 different white noise sound effects. It runs through both electric and battery power which is well appreciated by the users. Only problem is, its speaker is too loud for a baby.

7. Newborn-to-Toddler Portable Rocker Reviews

  • Easy to assemble
  • Toys with removable toy arm
  • Comfortable seat with vibration
  • Perfect for infant and toddler
  • Light and portable

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Pros & Cons: Fisher-Price made a unique bouncer which can be adjusted and assembled easily according to your choice. It is suitable for both infant and toddler. Portability is handful for you. Its small size is also perfect and it can be folded for easy storage. It includes a toy arm with two toys in it for the baby’s amusement. But if your baby is a toddler you can easily remove the toy arm. Its seat is made with fabric and very soft and comfortable. This fabric seat is also very easy to clean. Your baby will enjoy its sleeping on this bouncer because this bouncer also provides a calm and soothing vibration.

Another great feature of this bouncer is it doesn’t rock normally. But if you take off the legs of it, it can rock your baby automatically. The main con of it is it doesn’t provide music.

8. Moonlight Meadow Deluxe Reviews

  • Pappy fabric
  • Easy cleaning
  • Portable and light
  • Vibration and rocking enabled
  • Clacker toy

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Pros & Cons: A simple but effective bouncer to meet all the demand of your baby. With a nice design this bouncer is the perfect one for the sleeping of your baby. Its seat has a pillow softness fabric which is the best for your baby. Its frame is strong and durable but very easy to fold and light to carry in any place. With a gentle push of you, it can rock smoothly to make your baby sleep. Its vibration gives relaxation to the baby when the baby is sleeping or wake. To save your time and labor to clean it, this bouncer is also very easy to clean.

9. 4Moms Mamaroo Bouncer Reviews

  • Nice and attractive design
  • Bluetooth controllable & MP3 sound
  • 5 different motions
  • Controllable Polyester seat and toys
  • Electric powered

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Pros and Cons: An ultimate Bouncer for your baby which is regarded one of the best in the market. Its sleek and unique design is very eye catching. Its comfortable Polyester made seat can be adjusted according to your baby’s demand. It has the ability to give the same comfort to your baby as it provides 5 different motions. Car ride, tree swing, rock a bye, wave and kangaroo, these are the 5 motions which gives the sitting and sleeping of your baby more comfort. Moreover, using its very unique Bluetooth control system, you can control and change the motion with your smart device. To entertain your baby, this bouncer also provides toys which are also washable.

Its built in sound system supports MP3 music and you can play your favorite music using your smart devices as the music system is also Bluetooth controllable. Having a very easy controlling facility this bouncer runs with electric power.

10. Sassy Cuddle Bug Bouncer Reviews

  • Tender and soft
  • Toys and music
  • Blanket included
  • Slip free legs
  • Vibration

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Pros & Cons: If you are looking for a bouncer which is nice looking, durable and effective, you are surely looking for this one. This nice purple colored bouncer is one of the best in the market as it gives more comfort and ease to your baby while sleeping and playing in it. Its built-in blanket has various uses. It is used mainly as seat. But you can use it to wrap your baby while sleeping to give warm of the womb. The 3 hanging toys give your baby to pass its time with joy. Its music sooths the baby and gives the baby a quick sleep. The comfort of your baby will increase by the soft and gentle vibration of this bouncer.

But the most important feature of it is its safety harness and its stiff legs which are free from any kind of slip removing all the tension about your baby. With a very light weight, this bouncer is also very easy to carry. The only problem of it is it cannot be folded.

Differences of Bouncer, Jumper and Swings

Though bouncer, jumper and swing are almost same but they are used for different purposes.

Bouncer : A bouncer is mainly used for sitting, playing and sleeping for your baby. The baby is tied to the bouncer with belt or other elastic materials. Most of the Bouncers are made with cotton for comfort.

Jumper : A Jumper is more like a fun activity than to safety. A jumper is an elastic strap where a seat is attached. Usually baby sits on it and jumps by pushing its feet or toes on the floor. Baby gets pleasure and delight doing it. Jumpers help to develop the leg muscles of your baby.

Swings : Baby Swings are used to swing babies. It is most helpful to make your baby sleep. These swings move forth and back automatically. These swings are portable and very light. Some swings swing with the help of electricity and battery power. Some Swings have attached toys and capable to play music.

Why baby bouncer is needed?

The main purpose of a bouncer is to make you tension free by ensuring your baby’s safety. Most of the bouncers are soft and comfortable and have built in vibration system. The most important feature of a bouncer is it is very light and moveable to any places wherever you want. These bouncers help a baby to sit, sleep, and to jump. A baby can also play in a bouncer as some bouncers have attached toy with it. Moreover some bouncers can play music for your child.

Types of Baby Bouncers

There are many kinds of baby bouncers in the market. Some Bouncers are only for the sitting of your baby. In those bouncers your baby can play by itself. These are called basic bouncers. Some bouncers have toys in it with toy bar which is removal. They also provide musical facility. These are activity bouncers. Some bouncers provide vibration for your baby’s entertainment. There are some bouncers which are mostly used for baby’s sleeping. These are very soft and comfortable. And there are some bouncers which are very bright, colorful and nicely designed and cost very low

Baby Bouncer buying guide

If you don’t consider some certain aspects of a baby bouncer, you will surely waste your money. Keep in mind these features of a best baby bouncer.

Frame: First of all, the frame. A sturdy and strong frame keeps the bouncer from falling, non-slip and makes it last for a long time. And steel is the best material for frame.

Entertaining Feature: As your baby will spend more time in the bouncer, it must bear some entertaining features like toy bar, music, seat vibration and colorful design.

Safety Belt: Safety belts will make you feel relaxed of not falling of your baby from the bouncer as the belts hold your baby tightly with it.

Price: Last but not the least, the price is most important. There are lots of high quality bouncers of different manufacturers which are inexpensive. Just take a look on the internet or you can physically go to the market.

Comfort: For baby’s comfort and health, material of the seat is very important. Materials must be soft and must not cause any trouble to baby skin. A good bouncer provides enough space for a comfortable sitting of the baby. Head support and body positioning is also important for the seat.

Clean: Seat of the bouncer must be easy to clean, or it will cause more time and labor to clean it.

Weight: The best bouncer must be light weighted and portable as it needs to be carried from place to place.

Suitable Baby Age: Weight and age limit are equally important. Choose the right Bouncer suitable for the age and weight of your baby.

Safety for Baby Bouncer

Safety is the main issue for the bouncer. Bouncer is the right instrument to ensure safety of your baby. But you must look for some certain features of a bouncer for ensuring the safety.

Strap: First of all, the strap, which tie the baby with the bouncer. A comfortable, firm and durable strap provide both safety and comfort.

Head & Seat Support: Head support and seat positioning is another important factor. If the head of the baby doesn’t get much support and the seat doesn’t get the right position, your baby won’t get comfort.

Suite to Weight: Weight and age limit are also important as the bouncers are limited to use with certain aged and weighted babies. Keeping the baby in a wrong bouncer can cause harm to the body of your baby. Manufacturer recommendation is considerable here.

Harness: Harness is also important as harness protects falling down of the baby on the floor. For standard safety 3 point harness is perfect. But for more safety 5 point harness is preferable.

Protection: Steel frame insure best protection. Steel frame is stiff and has a 0% falling chance.

Caution: Besides these important factors there are some cautions which are also undeniable. Avoid carrying the bouncer by the frame or the toy bar, while the baby on it. Don’t put the bouncer in a lofty place like a table or a soft place like bed or couch. Because baby’s sudden movement can cause a tumble on the floor. Keep the bouncer always on the floor and also keep bouncer at the same place where you are staying to keep an eye on the baby. Never keep the bouncer near a heater or oven or electric cords.

Final Words

When you raising your baby, you need to take care of the baby and do your own works simultaneously. But it is very risky for your baby if you leave the baby while doing your work. Even if you are doing household works, a few seconds of your leaving can be too much dangerous for your baby.That’s the main reason of you need a bouncer.

Manufacturers always try to give their best to provide the best quality products to you for the safety and the comfort of your baby. And these products are maintained high standard. You can choose any one of these without any doubt because they will surely give their best service. Just select the right one for your baby’s age, size and weight.


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