6 Best Baby Jumper In 2022 With Reviews

Best Baby Jumper Reviews

Babies can move their hands and legs after a certain age of their birth. And then they can walk on their own. But before that, the babies need some activities to move their body muscles freely. Baby jumpers serve the best in this purpose. These jumpers help a baby to jump on his own and to enjoy the jumping. The most important thing is, a baby can freely use his hands and legs without the help of others to improve the body balance.

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Top Picking Best Baby Jumper

Some good baby available in the market & even we show 6 best baby jumper reviews which are available in market. From this 6, we pick 3 best baby jumper based on feature, quality, our expert choice, user experience & price. Here is 3 best baby jumper –

Top rated Best Baby Jumper Reviews

If you are facing trouble to choose the right Baby Jumper for your baby, you can choose one of these. Here are the 6 best baby jumper for baby.

Top Activity Jumper Reviews

Here are the 2 best activity jumpers

Rainforest Jumperoo

luv-u-zooBrand: Fisher Price

Music, sound and light enabled
Made by metal, polyester and plastic
Attractive design
Soft seat rotates
Height can be adjusted

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Pros & Cons: A nice, beautiful, attractive and smart jumper for the babies which has multiple uses. It is regarded one of the best baby jumperoos. Its metal made frame is very strong and durable. The frame of this seat is made with strong plastic to take the right support of your baby. The seat is made with Polyester fabric for highest comfort. Its attractive is very eye catching. The comfortable seat of this jumper allows the baby to rotate by his own to see all around the jumper. The spring of the seat enables the baby jump rightly. The height of the seat can be adjusted for the comfort of the baby and to help enjoyable jumping. It has a large collection of toys which create a zoo type atmosphere in it. The baby can enjoy the time playing with these toys if gets bored by jumping. To make the baby delighted, this awesome jumper provides music, light and sound. And these are easily turned on and off. But the most vital thing of this jumper is it can be folded into a small piece to store in a small place.

ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Jumperexersaucer-jump

Brand: Evenflo

Perfect for playing and learning
Learning activities
Bounce base
Comfortable seat is washable
Bright color
Strong and durable frame

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Pros & Cons: You want your baby to learn along with jumping? Pick this one for your baby because it includes 58 activities to learn things for your baby. Unlike the other baby activity jumpers this jumpers has lots of toy for your baby which are removable too. It is considered one the best baby jumpers as it can be simultaneously used for jumping, playing and learning. This jumper also has 4 different styles (zoo, jungle, beach and bee). You can choose the best suitable for your baby. The seat of this jumper is made with high quality materials to give the better comfort to your baby. For easy cleaning, you can remove the seat from the jumper.

The bright color is favorite to the babies and it sooth their eyes. To ensure safe and comfortable jumping this outstanding jumper also provides a soft bouncing pad. To suit it according to your baby’s height, it has 3 position height adjustments. For a long lasting service, this is made with very strong structure and the frame of this jumper is very firm. But the cons is babies find difficulties turning around the seat on their own.

Best Doorway Jumpers Reviews

Here is three best Doorway jumper

Bumper Jumper

bumper-jumperBrand: Graco

Nylon seat
Seat back has perfect height
Polyester made
Removal and washable seat
Adjustable strap with toys and tray
Soft bumper and spring
Clamp fits with any door

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Pros & Cons: A great doorway jumper which has a strong Clamp to adjust any kind of door and to assure maximum safety for your baby. The Clamp supports baby’s weight to the maximum level while jumping. Polyester makes it more attractive. The comfortable seat of this jumper is Nylon made for extra durability. The seat is a unique one as its back is comfortably high making it perfect for a baby. The great thing of this seat is it can be removed from the jumper for washing and this nice seat is washable by machine. The adjustable strap enables to adjust it according to the weight and height of your baby. This handy strap also helps to move the baby forward and backward as his wish.

This jumper includes 2 removal toys to entertain the baby while jumping. With its precious tray the can play with toys keeping the types on the tray. The most advantage of the tray is it saves the baby from any kind of sudden collision with the door. The bumper all around of the seat is very soft to protect the baby from the wood work for receiving any kind of pain. Its strong and handy spring which has perfect tightness, gives best jumping experience to the baby.

Jolly Jumper Exerciser with Door Clamp

Brand: Jolly Jumper

Build strength
Provide balance and coordination
Complete freedom in movement
Easy to adjust
Scientifically designed

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Pros & Cons: This is jolly jumper exerciser that you can use for your kid and can maintain the health of your baby. The door frames of the product are strong and designed for appropriate door frames. If you want to give your baby a complete freedom of movement and breathing then you should go for this product because it provides a best way to your baby to enjoy natural breath and health. It is ideal for a baby for three months old. It gives a full support to your baby during his exercise and keep his body in a stable and balanced state.

The seat of the product is comfortable as the baby can enjoy sitting and exercise collectively. It is light in weight and provides maximum comfort and stability to the baby during his exercise.

ExerSaucer Door Jumper

exersaucer-door-jumperBrand: Evenflo

Easy adjustable
Perfect for any door
Framed seat
Spring enabled
Comfortable seat
Durable and sturdy
Nice padding

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Pros & Cons: A doorway jumper which is very easy to assemble. Its high quality and strong straps give you the freedom to adjust the baby according to height and weight ensuring the safety of the baby with a zero chance to break. It is usable with any kinds of doors from 3 inch thick to 6 inch. Its nice framed seat fully covers the baby all around and gives extra comfort to the baby while jumping in it. Its spring gives a great experience to jump. The spring also prevents touching of the child and getting any dirt. With its durability and sturdiness, it serves best to your baby and lasts for a long time. Storing this Jumper is very easy and less time consuming.

You can put the strap into the seat while storing it. That’s why is perfect for transportation and easily fits into the back pack. Its padding is nicely done and this jumper is very easy to clean. But the problem is, sometimes its metal frame gives pain while taking off it to clean.

Top Stationary Jumper Reviews

Here is one best Stationary jumper

Stand for Rockers Jumper

jolly-jumperBrand: Jolly Jumper

Helps to develop balance
Makes the muscles strong
Easy jumping and back support
Gives proper support
Portable and easy set up

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Pros & Cons: If you are looking for a jumper which improves the balance of your baby and want your baby only to jump in the jumper, this one must be your ultimate choice. One of the best for jumping this jumper ensures the safety without any doubt. Its strong metal frame is very supportive to your baby with no chance slip of foot and clamp sipping. It is very easy to fold and store though it looks very complicated. With its easy folding it is nicely portable to any place. It is also very easy to set up.

The seat of it is very comfortable and gives proper back support. The most advantage of this jumper is it develops and strengthens the muscle of the baby. The seat is also very easy to remove and clean. The main cons is, it is little difficult to remove the baby from the jumper seat.

Are the Jumpers Good for the Baby??top baby jumper

Some parents think that, jumper for babies can do harm to the muscle of the baby as the muscle is very soft of a baby of that age and a baby frequently jumps on a jumper. But another group of parents say that, jumpers help a baby to learn walking very quickly and without the help of others. The doctors and experts suggest that Jumpers are great for the babies. But they also recommend the use of a jumper only for 20 minutes in a day.

The Purpose of Baby Jumper

A Jumper is used for fun activity and also help to learn walk on his own. Baby gets pleasure and delight to jump. Jumpers help to develop leg muscles of a baby which ultimately help a baby to learn how to walk and to make balance while walking. Parents also feel relaxed because the baby can learn how to walk on his own.

Suitable Baby Age for Jumper

Jumpers are suitable for the babies of at least 6 months and which babies are already learned to creep. Before 6 months baby muscles are too soft and tender for using a jumper. You can take instructions from a doctor.

Types of baby Jumper

The purposes of all the jumpers are the same and they also look almost the same. But they have some basic features which made them different from each other.

  • Stationary Activity Jumpers come with a seat, a frame and a tray in front of the baby full with toys. These are called baby activity jumper. A baby gets entertained more in a stationary activity jumper than the others. Though the toys are not the same in all stationary activity jumpers, the aim of the toys are the same and the babies like the toys very much as they can play and jump at the same time. Some Stationary Activity jumpers include music and lights too.
  • Doorway Jumpers: Doorway Jumpers are great one of the best jumpers for baby. But they can only be used on the door. A cable is used for a Doorway Jumper which is attached with the seat strap at one end and on the other end the cable is used as a clamp to attach the strap with a door frame. Babies in theses jumpers not only can jump but also can move forward and backward.
  • Stationary Jumpers: Stationary Jumpers usually made of a seat, elastic cord and a strong frame where the strap is attached with the seat. As these jumpers do not provide any toys, the baby can only entertain it by bouncing and jumping.

Differences between Jumpers, Bouncers and Swings

Users generally blend all these 3 baby products. They think all 3 of these are the same and they are used for the same purpose. But it’s not correct. Jumpers, Bouncers and Swings are used for different purposes.

Bouncer: A bouncer is mainly used for sitting, playing and sleeping for your baby. The baby is tied to the bouncer with belt or other elastic materials. Most of the baby bouncers are made with cotton for comfort.

Swing: Baby Swings are used to swing babies. It is most helpful to make your baby sleep. These swings move forth and back automatically. These swings are portable and very light. Some swings swing with the help of electricity and battery power.

Jumper: As we mentioned earlier in this baby jumper review that the purpose of the jumper is help the jump baby to jump and bounce for an easy learning of walking.


Safety Issues for a Baby Jumper

Safety issue is the most vital factor for a kid jumper. If you won’t be careful about some basic safety issues, a baby jumper will turn into a night mare for your baby and for you.

  • Always place the Jumper on a flat surface.
  • Keep the floor always clean.
  • Never put any sharp objects on the floor.
  • Different Jumper has different age and weight limits. Maintain it strictly.
  • Placing the Jumper near stair or pool is very much dangerous. Avoid it.
  • Never leave the baby alone while the baby is on the Jumper.
  • Fasten the cable, strap and other cords firmly and double check them. In this task there is no margin for error.
  • Avoiding any attachment of toys with string or cables or straps is smart decision.
  • Keep an eye on the baby to prevent any kind of collision with anything.
  • While using a doorway Jumper carefully pass the baby if you need to go to another room.
  • Keep the pets far from the baby when baby is jumping.
  • Don’t put the baby on the jumper for too long.
  • Follow the doctor’s instructions.

Safety Rules for a Doorway Jumper

As Doorway Jumper gives your baby more freedom to move, it is a bit risky too.

  • Always keep an eye on the baby. As the doorway jumper is placed between the door frame and the baby gets more space to move freely, it creates more chance to make a collision with the baby and the door frame.
  • Clamp is the main thing that holds the doorway jumper. Be very careful while binding the strap with the Clamp. Any kind of breaking or slipping of the Clamp means sudden fall down of your baby to the ground which will cause a serious trouble to your baby.
  • Doorway Jumpers cause more trouble when you go one room to another room as the jumper is placed middle of the door. Carefully pass the baby while going to other room so that there is push by you to the baby or you better take the baby out of the jumper. Keep the pets out of the baby’s reach. As the pets directly go through the doors and use the doors for safe running in the house, it is more likely to get a collision between the pets and your baby.

Buying guide to Buy a Baby Jumper

To buy the best jumper for your baby you must be careful and sharply observe some particular features of a jumper.

Age & Weight: Age & weight of your baby is very vital for buying a jumper. All the jumpers have weight and age limit. So, for the safety of your baby choose the suitable one for your baby’s age and weight.

Comfort: The best baby jumperoo must be comfortable. As the baby will spend a certain time in the jumper, baby will not feel relaxed unless the jumper is comfortable. Cotton and Polyester are the perfect materials for the comfort of a Jumper.

Seat: Seat is the main object of the jumper for babies. The seat must be comfortable. It also has to be easy removal and easy cleaning too. Easy adjustment of the seat is equally important.

Sturdy Strap: The Strap must be the best quality because it holds the baby and ties the baby with the Clamp or the frame of the jumper.

Portability: Light weight and small size enable to carry it easily to any place. Easy storage is also required for a baby jumper.

Easy use: The best jumper for baby must be quick and easy to assemble and must be easy to disassemble too.

Toys: Toys are usually found with the baby activity jumpers. Parents usually think toys are used only for baby’s entertainment. But the toys have a great physical benefit too. Jumping helps strengthening leg muscles. But having a toy in the hand, a baby can move his hand muscles too.

Final Words

Jumpers are the best companion to learn walking more than anything else. So, buy the best one and make a great care of it. Hope this review will help you to know everything about baby jumpers. Follow the instructions of this best jumper for baby review.

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