10 Best Baby Teething Toys 2022 : Guide And Reviews

best baby teething toys

Parents are always anxious about their babies if they put something in their mouth or not. It is very easy for the babies to put anything especially the toys. Natural teething toys prevent the babies from putting anything in the mouth and saving them from any kind of harm. These best baby teething toys are soft and comfortable so that the babies can chew them for a long time and don’t go for another object to put them in their mouth.

In this guide, I’m gonna tell you the features, benefits, and the best tips to buy a teething toy for your kid.

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Is it safe to use teethers for babies? 

Babies have the habit of putting anything in their mouth. They just love it! They enjoy it but don’t know how much harmful it is. As an adult and parent, you must aware it. You must make your baby stay away from putting anything in the mouth.

But how long you can do it as your baby has this habit? Soft teethers for babies are the only solution. These are made with soft rubber and silicon to make the baby chew all the time. Having a teether in the mouth makes the babies not attracted to put anything in the mouth. Teethers allow no dirty or harmful objects to their mouth. Moreover, these are made with toxic free materials and improve the sensory motor skills and soothe the gums of the babies.

Top 10 Best teething toys for baby

Here are top 10 teething toys for the baby based on health fact, quality and actual user review.

1. Vulli Sophie la Girafe

One of the favorite teething toys among the babies to make their teeth strong. This Giraffe designed toy has several parts to chew by the babies like the legs, horns, and ears. Each unit is unique and hand painted. The toy is very soft and flexible and babies can easily chew it.

For the safety of the babies, this toy is free from Phthalates and BPA. This toy is also made by 100% natural rubber to save the kids from any harm. The food paint is also safe and fades after using for a certain time.

2. Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush & Teether

Another award winning baby teether and toothbrush only for your baby. This is the best teething toys for 3 month old. This baby banana brush is safe than the hard plastic ones in the market. It develops good oral hygiene for your baby from his/her early age.

Its thick bristle cleans the mouth completely and massages the sore of the babies. The peel ring of the teether makes it very easy to hold by the kids. This toothbrush saves the babies from any kind of danger because it doesn’t contain any toxic.

3. Luxury Teether Massage

This baby teether comes with a set of 2 teethers along. This teether set is one of the soft teethers for babies. It is made of soft silicone and FDA materials to make the babies comfortable while chewing it. The shape and size of it fit perfectly with the babies.

The design and color of it soothe the eye of the babies. Babies love the raspberry and strawberry design of this teether. The pillow soft texture gives delight to your baby.

4. Multi-Sensory BPA-Free Silicone Teething Ring

If you want to develop the oral motor skill of your baby with various ribs and nubs, then this best baby teething toys is the perfect one for you. It has a pack of 2 multi-sensory teethers which is made with medical grade silicone with nice Pink color.

This teether is soft, lightweight and easy to hold in the little fingers of the babies. It is can be worn as a bracelet too by the babies. It soothes the sore teeth and gums. To make the babies safe, this baby teether is free from BPA and other harmful substances.

5. Waldorf Maple Teether Natural Ring 

A fine wood teether for the babies to make their teeth strong and to give a natural growth to the teeth, this is the parents’ favorite for their babies. It is very much soothing for the babies as it is soft like tender gums. The construction of this teether has given a smooth finish for the comfort of the babies.

Its design helps the babies to grasp it by their hands. It is made with natural material like maple wood by the hand of the craftsman. But the most important factor is this teether is free from any kind of toxic to save your baby.

6. Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Activity Toy

This award winning baby teether has a great design which easily draws the attention of the baby. The soft and light design of this teether help the babies to grab, hold and rattle. Babies get a soft and comfortable teething experience from this teether.

The center of this teether has quite a rattle for the babies. This best teething toys for 3 month old has Winkel’s patented design which is favorite to the babies. The materials of this teether are free from BPA and other harmful contents.

7. Calmies – Natural Teether

Another great natural teething toys for the babies to have them a soft and relaxed teething experience. It is made with 100% soft rubber so that the babies can chew it with comfort. This teether is environmentally more sustainable for a longer use.

This teether is very easy to grasp by the kids for making them calm and give fun. It helps and develops the sensory motor skill of the babies. To ensure safety, this teether is free from BPA, PVC, and Phthalates.

8. CaaOcho Baby – atural Rubber Teether Fish

Certified non-toxic, this safe teething toys is the perfect one for the babies. It has 2 textures to massage the baby’s sore gums. As it is very soft, babies can chew with comfort. It also delivers tactile exploration to the babies. The fishy design is really liked by the babies.

It is made with 100% pure natural rubber with no toxic. This teether ensures hygiene by preventing all types of bacteria in it.  It has a very light weight and small size which helps the babies to grasp and hold it easily.

9. ZoLi Bunny Dual Nub Teether

One of the best teething toys for 4 month old baby which has a dual rubber-made teether. Babies can chew any of them whenever they want. The oval handle helps the babies to hold it easily without any discomfort.

This teether has soft texture tips which soothe the gums of the babies. Its perfect size and light weight help the kids to grasp and hold it with comfort. As the safety is a major issue, this teether has no BPA and Phthalate. Parents can give this teether to their babies without any doubt.

10. Nuby Silicone Teethe-eez Teether with Bristles

Made with light blue color, this baby teether has everything you need from a teether. It has the perfect size and shape for hold it easily by the babies. It is soft and helps to chew it easily. It improves the sensory motor skills and gives comfort to the gum of the babies.

This super soft teether is made with 100% silicone for greater durability. The fish design is perfect for the age of the babies. Its multiple teething surfaces help the eruption of the new teeth of the babies. This teether is fully free from any kind of toxic, mostly BPA. To carry it with hygiene, this teether has a carrying case with it.

How to pick best baby teething toys

There are lots of baby teethers in the market for your kids. But if you want the best baby teething toys just consider these things to buy it.

  • Quality
  • Safety
  • BPA free
  • Light and small
  • Improves baby’s gum
  • Develops baby’s sensory motor skill

  • Color
  • Price
  • Made with rubber or silicon
  • Soft
  • Easy use
  • Attractive design and

Final Words

If you are thinking about the habit of your baby, then I can say, it isn’t a big matter when the best baby teething toys are with you. So, get one of these and make your baby comfortable all the time.



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