5 Best Birthday Gifts For Kids Who Have Everything

Best birthday gifts for kids who have everything

Birthday gifts are the best gifts for the kids as they are very much excited about their birthdays. It is also a great occasion for parents to show the kids how much they love their kids. Best birthday gifts for kids are those gifts which have everything that the kids expect.

Birthday gifts must be entertaining as well as educative so that your kid can learn something and enrich the creativity and imaginative ability.

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Top 5 Birthday Gifts for Kids

There are lots of amazing gifts for the kids. To make you feel free from the hassle of choosing the best birthday gifts for kids who have everything, here are the 5 best birthday gifts for you.

Lego City – Best game for enrich Kids IQ


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Lego is not just an instrument to pass the time of your kid. It helps the kids to enrich their IQ and intelligence. It develops their creativity more than anything else. They can make things with their own thought and creativity.

Lego is like a set of bricks. Kids need to build structures with the bricks. They can make buildings, houses, cars, vans, trucks, planes, airport, city and much more with Lego. There will be designs given with the box of Lego.

But it will be the best if you let your kid building his/her own. It will sharpen the creativity of your kid and he/she will be more interested in doing creative things. It is one of the best birthday gifts for kids to make your kid smart from the childhood.

Car Carrier Truck and Cars


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Cars are one of the most favorite toys for the kids. When they get a car set of 4 cars with a big truck, their joy knows no bound. This gift set meets the demand. It has 4 cars of 4 different colors, red, blue, green, and yellow.

There is a 2 level ramp at the rear side of the big truck and the ramp is foldable. This ramp helps to enter and exit of the cars easily. All the cars are compatible with all standard wooden train tracks.

This car set has a top-quality wooden construction for long lasting use. This car set encourages the motor skills of the kids and develops their imagination for imaginative play.

U45 Blue Jay WiFi FPV Quadcopter Drone


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Blended with the latest technology, this is one of the best birthday or Christmas gifts for kids who have everything. This drone gives the same experience of an RC plane or more than it. Kids can easily fly this drone with the help of the remote controller.

There is one touch take off and landing of this drone. There is feature for the beginners to control it easily. Kids can fly this drone in a specific path and without any help; this drone can fly for a long time.

Kids can also fly and capture photos with its 2MP camera. The amazing thing is kids can use smartphone to get video feed from the drone as the there is option to attach smartphone on the controller. Kids can pass lots of time with this drone as a very special birthday gift who love tech.

Toysmith Balloon Powered Vehicle Set


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Another great gift for your kid to play both in indoor and outdoor. The balloon set gives action and excitement while playing with toys. Kids need to blow the balloon and tie the balloon with racers or helicopters.

There are 31 balloons, 2 racers and 2 helicopters with this balloon set. There is also an inflation pump to inflate the balloons easily. Your kid will love this when he/she will fly the helicopter or race the cars with the balloons.

Another great thing is adults can also play with these balloons. So, kids or adults, all the family members can enjoy their time with these balloons having lots of fun.

Playtime Party Picnic Set


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This birthday gift gives the party picnic experience to the kids staying at home. Kids can get what they want from a picnic party. This set improves the imaginative power of the kids.

Kids can pretend they are in a picnic party though they are at home. This set has pretended items to play. There are lots of food items, plates, cutlery, napkins, and placemats.

There are sheet of stickers and a coloring book with this set for imaginative work for the kids. Kids can learn the food items and know the whereabouts of a picnic party.

For the kids from 3 years and above, this gift set is the perfect one. They can play with it at anyplace, indoor or outdoor. There is a carrying case with handle for easy carrying of this set.

Last Words

If you want to make your kid a smart one from the childhood, there is nothing comparable with these birthday gifts I mentioned here. You can give one of these to your kid to make him/her an intelligent and smart one.


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