Best Bottles For Breastfed Babies 2022

Best Bottles for Breastfed Babies

Are you annoyed with the hassles of breast-feeding? Does your baby reject the regular bottle while feeding? Just relax. You’re not the only one who is facing this problem. Many other moms are also facing the same problem. Best bottles for breastfed babies are here to solve this problem and to help you and your baby to get rid of this annoyance. For the newborn babies, breast and bottle feeding is the most necessary and crucial.

The most beneficial thing is best breastfeeding bottles enable dad or other family members to feed the baby in absent of mom as mom can’t be with the baby all the time. There are also other benefits to use a breast-feeding bottle. In this review, we will know about the best breastfeed bottles for newborn babies along with the use and buying guide of these bottles.

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Do you need bottle for your breastfed baby?

A common question of the Moms is it necessary to have a breastfeeding bottle. Well, the answer is certainly yes. You need a breast feeding bottle to feed whether it is breast milk or formula. A breast feeding bottle also helps the other members of the family to feed the baby.

You may busy with household chores, you need to go outside house or you need to go back to work place after the birth of your baby. In these cases, you can’t be with your baby all the time. That’s why you need to store your breast milk or formula to feed your baby frequently. A breast feeding bottle is the best for this reason. The most convenient thing is, if you store milk in the bottle, any family member can feed the baby whether you are in home or outside.

When to introduce bottle to your baby?

It is very crucial to introduce bottle-feeding to the baby. Baby’s natural drinking habit depends on it. Since the birth, a breastfeeding bottle can be introduced to your baby. But you should wait for few weeks as there is always differences between Mom’s breast and an artificial nipple. Your baby needs to get familiar with natural breastfeeding. Moreover if your baby gets used to with the bottle, it will be very difficult to breast feed later because in the bottle the baby can drink with less effort but in the breast more effort needed to suck by the baby.

Top 3 Best Bottles for Breastfed Babies


Reviews of 9 Best Bottles for Breastfed Babies

Of the many types of breast feeding bottles, here are the 9 best breastfeeding bottles for you.

Comotomo Baby Bottlecomotomo-baby-bottle

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This bottle is the best solution if your baby hates bottle and bottle-feeding. It is designed to mimic the breastfeeding to make the babies drink milk with comfort as some of the babies always reject the bottles when they are fed with bottles. This bottle has a perfect wide size, which helps the mom and the baby to hold the bottle easily while feeding and drinking. Its squeezable body is unique. This bottle is made with high quality plastic, which made it durable and long lasting. Parents don’t want to provide a plastic product with toxic and harmful object to their babies. That’s why the plastic of this bottle and nipple is free from BPA, PVC and Phthalate.

For the convenience of the baby, the nipple has a natural designed shape, which helps the baby making an easy switch from breast to bottle. Anti-Colic vents give a nice air circulation to make the drinking easy for the baby. The neck of this bottle is extra wide and that makes the cleaning of the bottle very simple and quick. You can clean the bottle even with your hands. For ensuring the 100% safety of your baby, this bottle is safe and hygienic. This bottle is also safe to use with boiling water and with microwave, dishwasher and sterilizers. Another important feature of this breastfeeding bottle is it is leak proof. Only problem is the nipple is easily collapsible.

Adiri NxGen Newborn Nurser Baby Bottle

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As moms are today are busy, they need a bottle to feed the baby which is very convenient to transit the baby from breast to bottle. This bottle is the perfect for this. The nipple of this bottle is carefully designed and that is the reason why the babies can’t realize the difference between the nipple and breast. The nipple has perfect size and shape to suck by the baby. This bottle is made with top quality plastic and the nipple is made with soft medical grade Silicone. The bottle does not leak and it keeps the milk secure all the time.

One- way Petal valve and bottom vented quality of this bottle ensures continue airflow to decrease the chance of colic. The bottle can be disassembled easily and when disassembled, it has 3 different parts to clean easily. This bottle is safe to use as it is free from BPA and it is considered one of the best breastfeeding bottles.

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Standard Glass Bottles

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Regarded one of the best breastfed bottles for newborn babies, this bottle suits perfect with your baby. It provides positive pressure to give a vacuum free feeding to the baby, which makes the feeding similar to breastfeeding. This vacuum feeding prevents the air to mix with the milk for making the vitamin A, E and C intact in the milk. The vent system of this breastfeeding bottle solves the feeding problems. The vent also destroys the air bubbles in the milk to make the feeding free from gas, spit-up and colic.

To make this bottle strong and durable, it is made with glass. This bottle also helps to prevent fluid in the ear. To make this bottle safe for your baby, it is free from PVC, BPA and phthalate. This bottle has 1 Silicone nipple and 2 pieces of patented internal vent system. When it is disassembled, it turns into 3 parts; nipple, nipple cover and the bottle. This bottle also includes a cleaning brush and user instructions.

Lansinoh mOmma Bottle with NaturalWave Nipple

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Are you looking for a breastfeeding bottle having an easy use? Then you are looking for this bottle. This bottle has fewer parts than the other bottles. Its assembling is very easy and quick, to save your time to feed your baby. This bottle is designed nicely to develop the natural oral system of the baby. This breastfeeding bottle is very friendly to the babies while feeding them. The extra soft and flexible nipple is made with 100% Silicone and perfect to give the same experience of the breast to the babies. Softness and flexibility help the baby to drink milk with comfort.

The bottle has superior air ventilation system to prevent any chances to create gas or cause of colic in the milk. The bottle, cover and nipple are made hygienically to keep the baby safe. The Bottle is free from BPA. This bottle has fewer parts, which is very convenient to disassemble and very easy to clean. High quality plastic made it durable and strong. This bottle is also leak free to make the milk intact in the bottle.

Medela Breastmilk Bottle Set

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Are you tired of pumping the milk into a container, then pouring the milk into bottle and finally feeding the baby? Then this breast feeding bottle is for you certainly. This bottle it is compatible to use with all Medela breast pumps. And that enables you to pump, store and feed milk with only one bottle to save your time and energy to feed your baby. With the help of the measurement written on the bottle, you can see how much milk you stored in the bottle. This is a great breast milk bottle to make the feeding easy and comfortable for you. It is made with the best quality plastic, which ensures the durability to last it for long. This durability enables you to store milk for a longer period without any damage.

To store milk with safety it has leak free quality too. The nipple is Silicone made and very soft to help the babies suck the milk easily. The assemble and disassemble of this bottle is very easy and that’s why it is very easy to use. This bottle is also very easy to clean and dishwasher safe for your convenience. For the safety of your baby, this bottle is free from BPA. It has a perfect size and shape to hold it and feed the baby with ease. But some users say that this bottle has slight leakage problem.

Philips AVENT BPA Free Classic Polypropylene Bottle

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One of the best bottles for breastfed babies in the market. This bottle has extra soft and flexible nipple, which is very convenient for the babies to suck. The nipple helps the natural feeding rhythm to prevent the baby from overeating and spit-up. This nipple is soft and flexible and helps the babies to drink and digest the milk easily. It is clinically proven and reduces colic and fussiness. Anti colic system keeps the air circulation normal in the bottle. The body of this bottle is made with plastic. The plastic made this bottle strong and makes the bottle harmless even if warm milk is stored.

For your convenience, this breast feeding bottle has a very easy use. The assembling and disassembling are very simple. The dome caps of the bottle ensure leak free feeding. Moreover, this bottle is very easy to clean. It is also dishwasher and microwave safe. To make your baby safe, this bottle is free from BPA. Another great feature of this bottle is, this is compatible to use with all the baby-feeding products of Avent.

Chicco NaturalFit 11 oz. Baby Bottle 6M+

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As you all know that a baby bottle is an important part of the basket equipped with the products of baby. You can say that whole life of a new born baby revolves around his bottle as he gets food through this bottle. The health of your baby is also dependent upon the quality of the baby bottle. If the bottle will be of good quality, the baby will stay happy but if the bottle will be of poor quality the health of your baby will start deteriorating. This baby bottle is BPA free and pose no health hazard to baby. This 11 oz bottle is perfect for a baby of up to six months. The fine quality nipple helps the baby to suck the fluid slowly. This clinically test baby bottle is made is Italy. This soft textured product is impressive .


The First Years 3 Pack Breastflow Bottle

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If you are looking for a breast feeding bottle, which will enable your baby to drink the milk naturally and freely, then it is the right one for you. It has patented 2 in 1 nipples, one outer nipple and one outer nipple. Both are soft, smooth and flexible. The patented inner nipple helps the baby to control the natural flow of milk whether it is formula or breast milk. The outer nipple keeps the baby’s tongue in the same position as breastfeeding. Only suction and compression are enough to drink the milk by the baby. For the replacement of the breast, this bottle is one of the best.

The neck of this bottle is extra wide, which will help you to pour milk into the bottle easily and to clean the bottle with ease. The assembling and the removal of all the parts are very simple. In a survey, 88% moms say positive about the anti colic system, which prevents colic and makes the air circulation free to remove fussiness and gas from milk. It also prevents spit up by the baby. Top quality plastic is used to produce this bottle for making it durable. The cover of the nipple makes the nipple free from dust when not in use. The BPA free quality keeps the baby safe. But some users claim that this bottle leaks frequently.

Mimijumi 4 Ounce Baby Bottle


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To ensure the perfect replacement of breast, this breast feeding bottle is the perfect one for you and for the newborn. The innovative design of this nipple makes it soft and flexible for the convenience of the baby. This nipple is made of medical and food grade Silicone for safety. This nipple helps to provide a natural feeding to the baby. The nipple helps the natural flow of the milk. This bottle has anti colic vent to remove gas and air from the milk and to prevent spit up by the baby.

This bottle is made with highest standard materials to make your baby protected. These materials made this bottle very strong and long lasting. For the safety of the baby, this breast feeding bottle is free from BPA. To give a perfect grip and to use this bottle in one hand, it has a perfect shape. It has a skid free base, which helps to keep the bottle in any surface. The screw on the nipple makes the preparation easy. The design and color of this bottle is more attractive than the other bottles. As this bottle is dishwasher safe, it is very easy to clean. Some users claim that, this bottle creates noise when the baby sucks.

Types of bottle

There are 3 types of bottle –

Steel: This is the most durable and easy to use. But this is not perfect to use with warm milk and you can’t see the amount of milk you stored in it.

Glass: Glass made bottle is durable. It looks great and perfect to use with warm milk. But a glass made bottle is more expensive than the others and extremely fragile. This bottle is also heavy in weight.

Plastic: Plastic made bottle is the best. It has the least weight and lowest price. This types of bottle is perfect to use in any place and condition. It is out any chemical and friendly to both parent and the baby.

You must choose the suitable one before buying.

Best Nipple for breastfeed Bottles

If you have bottle and looking for the best nipple to feed your baby, then you should certainly choose Comotomo Silicone Replacement Nipple. This nipple has a natural shapcomotomosilicone-replacement-nipplee and size, which will be loved by any baby. It is made with soft Silicon to enable softness for the baby and this softness makes this nipple as the perfect replacement of mom’s breast. It extrudes all the confusion of the baby.

This nipple attaches perfectly with any bottles and does no leak. There are dual anti colic vents in this nipple, which keep the air circulation normal and reduce the possibility of Colic. This nipple is also safe to use with microwave, dishwasher and sterilizer. Boiled water cannot do any kind of damage to this nipple. As it is made with medical grade Silicone, this nipple is 100% safe and hygienic for your baby. You can use this nipple freely to feed breast milk or formula. You can also use this nipple for all kinds of bottle-feeding. But some users say, this nipple is only perfect for thick liquids.

Baby Breastfeed Bottles Buying Guide

Breast feeding bottles are the best companions of you to feed and also best companions of your baby to drink. So, you must be very careful before buying the best breastfeeding bottle for breast and bottle feeding. To make your buying more easy and comfortable here are some helpful tips.

Bottle material: The materials of the bottle are very important. The materials must be high quality in order to maintain the high quality of the bottle. The materials must make the bottle durable and strong. The bottle should be heat resistant and leak proof.

Nipple material: Nipple is the most important part of a breast feeding bottle. It must be soft, smooth and flexible to make the baby comfortable to suck easily. Good nipple also makes the natural flow of the milk normal. Silicone made nipples is the best in this regard.

Size and shape: The bottle should have a convenient size and shape to hold the bottle while feeding. Perfect shape helps the babies to hold it easily.

Leak free: It is another important feature that must be present in a breast feeding bottle. It makes the milk intact in the bottle with no chance of wasting a single drop of water.

Easy use: Easy assemble and disassemble of the parts of the bottle help to use it with comfort. you can enables to use the bottle quickly at any time.

Easy clean: Best breastfed bottles for newborn babies must have easy cleaning facility too. It saves time and energy. To clean the bottle easily, the neck of the bottles needs to be wide. Dishwasher and microwave safe is also required for easy cleaning.

Safety: The vents of the bottle ensure the proper air circulation in the bottle to prevent the baby from chocking and spitting up. Anti Colic feature makes the milk safe from air and gas. Plastic made bottles need to be free from BPA and approved by FDA.

Additional features: Handles help to hold the bottle easily while the nipple cover protects the nipple from dusts. The base of the bottle needs to be flat to keep it on any kind of surface. A transparent bottle is always better and measurement printed on the bottle helps to see the quantity of the milk. The neck of the bottle needs to be wide enough to pour the milk easily.

Price: Pick the best one within your budget. Glass made bottles are costly. Plastic and stainless steel made bottles are less costly though any of the bottles is not too expensive.

How to test bottle

Testing the bottle will help you to understand whether the bottle is perfect for you and your baby or not. Here are the steps to test:

Performance of the nipple: To test it, you should carefully observe your baby while feeding. If the baby gets milk freely from the bottle putting less effort to suck, it indicates that the bottle is perfect of the baby.

Leakage: To test any kind of leakage you can shake, swirl, tip and tap. Alternatively, you can put pressure on the bottle with your hand. You can also leave the bottle full of milk on sided for some time. A 15-20 minutes test is enough.

Easy cleaning: As the baby needs milk more frequently, the bottle also needs to be cleaned after feeding every time. To test this, you should note the time to assemble and disassemble of the parts and the time to clean the bottle. You should keep in mind that, more parts need more time to clean. Easy and quick cleaning bottles are the best.

Easy use: From pouring to feeding and from assemble to disassemble, note the time and how easy to do these to test the easy use of the bottle. Overall, easy use will help you to feed your baby with comfort.


Is the teat important?

Certainly, it is important. The hole of the bottle is always bigger than the breast. It helps the baby to suck with less pressure from the bottle than sucking from the breast. Nipple of the bottle provides the flow of the milk normal for the baby.

Is the regular teat is bad for the baby?

The answer will be NO. Too much use of the bottle for feeding will be harmful though. Babies can drink from the bottle without any effort as the milk continues to flow all the time. If your baby gets used to this effortless drinking, it will be very difficult for you to feed your baby with breast. So, make the perfect balance of the breast and bottle while feeding.

Does the baby need special bottle?

Neither the baby needs any special bottle to drink nor need you for feeding. The important thing is the nipple, which you will attach on the bottle.

Is there any need of wide neck of the bottle?

Honestly speaking, yes. Wide neck helps to pour the milk with ease of lees chance to waste milk. It also makes the cleaning easy.


It can be said that, you can’t ignore a breastfeeding bottle for your newborn baby. As the breast milk is the greatest foods for the baby, this bottle will provide milk to the baby frequently whether you are with your baby or not. So, buy the best bottles for breastfed babies and make your baby strong, healthy and happy.


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