Best Breast Milk Storage Bags 2020

Best Breast Milk Storage Bags Reviews

It might be a dream for the moms of the past to store their breast milk for their babies. But for the moms of today, it is a reality as there are storage bags for breast milk. If you are a busy mom, then can’t be with your baby all the time. Besides all the moms who are homemakers, can’t stay with their babies all the time. That’s why they need to store breast milk as the babies can’t be fed packed milk.

Freezer bags for breast milk storage are the savior for the moms as these bags stores milk for any feeding to the babies by protecting the milk from any kind of damage. But what are the best breast milk storage bags? In this best breast milk storage bags reviews, we share the important information about the best milk storage with their buying guide and using tips.

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3 Best Storage Bags for Breast Milk

From many of the breast milk storage bags in the market, here are the 3 best of them.

Top 8 Best breast milk storage bags Reviews

If you are in confusion to choose the right storage bag from these 3, here are the 8 best of them from the market.

Medela Pump and Save Breast Milk Bags

medela-pump-and-save-breast-milk-bags Check Price on Amazon

Pros: Easy labeling, stand upright, long time storage, easy use and simple pumping to the bag.

Cons: Costly and leakage tendency.

You want to save your time and energy to store breast milk, then this one is here to solve the problem of yours. Using this bag, you can easily store milk on the bag. This bag by Medela is compatible with all the breast pumps made by Medela and that is very convenient. The easy connect adaptor connects easily to the shield of the breast. This storing of milk to the bag is amazing as there is zero chance of spilling any milk.

The zipper is very convenient to open and close. BPA free quality made it perfect and harm free to use. The Oxygen barrier helps to store it in the freezer. The materials that are used for making it are very high quality and those materials made this storage bag durable enough to protect the milk for long and from any danger. This durability ensures no leakage to this bag. To store it easily, it can stand to bottom.

To label date and time of the pumping, your gonna have a space at the bottom of the bag. There are also measurements printed on the bag for your convenience. This bag comes with a attractive box.

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags

lansinoh-breastmilk-storage-bags Check Price on Amazon

Pros: Leak-proof, BPA free, Strong and large and Perfect for freezing and storing.

Cons: Not attachable with breast pump and easily leaks if the milk is not thawed.

To feed breast milk t the baby all the time, this breast milk storage bag is the perfect one for its features. To store milk and to make you free from any tension about the quality of the milk after storing, this storage bag has made leak-proof. It ensures that the milk doesn’t get damaged.

As the breast milk storage bags are made with plastic, moms are quite anxious about BPA, which is very harmful. But to make the moms and their babies safe, this bag is 100% BPA free. This storage bag is one of the strongest and largest breast milk storage bags in the market to store the milk and freezing the milk in the right place and right temperature.

This bag is very convenient for pouring spout and has a patented double click ‘n’ Secure seal for maintaining high quality. The bag always lays flat for making the storing easy and safe. With all these facilities, this storage bag comes with a nice box for your convenience.

Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Pouch

kiinde-breast-milk-storage-twist-pouch Check Price on Amazon

Pros: Easy use, simple pouring, leak free, pumps milk direct to the bottle and convenient.

Cons: Expensive.

This is one of the best breast milk storage bags, with all its features. There are 3 parts of it, bag, bottle and adaptors. The bag holds the bottle in it. But it is not its main feature. The nipple is attached with the bag. The outstanding feature of this bag is, you can pump the milk directly from your breast to the bottle if you attach a pumper with the bag. The adaptors will help you to attach nipple and pumper. This bag helps you to save your time and energy to store milk into container and then to the bottle.

The threaded cap prevents any kind of leakage of the milk. This bag is also recyclable for the convenience. To make it safe for use, this bag is made leak proof. The thick body of it makes it durable and strong. For these features, this storage bag is highly recommendable.

Dr. Brown’s Breastmilk Storage Bags

brown-breastmilk-storage-bags Check Price on Amazon

Pros: Durable, handy, leak-proof, simple labeling, upright and flat storage, pre-sterilized and dual zipper.

Cons: Costly and not attachable to pump.

If you want a durable storage bags for breast milk, then you must be looking for this one, as this one is well known for its durability. I will surely recommend you this because this bag will protect the milk you will pour into it. The double zipper seal of this bag is hell of a good one, which prevents all types of leakage.

The feature of this bag, which made it superior than the other bag is its accurate measurement printed on it. This is gonna help you to store milk in the perfect way. There is space for writing the date and time of pumping and for the name. For maintaining hygiene, this bag is pre-sterilized.

This bag can stand upright on its own and that’s gonna help you to pour the milk in it more easily than the other. You can also store it lay flat or stand upright in the freezer as your wish. To make your baby free from any danger, this smart milk storage bag is made BPA free.

NUK Seal N Go Breast Milk Bags

nuk-seal-n-go-breast-milk-bags Check Price on Amazon

Pros: Leak-proof, durable, dual zipper, self-standing and spill-free.

Cons: Takes more weight when standing, can’t be attached directly to the pump and creates difficulty to label.

The double zipper locking system holds the milk in the bag without any chance to spill. The gravity-fed pour spout helps the bag not to spill a single drop of milk. The amazing feature of this breast milk storage bag is it has space to write the date and time of pumping. You should use a marker to write.

This bag stands on its own, which will help you to pour the milk easily and not wasting any milk by spilling. To lay this bag in your freezer you can’t fill it fully. You have to fill 3/4 of the bag to lay it. To make you relaxed, this bag is 100% leak-proof and the unique gusset-free bottom prevents leaking from the corners of the bag.

For the quality and the price, this storage bag is the ultimate one for you.


Philips AVENT Breast Milk Storage Bags

philips-avent-breast-milk-storage-bags Check Price on Amazon

Pros: Long lasting, labeling space, double zipper, self-standing and cheap.

Cons: Hard to reopen.

For the moms, who are looking for the milk storage bags for short period, this is one of the best for them. It has a superior durability to protect the milk from harm as it has reinforced seams and double layer. Its leak proof quality makes it perfect for the moms. It is made with top quality materials and free from BPA for the safety of the babies.

This breast milk storage bag is very easy to pour milk in it without any chance to spill. You want to pour milk easily and store it in the freezer without any difficulty, then this bag is the perfect one for you as it has self-standing feature. There is also a pace for labeling the time and date of the pumping of the milk at the bottom of the bag. The printed measurement on the bag is very helpful.

Pouring milk and storing the bag is very hygienic as the bag is pre sterilized and there is tamper evident seal. Having all these facilities, this milk storage bag is also very cheap in price.

Ameda Store N Pour Breast Milk Storage Bags

ameda-store-n-pour-breast-milk-storage-bags Check Price on Amazon

Pros: Cheap, transparent, directly pump milk to the bag, simple pouring and zipper seal.

Cons: Takes more space to store as flat and the inaccurate measurements are given.

To ease the pouring the milk in to the bag, this is one is also known as cheap breast milk storage bags. Simplicity of the pouring of the milk is provided by this milk bag. You can also pump the milk directly from the breast to the bag by using additional adaptor for convenience. To make the milk protected, this bag has zipper seal. You can simply seal the zipper after pouring the milk.

This milk storage bag is transparent which will help you to see the amount of milk in it. For labeling time and date, this bag has space at the bottom of it. The measurement printed on it helps the moms to fill the bag with right amount of milk and to store the bag with right temperature.

This bag stands upright to store it easily in the freezer. It is made with great quality materials to make it durable and strong to use it for long.

NeneSupply Breastmilk Storage Bags

nenesupply-breastmilk-storage-bags Check Price on Amazon

Pros: Thick body, nice and easy pouring, portable and durable.

Cons: Single zipper seal and takes more space while storing flat.

One of the strongest and durable milk storing bags in the market for its ultra thick layer. This ultra thick layer makes it perfect for travelling in any place. This storage bag is free from any kind of leakage, which makes the moms to use it safely. The strong zipper ensures the intactness of the milk in any condition.

You’re gonna feed the milk at any time as this bag is free from any kind of odor. Thick plastic of it blocks any kinds odor from the freezer. The thick plastic is free from BPA and toxic for the safety of the baby.

To pour the milk easily and quickly into the bag, it has an easy opening and closing. There are measurement on the bag for the convenience of the moms. To store the bag in the freezer with ease, this bag can be placed as lay flat.

 Consider to Buy a Breast Milk Storage Bags

Breast milk storage bag is one of the most essentials of the moms after the birth of the baby. The success of breast-feeding depends on the milk storage bag. So, buying a milk storage bag is very crucial. Before buying the best breast milk storage bags in the market, you must consider certain features of the bag. Here are they:

Hygienic: Hygiene is one of the key features of a milk storage bag. If the bag doesn’t provide maximum hygiene, the milk will be polluted and the baby won’t get the milk timely.  In this case, pre-sterilized bags are the best to use.

Durability: The storage bag must be strong and durable to use it for long. It must be durable enough to protect the milk from any kind of danger. The bag must intact the quality of the milk under any temperature.

Size: The size of the bag is also important. Large bag contains more milk. So, go for the large ones instead of small ones.

Safety: Safety is another important feature, which saves the milk from harm. The bag must be leak proof. The bag can’t leak under any circumstances. Double zippered bags are the most used and popular. There are some milk bags, which has double layered. Go for those.

Simple use: The bag must have easy use facility. It means pouring the milk into the bag must be easy. During the pouring, there will be no spills of milk. The bag, which have self-standing feature, they are very convenient to use. These are some bag, which are to be stored as flat. These are very handful.

Quality: The quality of the bag ensures the right service to you. The materials of the bag must be high. It must have all the necessary features in it for the convenience of the mom.

Portable: Portability is another important feature, which enables to transport the storage bag during travel to any place. This quality helps the milk to remain intact even in different conditions.

Additional features: There are some important additional features, which helps the moms to use the bag with ease. The bag must be transparent to see the amount of the milk in it. There must be space on the bag to label the time and date of the pumping of the milk. If the measurements are printed on the bag, it will be very helpful for the moms to store milk.


Breast milk storage bags are of different price. Expensive bags provide more features and facilities. Cheap bags give less. If your budget is limited, you better take a look the different price in the market or through online. There are great bags in the market of cheap price. Make sure that, you’re buying the best one within your budget.

How to use breast milk storage bag

Many of the moms don’t know how to use the milk storage bag. For them here are the tips to use the bag easily.

  • First of all, open the bag removing the sterilizer seal.
  • Collect the breast milk by placing the bag around the breast pump shield.
  • To fill the bag with milk from other container or bottle, pour the milk into the bag. Make sure that no milk spills while pouring.
  • Don’t fill the bag to the brink. It will cause leakage.
  • Before sealing the zipper, push out all the remaining air from the empty space of the bag.
  • Use a market pen to label before storing it.
  • Storing the bag standing upright is the better. But if you store it lay flat, place a paper towel under it for non sticking the surface.
  • Pour the thawed milk into bottle to feed the baby.
  • Throw the bag away after using it. Never reuse the bag.

Tips for Storing Breast Milk

To store milk easily in the storage bag, here are the useful instructions.

  • Remove the seal and open the bag.
  • Pump the milk to the bag or pour milk from other container or bottle.
  • Leave some space empty in the bag and push out the air from empty space.
  • Seal the zipper instantly.
  • Label the bag with date and time.
  • Store the bag in the freezer.

You have all the ideas about breast milk storage bags. These bags are for the betterment of your baby. don’t hesitate to buy the best one and follow the instructions to use it. You’re gonna make your baby happy to feed the breast milk.


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