5 Best Diaper Pail for Baby with Reviews and Guide 2020

best diaper pail for baby

Throwing baby diaper in a trash can?? Wait up… When you have the best diaper pail for baby, why you need to throw it into a trash can? Diaper pails are the best and the safest place to store and dispose of the diapers.

When you storing your baby’s diapers, you certainly don’t want any odor creating any annoyance to your kid and you. But using a regular trash can never make you free from the odor. The only thing is to save you is the diaper pail.

If you have little idea about diaper pail, then this baby diaper pail review will provide you correct information about the usefulness of diaper pail, the best diaper pails in the market and its buying guide.

Do I need a diaper pail?

diaper-pailIt is big questions that, do you need a diaper pail? But it is bigger questioning that why don’t you need a diaper pail? Diaper pails are designed and engineered only for the diapers. They are not like the regular trash cans to throw diapers. Regular trash cans are good for the other trash. But for the baby diapers…… you just need to forget about those trash cans and start using a diaper pail.

Regular trash cans are usually made with plastic. Plastic absorbs smell and odor. So, if you are using a trash can, then it will be stink after a few days. It will spread the odor around your house creating a serious problem to kid if your kid can walk or run by itself. On the other hand, diaper pails are made of stainless steel to dispose of the diapers and they don’t absorb the odor. Diaper pails prevent the odor to spread. So, you will get an odor free environment around you.

Another important thing is these diaper pails are very easy to use and small and lightweight to use with ease and comfort. So, using a diaper pail provides some extra benefit that you will never get in the regular trash cans.

5 Best Diaper Pail for Baby

There are lots of diaper pails in the market. For your convenience, here are 5 best of them.

1. Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail

  • Safety lock
  • Steel construction
  • Rubber seals
  • No extra bag required
  • Easy use
  • Smart color
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This is my top pick and I share my view on this ubbi diaper pail review. This is a diaper pail that makes your house look good as well as keeps your house free from odor. It gives no chance to the odor to get out of it. The rubber seals are very effective to seal the odor inside it. The powder coated steel made it durable and usable for a long time.

To store the diapers in this pail, you will require no extra bag. The covered rim is updated to prevent ripping open of the bag. The rubber gasket doesn’t have a chance as insertion mechanism is better than before.

For your convenience, this pail has a very easy use. For the safety of the kid, this diaper pail has a childproof safety lock. The purple color is very nice and suits easily with your house.

2. Dekor Classic Hands-Free Diaper Pail


  • Refill system
  • Triple odor control
  • Hands-free use
  • Foot pedal
  • Multiple use
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A great diaper pail only for you which can be used for long as it has a liner which enables to empty the pail whenever you want to empty. You can refill as much as you can. It seals the odor inside it and ensures an odor free atmosphere.

To seal the odor it has triple odor control system. This diaper pill has a very easy use as it has a foot pedal to open and close. Just step on the pedal and throw the diaper in it and close it.

This pail has a perfect size which allows you to place it anywhere in your house. Its outer body protects it from any kind of scratches. For your convenience, you can use it as both diaper pail and trash can.

3. Dekor Plus Hands-Free Diaper Pail


  • Plastic made
  • Refill system
  • Usable as pail and trash can
  • Odor free
  • Hands-free use
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This pail looks attractive and increases the beauty of your home with its gray color and suits in any place of your house. Its perfect size enables to keep it anyplace in your house. Its ABS plastic body protects it from any kind of scratches. You can use it as trash can too.

This diaper pail allows you to use it for long as it has a liner to empty the pail at any time when it is full. Odor doesn’t have any chance to get out of this diaper pail as it has triple odor control. For ensuring a clean environment this best diaper pail for baby is the perfect one.

This diaper deliver’s a hands-free use with its foot pedal to open and close easily. Press the pedal with your foot and throw the diaper from your hand.

4. Dekor Plus Diaper Disposal System

  • Nice design
  • Scratch resistance
  • Foot pedal
  • Suits in any place
  • Odor free
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If you are looking for a diaper pail to avoid using a trash can, then this is the diaper pail that uses regular trash bags you’re looking for. This pail has an odor free diaper disposal system which will give relief from odor. It keeps the odor inside it. For your convenience, it has liner cutter for tying and disposal and for easy removal.

For hands-free use, this diaper pail is pedal in its bottom. Throwing the diaper is easier than before. This pail has a nice design and ABS plastic made it scratch free. Its durability made it perfect to use for a long time.

Its perfect size made it fit for placing it in any place. You can clean it with ease as it has a very easy cleaning feature. Besides these facilities, you can use this pail as a trash can when your kid will be no longer using diapers.

5. Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail

  • Plastic construction
  • Simple use
  • Quick storing
  • Odor resistant
  • Baking soda for odor
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A strong, durable and long-lasting diaper pail with the power of top quality plastic inside it. This diaper pail is an all in all pail. It spreads no odor as it has odor eliminating baking soda in it. Moreover, its patented self-sealing system easily seals the odor in it as the lid of this pail closes tightly.

The use of this pail is very easy. Just using one hand, you can store the diapers. Just snap, seal and toss the diapers to store and dispose of them. You can refill the diapers at any time. The design is very attractive and you can place it in anywhere. The size of this diaper pail is perfect to keep it in the house.

Why buy Diaper Pail and avoid Trash Can?

The diaper pail is definitely the better one than the trash can because of the odor issue. As the trash can usually has plastic made interior, there is always a chance of odor spreading by the trash can. You certainly don’t want an environment full with the odor of your kid’s poop.

Other things are the cleaning issues. Diaper pails have liners to keep the pail clean easily. diaper pails are smaller than the trash cans which made them friendly to use at the home. Easy use another reason. Most of the diaper pails have a foot pedal to open, store and close with ease.

Guide to Buy a Good Diaper Pail

Buying the best diaper pail for cloth diapers will be an easy task if you follow these considerations.

Odor free

You must be sure that the diaper pail you are going to buy has the ability to lock the odor in it. If the odor spreads, it will create a nasty environment in and around your house.

Easy use

Make sure that the diaper pail doesn’t need to open and close with your hands. It must have foot pedal for a hands-free use. Hands-free use ensures cleanliness and hassle free storing of the diapers.


When you are buying the best diaper pail for baby you need to check the storage of it. It must have a large storage so that you can store lots of diapers to dispose at once.

Size and weight

You should buy the diaper pail which has a convenient size to keep it in place of your house. It must be light-weighted to move easily from one place to another.

Final Words

You can never ensure a clean and safe environment for your baby in the house unless you are using a diaper pail. Kick the trash can out of your house and bring a diaper pail to make your kid happy and healthy. And what else does a mother need?


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