7 Best Electric Car for Kids – Reviews and Buyer Guide for 2020

Best Electric Car for Kids

Riding on the best electric car for kids at the early age is the dream of every kid. You can make this dream come true for your kid if you buy an electric car. These are usually light and easy to control by the kids. Most importantly, these are safe for the kids and kids can learn driving using these electric cars.

There are lots of features in these battery powered ride on toys for toddlers like headlights, mirrors, real doors, different types of speed, design like real cars and music. Having all these features, kids really love these electric cars and they really want to have one of these.

7 best electric car for kids to drive

Here are the 7 best electric cars for kids in the market for you.

Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler

Brand: Fisher Price

  • Jeep style
  • Perfect for soft and hard surfaces
  • Perfect speed for the kids
  • Huge space to sit
  • 12 Volt battery with charger

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Your kid will pass the time with quality entertainment if you buy this electric ride on cars for kids. This one has a realistic design of a jeep. This will give your kid an off-road racing adventure. Your kid will get an experience like riding a real jeep.

It has jeep grille, roll-bars and both front and back fenders to give a real jeep look to the kids. For driving with comfort, this jeep has a large cockpit where legs can be spread with relax.

For the safety of the kids, it has power lock brakes. This jeep has the ability to give a smooth ride on both soft and hard surfaces. For the convenience of the kids, this jeep has 5 KPH forward speed and 4 KPH reverse speed. With the help of the 12-volt rechargeable battery and the charger, the kids can ride it for a long time.

Kids 12V Electric Power Wheels Ride On Car


Brand: Best Choice Products

  • 12V motor
  • Remote control
  • Steering and foot pedal
  • Radio and MP3
  • Nice design with black color

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If you want to give your kid a nice ride on a toy car with gorgeous design and color, then you must buy it. This car is designed perfectly and its stunning black color will surely catch the eye of your kid. For a great ride, this electric toy cars for kids to drive has a powerful 12V motor which has both high and low speed controlling system.

You can also control the car for the safety of your kid as it has a wireless remote control with it. Besides, your kid can also handle it easily with its steering and foot pedal accelerator. This car can take the load of maximum 66 pounds.

To provide fun and entertainment to your kid, it has built-in radio and MP3 jack with built-in speaker. This car has headlights and horn. For safety, it has seat belts. The 12V 7Ah battery takes 8-10 hours to get a full charge and gives 1-2 hours continue run.

John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer


Brand: Peg Perego

  • Adjustable seat with armrest
  • Farm tractor design
  • More stable
  • Trailer included
  • 2 different speeds
  • FM radio

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Want to give your kid a farming experience? This tractor is for our kid. This ride on cars for 5 year olds has will make you look like a farmer. It has a detachable trailer to load stuff. To sit with comfort, this tractor has a comfortable adjustable seat and flip-up armrests.

With its perfect shape and its large sized wheels, this tractor is more stable on grass, gravel, dirt or pavement. The design and the green and yellow color feet perfectly with the country life of farming.

To ride smoothly and safely, this tractor has accelerator pedal with automatic brake. The motor has 2 different types of speed and reverses control. To entertain your kid while riding, this tractor has built-in FM radio in it. For riding a long time, this tractor has a 12V rechargeable battery and battery charger.

Power Wheels Ford F150

Brand: Fisher Price

  • Forward and reverse speed
  • Truck bed
  • Rechargeable battery and charger
  • Good speed for the kids
  • Rugged tires

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Having a look of Ford truck, this car is a great medium of fun for the kids. It has a great engine to give the realistic experience of driving a car to the kids. There are windshield, side-view mirror and truck bed for convenience. Kids can even lift up the hood of the engine to get a real trucking experience.

The powerful motor gives 5.6 KPH forward and reverses speed which quite suitable for the kids. The large rugged tires and wheels ensure safety, stability, and durability of the kids while riding on it.

The design of the Ford truck attracts the kids to choose it. To ride for a long time, this truck has a 6V battery and charger. With steering and braking system, kids can easily handle this truck on their own.

Ride On Truck

Brand: Best Choice Products

  • Attractive color and design
  • LED lights and headlight
  • Windshield and mirror
  • MP3 feature with 6 different tones
  • Seat belt for safety
  • 12V motor with rechargeable battery

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To amuse your kid in the best way, this battery powered ride on toys for toddlers is one of the best in the market. This car has a 12V motor which gives maximum 4 MPH speed and has 2 different speed controls. The rechargeable battery enables a long ride. The charger helps to charge with ease.

The thick and large tires and wheels are perfect to give a smooth ride on any kind of surfaces. For ensuring the safety, this car has seat belts which save the kids from falling down from the car. Kids can drive on their own by using steering and foot pedal.

There are LED lights and headlights in this ride on cars for 5 year olds. There are also windshield and side mirrors. For fun and entertainment, this car has MP3 feature. To make your kid dance, there are 6 built-in tones in this car.

Red Mercedes Benz Sls R/c Mp3 Kids Ride on Car

Brand: Goplus

  • Comfortable
  • Good for infant for 37 to 72 months
  • Good charging time
  • Good battery timeHigh quality material used

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Red Mercedes banz This is a wonderful toy for your kid that you use. If you want to keep you baby active and energetic then you should go for this car that your kid will really enjoy. The seating, doors, materiel and performance of the car give a feeling of being sitting in a real car. The auto power protection system of the car keeps your kid calm and comfortable during the ride.

By using this car you can create and very pleasurable environment by your baby while he is playing. This product is full time fun and entertainment

Charger Police Car 12V


Brand: Kid Trax

  • Doors open and close
  • Police car design
  • Sound effect
  • Speed control
  • Wheels with chrome rim

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To raise your kid with the thought of a police officer, this kids ride on cars 2 sitter is the only one. Its police car design is loved by the kids. It has buil- in electronic sound effect for the entertainment of the kids.

To ride with comfort, this car has 2 large sized seats which are very soft. There are ignition and acceleration for easy riding. With the help of the side mirrors, kids can view the back side.

There is police headquarters dispatch in this car. To control the speed of this car, there is a parent lockout speed controller includes with this car. For the delivering the best safety and traction on the surface, the tires of this car are stripped. The chrome rims of the wheels enrich the beauty and style of this car.

Why buy battery powered ride on toys for toddlers?

When your baby turns into a toddler, he wants to know and learn more things. Usually, a kid plays with toys in this age. But if you give your kid the best electric car for kids, he will learn and know more things than playing with a toy car.

A kid can learn how to drive a car and how to control it if he gets an electric ride on cars for kids. Moreover, he can acquire more knowledge about driving in his childhood which will help him in his later life.

An electric car for kids is preferable than the other cars because it is run by battery power and the battery is rechargeable. Charging is very easy and there is no tension for the scarcity of the fuel. As these cars are eco-friendly, kids can ride with these cars freely.

Best electric ride on cars for kids Buying Guide

To buy the best electric car for kids, you need to check some important features. Here are they.

Quality: Check the materials are used to make the car. Top quality materials made the car durable, long lasting and  easy to ride by the kids.

Features: You must ensure that there are all the features in the car. More features ensure more fun and entertainment for the kids. Friendly features make the kids happy and enable them to enjoy the ride.

Easy controlling: The cars for kids to drive must have easy riding facility. It must have steering and foot pedals. Easy controlling will make the kids happy and safe to ride.

Safety: Safety is another key factor. The speed must be a safe limit. The car must have the safest and quickest braking system. The wheels must be thick and large to provide a smooth ride. The seat must have seat belts for the best safety.

Price: Great quality cars come with an expensive price. But there are cheap electric cars for kids in the market having good quality. But make sure that the quality is good.

Final Words

Want to make your kid smart about driving? Buy one of these as early as possible cause nothing can give more pleasure than the best electric car for kids.


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