Best Gifts for 6 Year Old Boy in 2017

Your baby turns into 6 years or around it? I think it is time to give new toys to your kid than the traditional toys for the kids. You better chose the birthday gift for 6 year old boy. This is the age when your boy needs to learn new things and sharpen his skills.

As a gift, you have to choose something more educative and learning. If you don’t know which gifts will be more educative to your boy, then we are here to show the right guideline.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Gifts for 6 Year Old Boys
Rank Gifts for 6 Year Old Boys Type Price Quality
1 Micro Maxi Kick Scooter Scooter $$$
2 Doinkit Magnetic Dart Board Leisure Game $$
3 Hubsan RC Quadcopter Drone $$
4 OUREAL Walkie Talkies Toys $$
5 Nerf N-Strike Bow Blaster Outdoor games $$
6 Super Stadium Baseball Game Board game  $$
7 LEGO Disney Ocean Voyage Building Toys $$
8 Original Stomp Rocket Outdoor games $$
9 Blaster Gun with Foam Darts Leisure Game $$
10 La Ferrari RC Car Toys $$

10 Best Gifts for 6 Year Old Boy

We choose 10 gift for 6 year old boy who has everything which you can choose for your boy without any doubt. Here are they.

Micro Maxi Kick Scooter

micro maxi

If your boy is tired of the toys, this kick scooter is the best option for you. For outdoor entertainment, there is nothing compared to this scooter. All the parts of this scooter are replaceable. So it will last forever. Besides, all the parts are made with top quality materials to give greater durability.

To ensure the safety of your boy, the wheels have high-quality PU and have perfect traction and glide to move smoothly. The 3 wheel construction makes it easy to move on any surface.

To balance the scooter without any hassle, the TBar is very much helpful. The lean to steer technology helps to ride the scooter smoothly. With the weight of 5.5 lbs, it is the ideal kick scooter for the boys from 6 to 10 years.

Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board

Doinkit Darts

Maybe it doesn’t look too much attractive or entertaining for your kid but if you think deeply, it is not just a gaming tools, it is more than that. It sharpens the eye power, brain, and aiming skill.

It is a competitive gaming tool that develops the sense of competition to your kid from the childhood. This dartboard has the size of 16 inches all around it and it includes 6 flexible magnetic darts with 2 different colors.

To ensure accurate target, this one has magnetic construction. Unlike the other toys, this dart board will last years after years on the wall as a memory of the childhood of your baby.

Hubsan 2MP RC Quadcopter

hubsan quadcopter

Just think that your kid got no one else to play with. What will he do? This quadcopter by Hubsan is the best to make him forget his partner. This plastic made quadcopter has 6-axis flight controlling system which allows to flip it with 4 ways, forward, backward, left, right.

The 380mAh battery gives 9 minutes continue flight time with one single charge. To get full charge it takes only 30 minutes. It 4 different channels and 2.4GHz frequency makes it perfect for your boy.

Its remote control helps to fly it anywhere. This quadcopter has a 2 MP camera to capture images and videos to give pleasure to your kid. For convenience, this one includes USB cable for charging, 1 rotor and user manual.

OUREAL Walkie Talkies

OUREAL Walkie Talkies

To give an experience of secret agent to your boy, you can give this Walkie Talkie set as a great gift. 836 channels with 38 privacy codes ensure to interference from the other radios. The range is more than 2 miles. So, you or your boy can communicate from a long distance.

It has a voice activation system and hands-free feature which enables to talk while working. It works with 3 AAA batteries and has battery saving technology to save your money.

The compact size is very much friendly to carry it at any place. The LCD display shows the channels, battery status and CTCSS for the convenience of your boy.

Nerf N-Strike Bow Blaster

bow blaster

Another amazing gift for Christmas or birthday, which is perfect for outdoor play. To hit the mark perfectly by your boy, there is nothing better than this. The arrows have the right aim for the target. 3 giant arrows included with this bow.

The bow has arrow storage to reload it quickly. The arrows are fired up to 40 feet. The 20 inch wingspan gives proper support to fire the arrows.

The materials that are used to make this bow are all high quality and safe for the boys. The durability, you don’t have to think twice about it. To develop the aim skill from the childhood, this is the best choice for you.

Super Stadium Baseball Game

super baseball

The miniature baseball stadium has everything it to entertain your boy. It has levers and hidden contraption to make it realistic. 1 or 2 players can play easily with this. It has score pad, adjustable fielder position, choosing pitches thrown, switch for hitter feature and ball lever.

There is feature for bat right or left. Boys can ball fast, slow or curved and keep tracking for strikes, balls, and outs. Ball movement is real like the real game and there is no way the partners of your boy can predict the type of ball.

To play with ease, this baseball game board includes 1 pitcher, 3 runners, 7 fielders, 1 bat, 5 balls, 5 score pins, score sheet and a user manual.

LEGO Disney Ocean Voyage

lego ocean

For a long long time, LEGO is one of the most favorite toy sets to the kids. This set is a great one with its features. With boats and other toys included, your boy will have a great time with it.

There are 5 action figures in this set, one Maui big figure, one Moana doll figure, 2 Kakamora and one Heihei rooster. There are also some accessories like map, oar, heart of Te ftit, a banana and pineapple.

There is a special function which enables the Te Fiti transform into a place of love and harmony. The amazing sailboat brings back Disney’s Moana to heart of Te Fiti.

The Original Stomp Rocket

Original Stomp Rocket

Kids just love running and jumping. To make their running and jumping more entertaining, this Stomp Rocket will be the perfect birthday gift for your boy. This award winning Stomp set increases the excitement of the boy to the last level.

It has a Stomp Launcher to launch the rockets high in the sky. This launcher has the power to launch the rockets to the height of 200 ft. It makes the boys feel so amazing.

There is no need for using any battery or other things to use it. With very fast assembly, this one is super easy to play. There are 4 foam-tripped rockets included with this one for continue launching. If your boy is 6 years old or more, then this one is an ideal gift for your kid.

Blaster Gun with Foam Darts

Blaster Gun with Foam Darts

Boys just like guns. They love to fight their partners with toy guns. This dart gun is the best one of your boy is a fan of guns. First of all, it looks very attractive for its design and color. The mechanism is friendly for the boys to install and shot.

The light weight of this gun ensures to carry it easily while firing. With the gun, there are 10 suction darts to continue firing. The fire darts travel up to 30 feet to reach the enemy. For safe firing, this gun has no chance of jamming.

Boys can attach darts to the smooth surface even while they are shooting. There is a paper dart board to practice aiming. All you need to careful that your boy doesn’t shot to the eyes of others.

La Ferrari R/C Car

La Ferrari

Which boy doesn’t like a toy car? When it is an official Ferrari model car, no boy can resist himself to have it. This car has the original look of the bigger version of the Ferrari. Having a perfectly working remote control, this car can be moved forward, backward, left, right and stop it anytime.

Boys can easily control it. The remote distance is 30 ft which give a larger area to run the car. The stylish doors can be opened too. It also includes spring suspension system to run smoothly. Having 2 lbs weight, this car can run with 8-10 mph speed.

All you need is to buy batteries for the car and the remote control. Your boy will find it easy to control the car as there is a user included with this car.

How We Pick 10 best toys for 6 year old boys

From lots of birthday gifts, we carefully chose these 10. Before choosing, we researched the features of these gifts. And we found that they are very much friendly for the kids, their physical and mental growth, their skills from the childhood.

We talked with the doctors, psychologists and child specialists. They suggested that if the kids get these toys and tools in their childhood, they can build up their mind, skill and physical strength more than other kids. These toys not only give entertainment but also enrich their knowledge and skills.

So if you are planning to give one of these to your boy on his next birthday, then they will be the best gift for 6 year old boy.

Final Words

When your boy is growing older, you need to think otherwise to make his IQ sharper and skills stronger. As a conscious parent, you can buy one of these gifts for you boy to make him a happy and smart boy.

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