7 Best Hard Plastic Kiddie Pool 2022 With Guide

Best Kiddie Pool

Kiddie pools are the smallest swimming pools that are ideal for your kids. The simplicity and shallowness of these pools are ideal for swimming, splashing and cooling off your kids and their neighborhood friends. If you have school-going kids, they may want to have a swimming pool when they got their summer vacation from school. They love the summer break because it is the time to relief from stress, make fun and relax. You can buy a kiddie pool for them because the kiddie pool is the ideal playing item for the summer season to play. If you are ideal parents you might look for buying an excellent and durable swimming pool for your kid to give them surprise in the summer seasons.

Considering these facts, we have come forward to help you to choose the right kiddie pool that is matched with your fixed budget. We tried hard to pick those best kiddie pools that are not only charming but also durable. In order to create the list of best hard plastic kiddie pool, we also read real customers reviews that have been published on different websites. That means we only refer those swimming pools that are considered as the top rated according to the real customers. In this review article, we have mentioned about 7 best kiddie pools that you can buy right now.

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How have we picked the 7 best hard plastic kiddie pools?

While making this list of top 7 kiddie pools, we have gone through some inspections. Below are the details of these inspections that we have followed to make this list. You may also use these below tips as your buying guidelines for a kiddie pool.

  • In order to contain the water kiddie’s pools are made of nonporous material. Some of them are made of vinyl or polyvinyl chloride which has some potential toxic effects. Our team of researchers checked these health issues while selecting these children’s pools. We only recommend those pools that are made of non-toxic materials and highly safe for children.
  • Every parent considers the setting up, maintenance and storage issues before buying their kid’s swimming pool. We also looked into those factors while we are creating this top 7 kiddie pools list.
  • While it is about built-in features of the pools, we check the appropriateness of these features according to the age of the children that the manufacturers have mentioned. We carefully check the children’s development issues. If these built-in features don’t have any benefit we have avoided them from this list.
  • In order to give you this recommendation list, we have read the comments of the consumers who have already tried these. We only reviewed honest reviews from previous consumers.
  • Though it is hard to find any pool that avoids PVC materials which are considered as harmful material for the children, we carefully choose those inflatable kiddie pools that are less harmful to children.

List of the best kiddie pool for the money

1. Mushroom baby Pool by Intex

If you want to give your child a charming first pool experience, you should try Intex Mushroom Baby Pool. Your child can play and splash inside of this mushroom pool and have great fun. It has a built-in sunshade that will protect your son from the sunlight. The inflatable floor is extremely soft that will give your baby extra comfort while playing.


  • The pool can contain 12 gallons of water.
  • The dimension of the pool is 40″L x 40″W x 35″ H.
  • It is suitable for 1 to 3 years old kids.

Cons: After checking the real customer’s review we didn’t find any cons for this product.

2. Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center

Most of the experts rated the Intex Rainbow Pool as one of the best swimming pools for kids. It is an ideal kiddie pool for those kids who are not still ready to swim into deeper water. This is a 117”x76”x53” pool that provides much fun for your kids. The four inflatable rings allow your kids to play ring toss, water spray, roller and ball toss game.


  • The pool contains a water sprayer for great fun.
  • Its weight is about 15 pounds, so you can move this anywhere you like to place.
  • You can turn your pool into a ball pit.

Cons: It needs about an hour to blow up using an air compressor. Though many of the consumers don’t think that it is a major issue.

3. Intex 57444EP Dinosaur Play Center

The 57444EP Dinosaur Play Center by Intex offers a great fun for your kids. This pool is attached to a palm tree sprayer that you can attach to a garden hose for cool water. Surely, your kids will enjoy the colorful fun balls and the dinosaur.


  • The palm tree sprayer is adjusted with a control valve for the sprayer.
  • The Landing mat of this pool provides you extra padding to feel comfy.
  • It can contain about 57 gallons of water.

Cons: If your kids love to play into deep water, this may not be perfect for them.

4. Inflatable Crystal Blue Swimming Pool

You can purchase the Inflatable Crystal Blue Pool for your kids as a ball pit for them. You can fill the pool with more than 200 balls, which will bring more fun to your kids. The dimension of this pool is 12”x12”x3”.


  • This pool can hold about 62 gallons of water.
  • There are total 3 air holes to pump it.
  • The soft materials of this pool give your kids a comfortable feel.

Cons: If your kid is older than 5 years then this may not be the perfect size for them.

5. Intex Swim Center Paradise Inflatable Pool

Really, your kids will enjoy this blue lagoon pool while swimming. The dimension of this pool is 103″ x 63″ x 18″, that means your kids will get a big and spacious space to play. It is 12” deeper pool which contains about 151 gallons of water.


  • The pool contains 2 air chambers.
  • The pool comes with a repair patch for future need.
  • It also contains a shelf box for your advantages.

Cons: Though it is a good kiddie pool for your kids, you should not give your dog a space in it. The nails of the dogs may damage the pool surface.

6. Jilong Pentagon Inflatable Family Pool

The jilong Pentagon pool will provide your kids a great playground by keeping them cool in the sun. It is constructed with sturdy vinyl for endurance. The extra-wide walls of this pool will provide stability for the active kids. The dimension of this pool is 79″ x 77″ x 18.5″ which can contain about 118 gallons of water. Of course, it is a suitable pool to cool off during the summer season.


  • The pool provides more safety by including sturdy vinyl construction.
  • It contains 2 air chambers.
  • It contains a drain plug to handle the pool more easily.

Cons: According to some previous customers reviews, the top ring is unable to hold air. So, you might check this issue before buying.

7. Giant Inflatable Kiddie Pool

The pool is also known as Giant Inflatable rectangular pool that is ideal for both family and kids. This is a 10 feet long pool that is large enough for your whole family. Its dimension is 120″ X 72″ X 20″ which is ideal for kids and adults use. It is easy to set-up and also easy to drain. This pool can contain about 264 gallons of water. Of course, this is for your whole family.


  • The wide side walls of this pool provide you maximum playroom.
  • The pool has 3 air chambers where each of them can be used both for inflation and deflation.
  • There is a drain plug for your ease of use.

Cons: Many of the previous customers complained about the Bottom ring which was deflated after first use.

Please check these Children’s Safety Issues before buying a kiddie pool

The Centers for diseases control and prevention have revealed that the children those ages between 1to 4 years old are at the highest risk of drowning in backyard swimming pool which may lead to death.

  • More 350 children die each year due to drowning in the swimming pool.
  • Most of these accidental deaths occur from June to August in the backyard swimming pool.
  • Every year more than 2500 child need to go to medical for a near-drowning situation.

These reports have been written only for your precaution because you are going to buy a kiddie pool for your children.

The Bottom Line:

In the next summer season, you might want to give your kid a great surprise by bringing one of those kiddie pools. At least you want that your kid will enjoy his summer leisure time by doing fun. You may want that your child will enjoy his playing time their friends. Whatever the reason is buying the best kiddie pool is the must. If you are unable to find the best one, your all investment for your child’s happiness will ruin in water. Of course, we always try to give the value of your hard-earned money. We are sure that our top 7 list included the best kiddie pools that are enabled to make you and your kid happy.

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