Best Play Kitchen sets for toddlers – Reviews and Guide 2019

Best kitchen sets for toddlers are the great for the kids as these are the best to express their thoughts about cooking and kitchen. As cooking is a part of social interaction, kitchen set is a great medium to know about kids with their activities. Best play kitchen sets make the kids active and these are great to provide fun for the kids with play.

These kitchen sets improve the skills of the kids as the kids have to clean and cook by standing up, bending, and moving around. These activities really make them strong mentally and physically. Kids can develop their imaginary power if they play with best kitchen sets for toddlers.

 Reviews of 6 Best Kitchen sets for toddler

Parents are really fond of to give a kitchen set to their kids. But they become confused when have to choose a great kitchen set for their kids. Here there are 6 best play kitchen for you.


1. KidKraft Uptown Kitchen

  • Large size
  • Attractive design and size
  • Multiple parts with handles
  • Storage space
  • Countertop design
  • Chalkboard
  • Cordless phone
  • 4 burners
  • Removal sink

Cons: Dishwasher should have more realistic opening

Looking for a great play kitchen for your kid? This one has the features that you are going to like. Overall, it is huge and perfect for the kids. This play kitchen is very attractive, as it has a gorgeous design. Its black and ash colors are also very attractive. It has multiple parts, which your kids will love most. It has freezer, microwave, oven, dishwasher and refrigerator. All these have handles to open and close freely and easily. This play kitchen has speckled counter-top design is also very convenient. The separate compartments help to store all the necessary things of the kids. There is a pretend ice machine on the doorknob of the refrigerator, which looks and works like real kitchen stuff. It has a plastic sink, which can be used to clean things if get dirty. The sink is also removable for convenience.

There are 4 raised burner on the oven to fit bowls, pans and plates. The chalkboard on the freezer helps to write necessary things.  There is storage space above the sink to store useful things. There is a cordless phone for the kids, which has a stand to hold it. microwave and oven has transparent glass to see through window. There is also a paper towel holder on the side of this play kitchen. This kitchen set is made with high quality hardwood, metal and molded plastic to give a durable construction. All these features made this kitchen one of the best play kitchen for kids, which is perfect for multiple kids to play with it at once.

2. Step 2 LifeStyle Deluxe Kitchen

  • Electronic sounds
  • Smart design
  • All parts work freely
  • Accessories included
  • Removal sink
  • Lots of storage spaces

Con: Fasteners of this kitchen set are difficult to install

Considered one of the best kitchen sets for toddler, this one is a beauty. This kitchen set has a grand look with its design and great color. Its design made it look like a real kitchen cabinet. There is framed window and overhead light in this kitchen set for the kids. The sink has removal feature and this sink is convenient to clean any utensils or other things. All the parts like freezer, oven, microwave and refrigerator work really well. They open and close freely and easily with knob and handles attached with them. There is a cordless phone in this kitchen set to provide fun for the kids.

The countertop of this kitchen set has a granite look, which is very nice to see. This kitchen set will definitely increase the beauty of your home. There are 31 accessories included with this kitchen set. There are plate, pan, cup, spatula and more accessories. This kitchen set is made with top quality durable plastic, which has made this set sturdy and long lasting. Having all these convenient features, this kitchen set has electronic sounds to amuse the kids.

3. Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen

  • Metal and wooden finish
  • Cordless phone
  • All the doors open and close
  • Removal sink
  • Double burners
  • Compact and smart design
  • Attractive design
  • Ice machine

Con: Not so high quality materials.


for the kids as it has some great features. It is made with top quality metal and wood. This wooden and metal construction made this kitchen set a strong and durable to last for long. The size is friendly for the kids of any size and age. The design is compact and smart. It fits perfect in your house and increases the beauty of your house too. The Pink color of this kitchen set enriches the beauty of it. This kitchen set has microwave, oven, freezer and refrigerator. All these have handles to open and close them easily and quickly. There are 2 storage spaces in this kitchen set, one is over the burner and the other one is under the sink.

The sink is perfect to clean anything and for convenience, the sink has removal feature. There are 2 burners beside the sink. These burners have right size to fit with any types of utensils. There is a pretend ice machine on the refrigerator. The cordless phone increases the fun of the kids. Oven and dishwasher are transparent to see through their window. Oven has knobs, which click and turn. This kitchen set stands on 4 legs which give a better stability on the ground.

4. Little Tikes Cook N Grow Kitchen

  • Compact design
  • Changeable height
  • Reconfigurations feature
  • Nice color
  • All the parts work freely
  • Cooking sound included
  • Perfect size to store

Con: This kitchen is best for the smaller kids

For setting up in a small place, this kitchen set is one of the best. It has a nice and compact size to fit easily and perfect in your home. For the convenience of all types of kids, this kitchen set has 2 different types of height adjustments. There is also re-configurations feature for the kids of only 2 years old. This set has a top quality wooden construction to make it durable and strong. It has oven, microwave and refrigerator. Their doors work really well with handles and knob attached. To clean things, the removal sink is very effective. The burner is smart to hold any sizes of utensils on it.

There are lots of space in this kitchen set on the refrigerator, oven and on the microwave. It has hooks and molded in slots to hold cups and plates. Cordless phone is a medium of great fun for the kids. There are also other accessories with this kitchen set like pan, spatula, silverware, cups and more. There are 3 shape blocks to learn about color and shape by the kids. This is one of the best play kitchen for kids because this one has electronic cooking sounds.

5. KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen

  • Attractive color
  • Multiple parts with attached handles
  • Precious size
  • Free accessories
  • Cordless phone
  • Removal sink and cloth curtain
  • All the parts can be opened and closed
  • Durable construction

Con: Pink color attracts the girls only

If you are looking for the best play kitchen sets for toddlers, which has a very easy set up, then certainly you are looking for this one. This one has a lightweight and easy to set in any place in your house for your kid’s convenience. It includes user guide to assemble the parts systematically. This kitchen set has an nice design with Pink and White color. It increases the beauty of your house. It has freezer, refrigerator, oven, microwave and dishwasher, which can be opened and closed with handles they have. There is a pretend ice machine on the refrigerator door. The cordless phone will give fun to the kids.

2 burners in this set have perfect size to hold any utensils. This kitchen set includes 4 accessories: 2 spatulas, pot and a pan with this kitchen set. There are storage compartment under the oven and the dishwasher. The compartments are large enough to store necessary things of the kids. The removal sink helps to clean any utensils. The curtain behind sink enriches the beauty of this set. There is also a chalkboard on the freezer to write. This kitchen set has a wooden body, which is very sturdy and strong to provide a long lasting performance.

6. KidKraft Large Kitchen

  • Transparent oven and microwave
  • Sink and oven have knobs
  • Durable construction
  • Wooden body
  • Convenient size
  • Multiple parts with knobs
  • Attached handles with the parts
  • More kids can play at once

Con: This one is perfect for the tall kids

Another great kitchen set your kids to play with fun. This one has 4 different parts: oven, microwave, freezer and refrigerator. All these parts have opening and closing facility with handles attached. The oven and microwave has transparent feature to look through the window. There is a cordless phone in this kitchen set for fun. Easy and quick cleaning, the sink is very effective. The sink is also removal for convenience. The oven and the sink have knobs too.  The burners are perfect is size for all types of pan, plates and other utensils. Easy and quick storing the accessories, there are shelves on the sink.

This kitchen has a convenient size, which is unlike the other kitchen sets. This is not too large or too small. This has a perfect size to store easily in your home. The Blue, Pink and Yellow colors made this kitchen set look great. And the design is also attractive. It has a wooden construction, which is very durable. This kitchen is the ultimate one for your kid, which will give fun to him/her to make food for you. You will get instructions to set it up easily and quickly. All these features, this kid kitchen set is great for more than one kid to play with it simultaneously.

How to Pick Best Play Kitchen Sets?

If you want to have the best play kitchen sets for kids, you have to choose the best one from the market. You must be careful about some certain features before buying. To help you to choose the best one, here are some tips.


Quality is the first and one of the main things to consider before buying a kitchen set. Carefully observe the materials. Materials must be high quality. Wooden, plastic and metal made kitchen sets are the best.


The size must be convenient for both of your baby and your home. A large sized kitchen set will take a huge space on you. If your kid is very little, it will be uncomfortable for your kid to play with the kitchen set. So the size must be matched with your kid. A small size kitchen set won’t be great if you have more than one kid. So, choose the best one suitable with your home and perfect for playing by more kids.

Easy use

The best play kitchen sets for toddlers must have an easy and quick set up. It will help to store the kitchen set easily by the parents. The kids can also set up the kitchen set if it is easy.


Look for all the essential features like microwave, sink, burner, oven freezer and refrigerator. You must look for the additional feature like phone, storage space, music and ice machine. You must look for the accessories included with the set like dishes, food and other utensils.


There are different types of kitchen set. Some are for the girls and some are for the boys. Choose the right one, which will match best with your kid.


Price of a kitchen set differs for its quality and size. Top quality products are costly. Large sized products are also cost a few more. However, there are great products within an affordable price. You just have to research the different types of kitchen play sets in the market before buying the best play kitchen sets for kids.


You want to buy the best play kitchen sets for your kid. Choose any one of them Surely they will entertain your kid and improve the skills and imagination with the development of his physical strength.


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