8 Best Nursing Pillow With Reviews

Best Nursing Pillow reviews

A Mom needs breast feeding frequently as a Baby feed on only breast milk. But breast feeding is not an easy task for the Moms, specially for a new Mom as it needs right positioning of the baby. Nursing Pillows are the best companions for this purpose. Baby’s head and neck needs to be positioned perfectly for breast feeding. But for the Moms, sometimes it gets quite hard task. Nursing Pillow helps a mother to give a perfect position to her baby for a perfect breast feeding. Mom also feels relaxed using a nursing pillow.

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When You Need a Nursing Pillow?

If you face difficulty to feed your baby on your lap, nursing pillows are here for you. But it is also equally important to know when to use a nursing pillow?

“Nursing pillows are perfect for the new born babies to 1 year old babies.”

As the babies can’t control their head and neck, it is most important to give a right positioning to the head and neck. Imperfect positioning of the neck and head is harmful for baby’s body, growth and for feeding too. Nursing pillow is greatly helpful in this case. A nursing pillow places in your lap and wraps around you providing a precious space for your baby to stable and firm.

These pillows are very soft to give the best comfort to your baby. A tiny and thin baby feels more weighted and is also very hard to control when you place the baby in your lap. But a nursing pillow supports the weight of the baby and helps a Mom to feed her new born baby with comfort. The most amazing thing is, if you don’t want to breast feeding, you can use the nursing pillow for other purposes like bottle feeding.

Top Rated Best Nursing Pillow

This 3 is our top picking best nursing pillow. We pick this 3 best nursing pillow based on user experience & also expert advice.

Ultimate Nursing Pillow Reviews

There are lots of Nursing Pillows in the market by several manufacturers. Of them there some are top rated nursing pillows. In this nursing pillow reviews, we will share the information about 5 of them.

1. Original Nursing Pillow Reviews


Brand: My Best Friend

Wrapping enabled
Helps good positioning
Cotton made
Wrapping strap and pocket
Removable cover and machine washable

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Pros & Cons: To solve all problems of feeding your baby, you can try this one as this nursing pillow gives you some great facilities. It can wrap around you ensuring the safety of both the baby and you. It has back rest which enables you to get great balance and maintain a great posture while feeding. Made with 100% cotton, this top rated nursing pillow gives you and your child the best comfort. This pillow looks good with its nice cover which is easily removable and machine washable. For the safety of the baby it has wrapping strap which firmly tie itself around you. Its handy pocket helps you to keep bottle or phone in it. The main benefit is it can be used while you are standing too.

2. Bare Naked Nursing Pillow Reviews


Brand: Boppy

Polyester and Cotton made
Covers full waist
Develops muscle
Easy use
1 year guarantee

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Pros & Cons: A great nursing pillow for you which is bigger in size to cover all around your waist. To cover your full waist it has “Stretch Panel” by Miracle Middle. As this covers your whole waist you can comfortably feed your baby. It is made with 90% Polyester and 10% with Cotton for extra comfort for you and for the baby. With its nice and round shape, you can easily use it for your purpose. The main benefit of this nursing pillow is it strengthens the muscles of your little baby. Providing other facilities, this great nursing pillow also has an amazing 1 year guarantee too. The main cons is, it’s not water proof.

3. Peaceful Jungle Nursing Pillow Reviews


Brand: Boppy

Machine washable
Cotton and Polyester made
Removal cover
Easy cleaning

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Pros & Cons: Considered one of the best nursing pillow in the market, this pillow gives extra comfort to your baby and you while breast feeding. It has 80% Polyester and 20% soft Cotton for a comfortable experience. With its round shape it easily fits with your waist makes you to give your desired prop to your baby. It clings firmly with your waist which enables you to sit with relax and creates a zero chance of hampering while feeding. It also enables you to bottle feeding, propping and tummy time. This pillow comes with a nice designed slip cover which is easily removable. This removable slip cover is also machine-washable, which gives you a less time to wash it. But this nursing pillow is not ideal for new born babies.

4. Gia Nursing Pillow Reviews


Brand: Dr Brown’s

Fully cotton made and nice design
Washable with machine
Usable with any sizes of babies
Different heights
Easy hold of the baby

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Pros & Cons: A great looking nursing pillow only for you to provide a great satisfaction to prop your baby. Its upper thick end and lower thin end give help you to lay the baby as your wish. Its round shape helps you to get a proper grip of your baby. Different heights of it provide your desired thickness for feeding the baby. Its quilted cover is nice looking and provide extra softness. You can also use this pillow for the laying of the baby on the floor while the baby can play on it as the babies love its softness. This nursing pillow is usable with any sizes of babies.

Its 100% Cotton Shell and 100% Polyester fill provides better comfort to your baby. Having a very easy use this great pillow is easily machine washable and can be dried easily. The most important thing is, after a machine wash it doesn’t lose its actual shape. Only cons is no pocket for bottle or phone.

5. Cuddle U Sage Pin Dot Pillow Reviews


Brand: Leachco

Easily adjustable
Perfect positioning
Great grip and sliding free
Cotton and Polyester made
Large size and comfortable

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Pros & Cons: Another top rated nursing pillow which has a large size to give the best comfort and best positioning of your baby for an ideal breast feeding. It has a U shaped size and Velcro seat wrap and protects all kinds of sliding of the baby. Its nice design and shape help baby’s digestion and prevents all kinds of refluxes of the baby. Its concealed pocket holds the baby strongly. It has large shaped self adjustable nursing pillow which gives the higher comfort with safety. As it is easily adjustable it is perfect for new born babies and infants who are growing. Polyester and cotton made it one of the best for the babies.

Best Nursing Pillow Reviews for Twin

If you have baby twins it is always troublesome to feed the babies at once. As most of the nursing pillows are, made for only one baby you can’t feed your twins into them. That’s why need the nursing pillows for the twin. Here are 2 of best twin nursing pillow reviews –

Twin Pillow Tummy

Twins Plus Deluxe

twin-z-pillow twins-plus

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Check Price on Amazon


twin-z-pillowTwin Pillow Tummy Reviews

Brand: The Twin Z

  • Multiple uses
  • Back support
  • Comfortable
  • Perfect for twins
  • Nice design

Pros & Cons: For a great support to your twins while feeding you can choose this one. Its large space will give you to prop your twins with much relax. Its soft body provides comfort to you and your babies. The amazing thing of it is its back support which enables you to feed two babies simultaneously. It can be wrapped around your waist with ease. As this pillow fits firmly with your waist you will feel safe and relaxed while feeding your babies. Besides breast feeding, this twin nursing pillow is compatible for various purposes like bottle feeding, tummy time, infant reflux and toddler time.

twins-plusTwins Plus Deluxe Reviews

Brand: My Brest Friend

  • Precious space
  • Polyester made and pocket
  • Removal cover and easy cleaning
  • Easy wrapping and wrapping strap
  • Easy use and comfortable

Pros & Cons: Are you feeling stress for a perfect twin nursing pillow?? You can be relaxed to use this great nursing pillow for twins. It has a precious space for twin baby in it. Two babies can easily fit into it. Polyester made it more suitable for babies and made it more comfortable. Its cover is nice and it is easily removable with its zipper. Not only that, it is also easily washable. This pillow can be wrapped easily and firmly around your waist with the help of its wrapping strap for a comfortable prop. It also includes a pocket for keeping bottles, toys or phone. With a light weight but firm thickness this twin nursing pillow is your ultimate choice.

Best Travel Nursing Pillow

While traveling it is quite hard task to feed your baby. In that case you can use nursing pillows which are made only for breast feeding while traveling. Here is our top picked travel nursing pillow reviews-

Travel Pillow
travel-pillow Check Price on Amazon

Easy transportation
Polyester and cotton made
Easy opening and closing
Quick and easy use
Easy storing and takes less place

If you are traveling and feeling tensed about feeding your little baby, take this stunning nursing pillow with you and this will remove all the stress you are suffering. It is very light and handy to carry in a bag while traveling. With its small size it takes only a small place in your traveling bag. Its zipper enables quick closing and opening. You can carry it on your shoulder as it includes a shoulder strap with it. Its Polyester and Cotton gives finest comfort to your baby. It can easily wrap around your waist and you can easily handle your baby to prop. This nursing pillow provides easy cleaning and don’t lose its real shape after washing.

Nursing Pillow Buying Guide

Support: Nursing pillows are mainly needed for a proper feeding to the baby. For that reason, a nursing pillow must have the ability to support both the baby and mother. Else the baby won’t get the right feeding.

Maximum comfort: Comfort is the main factor for choosing a nursing pillow. Nursing pillows must be soft and tender as they will be used for new born to six month old babies who have very soft body and muscle. Cotton and Polyester pillows are the best.

Easy adjust: As nursing pillows are used more frequently, they need to be easy controlled and quick adjustable. Easy handling of the pillows allows a Mom to feed her baby swiftly and with comfort. It also enables to store the pillow into a bag after using.

Fitting: Perfect fitting is also required for nursing pillows because Moms usually do breast feeding by sitting. In that case pillows must easily be fitted around the waist of the mother of the baby and attach with the waist firmly.

Quality: A nursing pillow should be made with high quality materials. It needs to be thick, firm and soft enough for baby and mother’s comfort. Low quality materials give a painful experience to both mother and the baby. And most importantly nursing pillows must be eco friendly.

Cleaning: Easy cleaning is also equally important. As Moms are busy with other chores, the pillow has to be easily cleaned. And after washing some pillows lose their actual retention. So the pillow must not lose its retention after washing. Easy removal covers are better for cleaning.

Pocket: Look for the pillows which have pocket in it. Pocket will help you to keep phone, bottle or toys.

Light & small: For traveling pillows carefully choose the light ones and which are easy to carry occupying less space in the back pack to store.

Price: And yes of course the price is a key factor. Nursing pillows are of different price. To save some money, go for the better quality pillows which are cheap in price.

How to Use a Nursing Pillow?

Buying the best nursing pillow is not the last task. You must know the right use of nursing pillow, or you can’t feed your baby properly.

  1. First of all, give the right position to pillow at your waist.
  2. Then place the nursing pillow at the best position to prop.
  3. Then firmly adjust the pillow by using the strap.
  4. Now take the baby and sit down on a right place.
  5. Now place the baby’s head rightly and make the baby’s body comfortable. Never forget to hold the baby strongly while feeding.
  6. Take off the pillow after feeding is done.

Final Words

This best nursing pillow review will surely help you to choose the best pillow for feeding your baby and how to make the best use of the pillow. Be cautious to buy a nursing pillow and to use it. You and your baby will be safe for sure.


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