4 Best Organic Baby Cereal Reviews And Guide 2022

Best Organic Baby Cereal

Organic food is one best gifts of nature to man. Organic foods provide the highest quantity of vitamin and nutrition. As your baby grows older, for the grown age breast milk is not enough to meet all demands of vitamin and nutrition. Organic foods are considered the best to serve in this purpose. These foods are the best because they are 100% natural. Most vital thing is they are free from any kind of chemicals and preservatives. Non-organic and bottled foods are full with hormone, antibiotics, preservative and chemicals which are harmful for your baby. On the other hand Organic foods save your baby from these toxics and make your baby healthy and fresh. Organic foods are not only perfect for the babies but also for the adults. So, let’s try those organic vegetables and fruits for your baby.

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Is Organic Food Better for Baby?

People are curious to know that Organic foods are better or not. As this Organic food is related with babies, people specially parents are very concerned about it. Many Research Institutes have done many researches on this Organic food and all those research say the Organic foods are safe and healthy for the babies. And why they are best?? Because they are out of any kind of chemicals and toxic. These Organic foods are grown with compost and manure with no use of chemical and pesticide. Compost and manure are natural objects which make the Organic food friendly for health. You can eat and feed the organic fruits and vegetables to your baby without any doubts.


Foods for Different Ages

For different ages of babies, different types of foods are appropriate. Appropriate and proper foods are essential for the babies because this childhood is the base of the future. Proper foods help the babies to grow and get maturity normally and perfectly.

  • From new born to 4 months age, babies live only by the breast milk. But after this period the baby needs to change of food items. As 4 to 7 month old baby needs mashed vegetables and fruits and grain cereals.
  • Chopped fruits, cooking foods and poultry foods like meats are perfect for the babies of 9 to 12 months.
  • All kinds of cooking foods and solid foods can be given to the babies more than 1 year and above. Also cow milk can be introduced. But before feeding all these foods, you must consult with your Pediatrician.
  • All the foods you want to feed your baby need to be introduced gradually for the right build up of the body and brain of your baby. Make sure that the foods are organic and non allergic.
  • Start with soft and liquid food recipes and then gradually provide solid items for a better digestion.

Top Cereal food manufacturing Brands

There are lots of manufacturing brands who are providing baby foods. Some of them really provide foods maintaining a high quality. Of them Gerber and Happy Baby are best known. These two brands collect their ingredients direct from the farms. So their ingredients are fresh and healthy. They collect only the Organic ingredients which have no chemical, artificial colors, pesticides and other chemical objects. The most important thing is, they both are USDA certified for maintaining high quality and providing non chemical food products.

Top Picking Best Organic Baby Cereal

We pick 3 best baby cereal for you based on nutrition, quality, reviews & price. You can take a look our top pick for make a easy decision. If you don’t have enough time to read full organic baby cereal reviews than it is ideal for you.

4 Best Organic Baby Cereal Reviews

Some renowned brands are manufacturing Organic foods commercially in the market. They are great and friendly to health. Here are top 4 of them.

Happy Bellies Organic Super Cereal

Brand: Happy Baby


Perfect for babies
Tasty and healthful
100% Organic
Made with rice, oatmeal and multigrain
Chemical free and contains DHA
Easy digestible

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An outstanding Cereal made by Happy Bellies for the babies which has sufficient amount of Vitamins, Nutrition and other healthy components in it. It has high quantity of Carbohydrates and low amount of Protein. It is made Gluten free. Made from 100% Organic Rice, Oatmeal and Multigrain, this Cereal provides maximum amount of Iron for the perfect grown up of the baby. The ingredients are non-genetically engineered and free from chemical fertilizer, pesticides. It provides the baby good bacteria with pro-biotic protection to increase the digestive power of the baby and to protect from allergy. It contains DHA to strengthen eye and brain power. The vitamin, mineral and nutrition develop the body and muscle of the baby. It is loved by the babies because this Cereal tastes very delicious. Regarded one of the best baby Cereals, this one has also won the USDA certificate for proving the highest quality with zero harmful food objects.

Puffs Cereal Snacks Variety Pack

Brand: Gerber Graduates

gerber-graduates-puffs-cereal-snack10 Flavor
Artificial flavor free
Vitamin and Iron
Easy digestible
Tasty fruits
6 containers for great quantity
Nicely designed containers

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For older babies who just started to crawl, this packed Organic food works the right way. The babies can eat it as their snack and with a bottle shape the babies can hold the container and eat on their own. This food comes with nicely designed colorful containers of 1.48 ounce weight. With total 6 packs, this has 3 different flavors, 2 for Banana, 2 for Strawberry and 2 for Apple. The containers are very easy to grip so that the babies can hold them to self eating. 6 containers of fruits mean a great quantity for your baby. All the fruits are Organic and free from all kinds of preservatives. They are also free from any artificial colors. To meet the demands of vitamins and Iron it contains Vitamin B, Vitamin E and Iron too. Very soft fruits easily melt when they are in your baby’s mouth. But the parents say, these are all fruits creating a large quantity of sugar harmful for the babies.


Certified Organic Whole Grain Rice Cereal

Brand: Earth’s Best

rice-earths-best-baby-cerealUSDA certified
Grain cereal
2 pack contains proper quantity
Great taste and easy digest
Artificial flavor, preservative and color free
Zero added sugar and salt
Easy making

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Made from high quality ingredients, this organic Rice cereal is suits best with your baby. The ingredients are free from pesticides, antibiotics and growth hormones. With no genetically engineered ingredients and made from whole grain, this baby food is also USDA certified. It comes with 2 packs which contain right amount of food for your baby in the 8 ounce packs. Right quantity of foods ensure right amount of vitamin and iron which are needed for your baby’s proper growth of body and brain. With zero artificial color, preservative and flavor, this baby food is perfect for your baby. No added sugar and salt make it harmless for babies. This food is very easy to make and saves your time. Having a very easy digestible benefit for the babies, it is also very tasty to eat. Its paper packets are hard with no chance of tearing to damage the food in it.


DHA and Probiotic Rice Baby Cereal

Brand: Gerber

gerber-baby-cereal14 Flavor
6 containers in 1 pack
Pure source of vitamin, mineral and iron
Easy opening and closing
Preservative and color free ingredients
Huge quantity
Contains DHA

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One of the best cereals for the infant, this is the one you’re looking for. This cereal is packed with nicely designed 6 different containers. Each container contains 8 ounces of Cereals enough for a baby to feed for at least 1 week. Made with highest quality Rice, this baby cereal is the number one source of Vitamin, Mineral, Zinc, Iron and Nutrition. Besides these, this Cereal contains Calcium, Vitamin E and Vitamin B. For the proper development of eye and brain it also provides DHA. To support highly healthy Immune system this Cereal includes Bifidus BL which is a pro-biotic. For the safety and to provide sufficient nutrition and Vitamin, all the ingredients of it are free from artificial colors and preservatives. To ensure an easy and simple use for you, the containers are very easy to open and close. The Cereal is very tasty with soothes the tongue of the baby. The most important thing is, it can be digested with ease without any trouble to the baby.

Things to Consider Making Your Own Baby Food

Packed foods are convenient but they are not always good your baby. They contain preservatives and chemicals and cost more. But Organic foods are safe for your baby as I mentioned earlier and full with vitamins and nutrition. They also cost less than the packed foods. The great thing is if you make your baby food on your own, you can buy the items as your wish and you will know exactly what is the ingredients and quality of food.

Making your baby food on your means you will get some extra benefits. You will surely save some money. You will be aware about the food ingredient. The food will get variety of ingredients. More ingredients will make the food more healthy and nutritious. Your baby will get more vitamins and nutrition.

But you need to consider some vital aspects to make baby food.

  • Make the baby food using food maker to save time and labor. These food makers are both manual and electric version. Electric food makers are less time consuming
  • Choose the food maker with dishwasher safe for convenience. Easy cleaning food maker saves your time.
  • Make sure that food maker is BPA free.
  • Food maker materials must be unbreakable and all in one type food maker are the best.
  • Wash the food ingredients properly before making food.
  • Peel the fruits and vegetables if needed
  • Be careful while using any sharp instruments like knife.
  • Freeze and warm the food at the perfect temperature.
  • Feed your baby when the food is warm.

Avoidable Foods

There are some fruits and vegetables which must not add to the food list for your baby while you making the food. There are a number of foods to avoid. But 12 of them are particular. That’s why they are called Dirty Dozen. These foods are considered harmful for the tender age of the baby as these foods contain acid, fat and hot elements. The Dirty Dozen foods are – Apple, Peach, Grape, Celery, Cherry Tomato, Cucumbers, Potato, Spinach, Strawberry, Hot Pepper, Sweet bell Pepper.

Other avoidable foods are Blueberry, Cherry, Green bean, Carrot, Broccoli, Banana, Orange and Watermelon.

Baby Food Safety

Making baby food is an easy and enjoyable task. But you must be careful about the safety rules to ensure the food safe for the baby. Here are the most important things

Washing: When you buy the fruits and vegetables from the market, wash them properly before making food for your baby. But before wash them, wash your both hands. Wash the utensils too before and after making food.

Warming and Cooling: Warm the food in the perfect temperature when needed. Same goes for cooling too. Be careful about the time to warm and cool. Over warming and over cooling will waste the food.

Freezing: When the homemade food needs to freeze, take the mixture in an ice-cube tray and cover it with a hard plastic to wrap it. While freezing the food in an air tight container, labeling it with date will be wise. Don’t freeze the foods more than 3 months preventing the growth of bacteria.

Cleaning the utensils: While washing the utensils, use hot water, dishwashing detergents and clean dish cloth to maintain hygiene.

Avoid uneaten and canned food: Uneaten food creates bacteria on it harmful for baby. So, don’t save uneaten foods for the next time. Avoid canned food too as they also contain bacteria.

Avoid some particular fruits and foods: Never give babies nut, grape, tomato or other solid food in a big piece because they might choke it.

Be careful of sharp instruments: While making food always be careful to use sharp equipments like knife. Never use a fork to feed fruit to your baby.

Expiry date: If you feed your baby packed food closely take a look at the expiry date.

Organic foods are the best for your baby, whether it is in the packet or it is made by you. Try both of them to provide maximum food quality to your baby.


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