Best Overnight Diapers For Toddlers 2022

What is more annoying for the parents to wake up and change the diaper of the kid at the dead night? Most of the babies cry when the diaper gets wet. Best overnight diapers for heavy wetters are here to aid the parents from this hassle. When parents can’t sleep better, they can’t take the best care of their kids.

A dry diaper overnight is the best solution for this matter as these diapers have greater absorbent power with leak free feature. This diaper can hold more liquids and keeps the babies dry and warm by absorbing the liquids quickly. Parents need not think about to change the diaper at midnight. Toddlers can get the best sleeping experience if they wear no wet diaper overnight. Here, you will know all the details about the best overnight diapers for toddlers.

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10 best overnight diapers for toddlers

For your convenience and to save your precious time finding the right overnight diaper from the market, we present some stunning diapers for you. Here they are.

1. Huggies Overnites Diapers

  • Comfortable and dry
  • Fits perfectly and Leak proof
  • Protection for 12 hours
  • Waistband to attach
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One of the famous brands for making baby diapers, Huggies brought another great diaper for the toddlers. It is super absorbent and that’s why this diaper keeps the toddlers dry and comfortable all the time. It protects the toddlers from any kind of leak for 12 hours. This leak-free protection saves the parents from changing the diaper at the middle of the night. Toddlers feel comfortable and happy wearing this diaper wake or sleep.

The SnugFit waist band helps the diaper to attach it perfectly and stay in place without any chance to lose it. The unique tab helps to fit the diaper secured at the waist all the time. The adorable graphics of this diaper has Sleepy Winnie the Pooh design which makes it attractive. Toddlers can sleep the whole night without any disturbance wearing this diaper. These parents choice overnight diapers help the parents to avoid thinking about diaper changing and cleaning their little one at midnight. Having all these benefits, this toddler diaper is Best for toddlers of 27 pounds and over.

2. Tranquility Overnight

  • 2x large
  • Comfortable and Easy removal
  • Greater holding ability
  • Pull on style
  • Dry and disposable
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This dry diaper overnight is the one which can save you and your baby from the hassle of changing diaper at midnight. This diaper gives protection for more than 12 hours. It offers a great protection with maximum comfort. It assures a guaranteed performance which ensures the night of your baby completely dry. To make the toddler dry and comfortable, this diaper has Peach Mat absorbent core which ensures dryness of skin with odor control.

pH neutralization makes this diaper the favorite one for the parents. Wearing and removal of this diaper are easier than ever. It includes pulling on style with tear-away side seam which enables to remove the diaper easily without any chance to tear the diaper. To fit the diaper with the baby rightly, it has a spacious full-waist panel. Its 2x size is perfect for all the toddlers while they sleep or wake.

To make the parent and the toddler fell relaxed, this diaper has inner leg cuffs to protect the toddlers and the diaper from any kind of leakage. For a long time protection, this diaper can hold more than a quart of liquid. You don’t have to change the diaper more frequently. With all these benefits, this diaper is also latex free.

3. Nature Babycare Eco-Diapers

  • GMO free and Easy to use
  • Comfortable and dry
  • Made with child-friendly materials
  • No fragrance and chlorine
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Another great diaper for the toddlers to make their early life comfortable, dry and clean to avoid any kind of disease creating from the germ of their urine or poop. This diaper has proved its baby health friendly features. First of all, it is made from all the natural materials which are renewable to make the diaper friendly for the tender toddlers. As their health and skin are very sensitive, natural materials never harm them.

It’s GM free corn feature prevents all types of leakage and made this diaper watertight. This diaper is compostable and breathes which allow the air to reach the tender skin of the toddlers. That’s why it is very much friendly for the toddlers. For the best safety of the toddlers, this diaper is Chlorine free. This feature saves the skin of the toddlers. Another great feature of this diaper is its fragrance-free feature which allows the toddlers to breathe from any callus smell.

This diaper has a very easy use which makes the parents to wear and to remove it to the toddlers with real quick and easy. Its soft construction made this diaper comfortable for the toddlers to wear it for a long time during day and night.

Some users say that the quality of this diaper is needed to be improved.

4. BumGenius Freetime All in One Cloth Diaper

  • Leak-proof and Easy use
  • Dry and cool
  • Super absorbent
  • Perfect for the toddlers
  • Stays attached the waist
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Considered one of the best cloth diapers for overnight, this diaper gives the best protection to the toddlers. This diaper is made of high quality cloth and has butterfly closure system to deliver a comfortable and trim fit. It keeps the toddler dry and cool all the time they wear. Toddlers feel comfortable and relaxed day and night by use this cloth diaper. Super absorbent quality dries the diaper faster and gives the best absorbency when and where the toddlers need most.

This diaper has “no-stuff” semi-attached one-step cloth diaper system which enables the parents to wear and remove the diaper without any hassle. It always attaches with the waist of the toddlers which makes the parents free from any tension.

You can wash, dry and re-use this diaper easily. You don’t need any extra steps or stuffing. The soft but durable outer fabric keeps the diaper waterproof. It saves the skin of your kid from any kind of damage. Its elastic doesn’t create any kind of rashes in the waist of the toddlers like the other diapers. With all its features, this diaper is perfect for the babies from 8 to 35 pounds of weight.

5. Pampers Baby Dry Extra Protection Diapers

  • Soft and tender
  • Extra protection for long
  • Super absorbent and Leak free
  • Comfortable, dry and cool
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Thinking about the diaper changing at the middle of the night? This cool diaper is going to save you from this annoyance. This diaper for toddlers gives protection for more than 12 hours which enables no disturbance of sleeping at midnight. It’s extra absorbent power makes your kid dry and cool the whole time he/she wears it. Its soft inner and outer covers make the toddlers feel comfortable and happy all the time.

Xtra-Absorb zones of this diaper save the toddlers any kind of discomfort from the wet condition of the diaper. Soft construction of this diaper gives the greatest comfort to the toddlers. Toddlers get the best sleeping experience from this diaper.

The Pampers Baby Dry extra protection of this diaper helps the diaper dry soon to make the toddlers comfortable and easy. To make the parents free from hassle and to make them relaxed, this diaper prevents any kind of leakage. Toddlers can sleep or play with maximum cleanliness and safety with this leak free facility.  And having all these facilities who can stop this diaper to make it the best overnight diapers for heavy wetters. But a lot of users claim that this diaper needs to improve its quality.

6. Bummis Dimple Organic Overnight Cloth Diaper

  • Adjustable
  • Soft cotton and Super absorbent
  • Leak free and Washable
  • Dry and cool experience
  • Friendly for skin
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This diaper is one of the favorites to the parents and they strongly suggest this diaper for its unique features unavailable in the other diapers. It surrounds the toddlers with the greatest comfort and softness. Its adjustable rise and the cross over waist keep it attached the waist all the time with no chance of making any rash. Toddlers feel jolly all the time wearing this diaper.

The key feature of this diaper is it is surrounded by soft organic cotton which gives the softest feeling to the toddlers. This cotton also made this diaper very much absorbent. The hidden snap ensures the comfort and saves your kid from any kind of damage to the skin. This diaper comes with two-sided booster fitted with a cloth to increase absorbency. For the comfort, one side of the booster is made with Polyester and the other side is made with organic cotton.

This diaper remains dry for more than 12 hours which prevents you from chaning the diaper at midnight creating a pause to your sleep. Its leak free feature enables you not to clean your kid frequently. With its washable quality, you can use this diaper after a several time of washing.

7. Earth’s Best Chlorine-Free Diapers

  • Friendly for the toddlers
  • Made with natural materials
  • Convenient and Fits perfectly
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Fragrance and Chlorine free
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One of the best overnight diapers for boy, this diaper has all the friendly and healthful features that the toddlers need most. This diaper is also regarded as one of the safest toddler diapers as it is free from any kind of fragrance, dye, latex, and hypoallergenic. Its Chlorine free quality makes the toddlers out of any kind of risks. For all these friendly and healthful features, toddlers can use this diaper freely.

For the safety of the toddlers, this diaper is made with natural absorbent materials like corn and wheat which are also renewable. These materials reduce the use of petro-chemicals.

To fit perfectly with the waist of the toddlers, this diaper has breathable sides which also keep the skin tender. The stretchy re-fastenable grip tabs ensure the best fit and removal of the diaper. The re-fastenable panels also prevent leakage which saves the parents from the tension to change the diaper more often. With its great absorbent ability, this diaper serves the toddler for over 12 hours without changing the diaper. You can wear and remove this diaper to your kid very easily within a few seconds of time. For the convenience of the parents, this diaper comes with 35 diapers in each box and fits perfectly with the toddlers of 16-28 pounds.

8. Heavy Wetter Organic One Size Fitted Diaper

  • Adjustable Natural fiber fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Greater absorbent
  • Fits perfectly
  • Soft and comfortable
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One of well known no wet diaper overnight, this baby diaper is the ultimate choice for the parents. This diaper is very soft and comfortable for the toddlers. It is made with natural fiber fabric to ensure the best comfort to the toddlers. The fiber is made of 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton. This fiber is more absorbent than the other diapers and has other qualities like hypoallergenic, antibacterial and thermal regulating.

To fit the diaper perfectly with the toddlers, this diaper has snap-in inserts. It is easily adjustable with the waist of the toddlers as it low, medium and large snap rise. For day and night use, snap inserts are very convenient. These inserts are also made with bamboo and tree wood pulp to make comfortable for the toddlers.

Its leak free quality keeps the baby clean all the time and parents feel relaxed all the time. This diaper protects the toddlers for a long time. Parents need not think to change the diaper at the midnight. To use this diaper over and over again, it has machine washable quality and can be washed with detergents. To last long, you can dry it on low heat.

9. One Size All in One Hook and Loop

  • Convenient use
  • Easy diapering and Adjustable
  • Polyester made
  • Waterproof and Serves for long
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A top quality diaper for the toddlers to keep them safe, comfortable and happier. This diaper has a very convenient use which makes the parents wear this to their kids without any hesitation. It has inner soaker and a superior three layer microfiber absorbent system absorbs 7 times of its weight and keeps the toddlers dry and joyful all the time. It has one of the fastest dry ability. It’s perfect adjustability and waterproof quality made it perfect for the toddlers. Waterproof feature makes it useable for a long time.

The reusable feature of this diaper enables the parents to use this diaper over and over again. It’s both hook and loop closure enable a very quick and easy fit of the diaper to the toddlers. It fits rightly to the waist of the toddlers. For more than 12 hours, this diaper works perfectly.

This diaper is made with 100% Polyester and urethane coating to give the best protection and comfort to the toddlers. The wearing and the removal of this diaper are quicker and easier than any other diapers in the market. Regarding all these features, this diaper is one of the best cloth diapers for overnight.

10. Nurtured by Nature Environmentally Diapers

  • Chlorine free and More sustainable
  • Made of renewable materials
  • Friendly for the toddlers
  • Frustration free packaging
  • Safe and comfortable
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Looking for the best diaper for your kid to make him/her comfortable and happy all the time? You are surely looking for this diaper because this premium diaper has one the best quality among the other diapers. This diaper doesn’t have any harmful object for the skin of the toddlers. To make this diaper safe for the kids, it is free from Chlorine. Dioxins and organochlorides don’t release and mix with the water and air.

Its greater absorbent padding system quickly absorbs all the wet materials and gives a dry feeling to the toddlers. It’s less synthetic gel materials give greater absorbent experience. This diaper is made with 30-40% more sustainable materials than any other diapers in the market. That’s why this diaper gives bette3r performance than the others.

20-30% less petroleum-based materials made it safe for the kids. Its back-sheet and top-sheet materials are made from renewable materials to make this diaper friendly for nature and kids. To fit rightly with the toddlers, this diaper has stretch wings and stretchable back panel. These also prevent any kind of leak to the diaper. For the convenience, this diaper comes with frustration free package.

Best Overnight Diaper for Tummy Sleepers

Most babies tend to sleep comfortably on their bellies which is a mesmerizing sight to watch. But this also disturbs their sleep when they get soaked through their diapers and sleeper sheets. The mid night cries are something that makes all the parents super tired and wiery.

This problem is faced by many parents, and they claim Huggies and Pampers both diapers to work better than others especially if your child is a tummy sleeper. They are best for skin protection with superb abilities of absorption which mean overnight diapering will not harm your baby’s delicate skin and will help him/her to a good night’s sleep.

In case if your child still gets soaked even after using the most claimed products, there is still a solution available. What you can do is try out a diaper larger than the size that your baby ideally requires for the night, and this might prevent the leaking and save your baby from getting soaked.

Why pick night diapers for toddlers?

Unlike other diapers, night diapers provide some facilities which are the friendly and perfect for the toddlers. But why you pick the best overnight diapers for toddlers? Here are the benefits of overnight diapers.

Long protection

Long time service is the main reason the parents choose a night diaper. Most of the night diapers give protection for over 12 hours which enables the parents to sleep without any disturbance to change the diaper of their kid in the middle of the night. Parents can sleep without any tension. During the day, parents have to change the diaper for fewer times.


Night diapers are made with the soft construction which gives the best comfort to the toddlers. This comfort helps the toddlers to sleep well without any annoyance. All the night diapers have the superior absorbent quality which gives a dry and cool feeling to the toddlers.


All the night diapers are friendly for the toddlers. They don’t have any callus fragrance or harmful objects like Chlorine. Other diapers create rashes to the skin and the waist of the toddlers but night diapers are free from this harm.

Easy use

These night diapers are very easy to use. With the elastic and side seam, t parents can easily wear and remove the diapers to their kids. Some diapers are re-usable to use for long and some are machine washable for using the diapers over and over again.

Safe and clean

All the night diapers are leak free which enables no spreading of the urine and stools to the toddler’s body. As there is no leakage, parents don’t need to clean the kids frequently. They can get rid of this annoyance.

Guide to use overnight baby diapers

If you don’t know the use of a baby diaper, you can’t give the best comfort to your baby. As your baby is not able to pee and poop by itself, you need to use diaper until he/she becomes able.

You can use double or extra inserts as the baby is peeing or pooping more. You can use cloth cover to the diaper to last longer. Keep in mind that wool made cloth is the best.

For the best cloth diapers for overnight bamboo insets are the best solution as it is very absorbent with its greater absorbency ability.

For the disposable diapers, you must pick the diaper which is leak free and has the ability to hold the maximum quantity of moist and liquid in it. You must be aware of the rash created by the disposable diapers.

As the diapers make rash to the toddlers, parents need to be careful enough to keep away the moist from the baby’s body.

Why avoid overnight disposable diapers?

Disposable diapers have some disadvantages which made them avoidable for the kids. Here are the main reasons which are crucial to avoid disposable diapers.

  • Disposable diapers have Dioxins which is a residue of Chlorine and it harms the kids if they wear the diaper for 12 hours continue.
  • Disposable diapers have Polyacrylate to make them absorbent. This Polyacrylate is very much harmful as it causes toxic shock syndrome, infection, and irritation.
  • Disposable diapers are very much harmful to the nature too. It is a complete threat for the soil as it doesn’t contain any biodegradable material in it to decompose it. So, when people throw disposable diapers to the landfills with poops or not, it takes years to decompose creating a danger for the environment.

Want to give the best sleeping and dreaming your kid? Or you want to sleep without zero disturbances to finish all the jobs of the next day? For both purposes, the overnight diaper is the greatest. A best cloth diapers for overnight to make the toddlers comfortable. So buy one today and keep your toddler safe, clean and comfortable during day and night.

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