Best Sippy Cup Reviews And Guide 2022

As the name indicates, a baby sippy cup is the one that is used for small kids when are learning to take a sip and when they are weaning. The use of thus cup for a baby is very important because it helps the baby in learning to eat and engulf water and other fluids.

So what do think about this cup? It is obvious that this cup should be of wonderful quality and design. An attractive design and color will always be attracted by a baby. If the color and design of the cup will be good baby will love to drink more fluid just for the sake of cup. Here are few best sippy cups that you can use for your babies as all these are beautiful and wonderful. All these will be liked by your baby.

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Top Picking Sippy Cup

This 3 sippy cup is our top choice. If you are in hurry & dont have enough time to read top 5 sippy cup reviews than just take a look this 3 best sippy cup.

Top 5 Best Sippy Cup Reviews

Here are the 5 best Sippy cups in the market made for your baby.

Miracle 360 Sippy Cup Review

Brand: Munchkin

munchkin-miracle-360-sippy-cupDentist recommended
10 color
Spill free
Perfect for 1 year old and above
BPA free and dishwasher safe
Nice and attractive design
Easy cleaning

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A great Sippy cup for your baby which is recommended by the dentists. This 2 pack toddler Sippy cup is has a unique design with nice green and blue color. And in these 2 colors it looks great. It has a 360 degree drinking edge to prevent all kinds of spills while your kid is drinking. The rim of it develops the muscle of the mouth of your baby as it is round like a regular cup. This Sippy cup seals automatically after your baby stops drinking. To make your baby safe this is built with BPA free plastic and is dishwasher safe.

This Sippy cup is perfect for 1 year and above. With its nice round shape it is easily portable and carried to any place into any sizes of bags. For your convenience this nice looking Sippy cup has a quick and simple cleaning. But it is not insulated.

Stainless Sippy Bottle Review

Brand: Pura Kiki

stainless-sippy-bottleStainless steel made
6 color
Attractive design
Toxic free
Easy drinking and gripping
Multi functioned

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Worried about the toxic like BPA and others? Take this one because it is made with high quality stainless steel. This stainless steel made this Sippy cup more durable and long lasting. Its tall and round shape made it easier to hold and grip by the babies. It is also perfect to carry on any stroller or travel bag. It holds sufficient amount of water for the baby. The sipping of the water is very simple as it can convert into infant bottle, water-tight drink and snack container for any ages of babies according to their need. It gives a spill free drinking to your baby. While sipping, the water flows very gently making the drinking simple and safe. Parents prefer this Sippy cup for its easy cleaning, saving time and labor.

Fun Grips Hard Spout Sippy Cup Review

Brand: Gerber Graduates

fun-grips-hard-spout-sippy-cupLeak and spill proof
Space for child’s name
Bite resistant
BPA free and dishwasher safe
Nice design and color
Easy use

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Your baby needs to use a Sippy cup for drinking? Go for this one because it has a nice design to attract your baby. The bright colors of is very eye catching. This plastic made cup is bite proof to give your baby a chance to drink with freedom. You can rely on this one for its 100% leak proof quality and it is also spill proof with zero chance of falling down of any drinks on the floor or anywhere. To last long it is made with hard plastic and is break free. For the safety of your baby it is BPA free and has dishwasher safe. The Hourglass shape protects from tipping.

It has a space to write your baby’s name so you don’t have to worry about the cup mix-up. The nice shape of it is perfect for your baby to grip and handle it easily. Its handy design is perfect to store it in any travel bag or stroller. To prevent from Bacteria, this Sippy cup is very easy to clean. Only problem of this sippy cup is it doesn’t dry well in the dishwasher.

Fashion Hearts Learner Cup Review

Brand: NUK

fashion-hearts-learner-cupEasy sipping
2 color for girl & boy
Nice effective handle
Durable body with attractive design
Air vent
Spill resistant and BPA free
Perfect for 6 months and above

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NUK made a great Sippy cup for your baby which has a unique design than the other Sippy cups. Its beautiful color and printing easily catch the eyes of your baby. Your baby feels delighted to drink with this cup. The tube of it enables the sipping easier than any other cups. This tube also ensures a gentle flow of water while sipping. The most important feature is its two nice looking slip free handles which enable your baby to hold it firmly and drink independently. These handles are also easy removal. The BPA free plastic made body of this cup is very strong and break-free. It also includes an air vent to prevent swallowing of air by the baby. For the babies of 6 months and above, this is one of the best Sippy cups. Only problem is , this cup holds only 5 ounces of water.

FOOGO Straw Bottle Review

Brand: Thermos

6 color
Durable and portable
BPA free
Easy use and drinking
Large capacity
Dishwasher safe

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An amazing Sippy cup including some great facilities and features. This Sippy cup has thermo vacuum insulation system which keeps the drinks cold for a long time for your baby. Its stainless Steel body makes it more strong and durable and gives no chance to produce Bacteria in the outer part of it. It also provides a leak free drinking. Its Pink and Purple color made it more attractive. Made with a BPA free quality, this cup is very portable too to carry in any storage bag. Its large size is very convenient to contain at least 10 ounces of water. It has dishwasher safe for your convenience. The opening of this cup is very easy and hygienic with a push of the button. For the easy and spill free sipping this is the perfect for your baby.

Best Sippy Cup Buying Tips

The best Sippy cup maintains all the standards. But all the Sippy cups in the market have their own advantage and disadvantages. You must be careful before buying a Sippy cup. Here are some important tips for buying the best Sippy cup.

Quality: Quality is the first thing to consider before buying a Sippy cup. The materials are most important. Most of the Sippy cups are made of Plastic. Be aware of the quality of the plastic. You can choose the Glass and Steel made Sippy cups too. Durability is also important. Good Sippy cups are damage proof.

Quantity: Quantity of water is very vital. The Sippy cup must contain sufficient amount of water according to the age of your baby. More drinking of water will make your baby healthy.

Materials: Materials of a Sippy cup must be strong, durable and long lasting. Most of the Sippy cups are made with Plastic. But there are Sippy cups which are made with Glass and Stainless Steel too. And most importantly a Sippy cup needs to be leak proof.

Handle: Most of the Sippy cups are normal gripper cups. But for the better holding of the cup you can also choose the Sippy cups with slip free handles. These are easier for your baby to hold.

Cleaning: A Sippy cup needs to be cleaned easily with bottle brush as they are to be cleaned regularly.

Insulated: Take a look the Sippy cup is insulated or not. Insulated cups keep the water in an optimum temperature. That’s the water remain cold in the warm weather and remains warm in the cold weather.

Color: The Sippy needs to be colorful must because the babies enjoy the drinking in a colorful Sippy cup. Make sure the color is chemical free. The printing of animals, superheroes or cartoon figures also attract the babies to enjoy the drinking.

BPA free: Plastic made Sippy cup sometimes contain a harmful object called BPA. Make sure that the Sippy cup is BPA free.

Cost: Sippy cups don’t cost much. But be sure that you get the right product in a great price.

Sippy Cup – Safety Consideration

As the babies are new to use these Sippy cups, they are not an expert users of these. So you must consider some safety issues while giving the Sippy cups to your baby.

  • Don’t let your baby drink juice or milk on the bed. They can spill on the bed.
  • Don’t give juice to your baby regularly because the added sugar may damage the teeth of your baby.
  • Never give too hot water or milk to your baby. If you pour too hot liquids, then take them some time to come to a right temperature.
  • Clean the Sippy cup regularly to prevent bacteria.
  • Never use damaged Sippy cups.
  • Use Chemical and BPA free plastic made Sippy cups.
  • Use Steel or Glass cups if you are anxious about Plastic cups.

How to Choose the Best Toddler Sippy Cup

As Toddlers are more grownups, they can easily handle the Sippy cup. So, their Sippy cups needs to be different than the Sippy cups for the babies. To buy a Toddler Sippy cup you just have to careful about these features.

  • Nice colorful design attracts the Toddlers to drink.
  • Portability is a must as a Sippy cup might be carried to any travel bag or Stroller.
  • Spill free Sippy cups are more convenient to the Toddler to drink.
  • If the body of the Sippy cup is transparent, you will be aware about the quantity of the water in it.
  • Tall, slim and round cups are easy to handle and grip.
  • Plastic cups are always better than the Glass and Steel made cups. Glass cups have chance to break and Tin Cups have the chance to cut your baby’s mouth.
  • Look for the BPA free cups.
  • Toddler Sippy cup must be leak free.Buy the inexpensive but good quality Sippy cup.

Final words

These Sippy cups are the best Sippy cups for your baby for the transitional period. Follow buying tips and the safety issues and choose one of them. They will give you what you and your baby want from them.


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