Top 8 Best Toddler Bed with Reviews


Best toddler bed is the next step to sleep by your kid when it is time to leave the crib. With the growing age of your baby, your baby needs to change his style to sleeping. As your kid’s body is growing day by day, he/she needs a bigger place to sleep. Toddler bed is the perfect solution for this matter. These beds are durable, easy to use and nicely designed. Most importantly, these beds are safe for the kids and free from any kind of toxic.

Quick Comparison: Top Toddler Bed
Rank Toddler bed Material Price Quality Editor Rating
1 Dream On Me Classic Wood $$ A+
2 Orbelle 3-6T Wood $$$ A+
3 Davinci Sleigh Wood $$$ A+
4 Davinci Elizabeth II Wood $$$$ A+
5 Baby Relax Toddler Wood $$$ A
6 Delta Children Wood MDF $$$ A+
7 Delta Children Interactive MDF $$$ A+
8 Delta Children Plastic Plastic $$$ A

Buying Considerations

For buying the best toddler bed for your kid, you need to be careful about certain things of a bed. Here are they


The bed must be high quality. The bed has to be made with top quality materials. Materials must ensure the durability of the bed. It must have to hold the weight of the kid. Most importantly, the bed you are going to buy should ensure the safety of your kid.


A well-designed toddler bed is always favorite to the kids. The must have other features too besides good design. The bed should have a design, which enables the kid to in and out easily. It must ensure the safety of the kids by guardrails. A bed must have bright colors and attractive design. Besides, there are different designed beds for boys and girls. You can also choose one of them.

Easy use

Easy and quick assembly provides an easy use of the bed. It helps to place the bed at any part of the house. Easy assembly saves time and energy. It helps the kids to assemble the bed by themselves.


Durability is another important factor to consider before buying a bed for kid. Wooden construction is better than the metal and plastic constructions. Wood makes the bed strong and last for a long time.


The price of the bed depends on quality, design and other issues. You should try the best one within your budget. But make sure that it has all the necessary features in it.

Top Picking Toddler Bed

If you are in Hurry than just take a look our short list of best toddler bed for quick action!


8 Best Toddler Bed Reviews

If you have a kid of growing age, then you are definitely looking for the best toddler bed.  But what are the best in the market? Here are 8 great toddler beds for you to save your time and energy.

1. Dream On Me Classic Toddler Bed



  • Safety rails on 2 sides
  • Low to the ground
  • More stable on the ground
  • Easy to in and out
  • Assembly tools included
  • Strong and durable
  • CPSC free

Con: Frame guards should be taller

This bed is for your baby to match with bed from crib. This bed has a very nice construction and design. It is made with top quality wood and that’s why it is very strong and durable. For the safety of your kid, this bed has safety rails on the 2 sides of it. To in and out, this bed has huge space. This huge space helps to enter and exit with ease and comfort. The height of this bed is low and near to the ground. This low height saves your kid from any injury if your kid falls down,

To get superior stability on the ground it has 4 legs and 2 extra thick legs at the middle of the bed. For a comfortable sleep for your kid, you can provide Dream On Me standard mattress that is sold separately. For quick assembly, this bed also includes tools. Having all these great features, this bed is CPSC certified.

2. Orbelle 3-6T Toddler Bed




  • Perfect height
  • Easy in and out
  • Easy assembling
  • 2 guard rails
  • Solid construction
  • Safe

Con: It does not hold the weight more than 40 pounds

To give a better place to sleep to your kid, this bed is the perfect one. This bed has solid construction as it is made with top quality wood. The materials also free from any toxic. This bed has sufficient space for in and out of the kids into it. For the safety of the kids, this bed has 2 guard rails in 2 sides which prevent any fall down of the kids while sleeping. 4 legs give right stability on the ground. Moreover, there are another 2 additional legs in the bed for superior stability.

The height of this bed is low to the ground, which helps the toddlers to climb the bed with ease. This bed is designed to make your kid in and out easily as it has bigger space to in and out. It fits any standard size mattress easily into it. To set up easily and to move anywhere in the house, this bed has only 18 pounds of weight.  To use it easily, this bed includes assembly tools with it.

3. Davinci Sleigh Toddler Bed




  • Nicely designed
  • 2 guard rails
  • Wooden construction
  • Non toxic
  • Meets ASTM requirements
  • Low height
  • Easy use

Con: Not preferable for the kids above 50 pounds

If you are looking for a bed, which is safe for your kid, then you should choose this bed. This has made with all non-toxic materials. This bed has a durable construction made with high quality wood. It is sturdy and will last for a long time. It has multi-step painting process, which is free from any toxic. This bed is also safe from phthalate and lead. All the features of this bed meet the requirements of ASTM international safety standards.

This is a low profile bed where kids can climb up and down easily. To climb up and down, this bed has large spaces both sides of it. To ensure safety of your kid, this bed has 2 guard rails. 4 legs of it give superior stability on the ground and it doesn’t move by the movement of the kids while they are on it. To set it up easily at any part of the house, this bed has a very low weight of only 23 pounds. All types of mattresses fit easily into this bed.

4. Davinci Elizabeth Ii Convertible Toddler Bed



  • Guard rails in 2 sides
  • Safe and non toxic
  • Comfortable height
  • Greater stability
  • Sturdy body
  • Light

Con: Some users say that the wood is too soft.

Another amazing bed for the toddlers, which has all the friendly features to sleep well. The unique feature of this bed is it is surrounded by frame and guard rails in the 3 sides. It has 2 guard rails, which ensure the best safety of the kids. Kids have no chance to fall down while sleeping. Besides, there is enough space to get in and out to this bed by the kids. Height is low of this bed, which is very much comfortable for the kids to climb up and down.

To ensure the safety of the toddlers, this bed has made with all the materials free from toxic. It has non-toxic multi-step painting process. Moreover, it is phthalate and lead safe. Top quality wood gives a sturdy and durable body to this bed. To set up easily, this bed has a very lightweight of 32 pounds. 4 legs of this bed ensure perfect stability on the ground. This bed has ability to match with any types of mattress.

5. Baby Relax Toddler Bed



  • Perfect for all types of mattresses
  • 2 guard rails
  • Wooden construction
  • Low height
  • Safe
  • Perfect for all types of kids

Con: This bed holds the weight of only 50 pounds

Another great bed for your kid to ensure safety and comfort to your baby. This dark cherry bed is made to give the best durability to it. It is made with high quality wood, which gives a strong construction to it. It has 2 built in guard rails for the safety of your kid. There is no chance of your kid to fall down to the ground while sleeping. Besides, it has a huge space to in and out. Your kid will feel relax with the huge space to get in and out.

This bed has 4 legs in it. These 4 legs give extra stability to the ground with no chance to move from one place to another by the movement of the kid. The bed has low height, which is perfect for the kids to climb in and out. This feature also ensures safety of your kid. This bed can accommodate with any standard types crib mattress in the market. This nice looking bed has a gender-neutral finish, which made this bed perfect for both boys and girls. This bed is the right one for the kids above 15 months.

Best toddler bed for boys

If you are looking for the best toddler bed for boys, here is one for you.

6. Delta Children Wood Toddler Bed


  • Durable wooden frame
  • Race car design
  • Car decal
  • Attractive design
  • Meets safety requirements

Con: Some users say the assembly is little annoying.

If you are looking for a bed for your son, which is colorful and attractive, then this one will be the perfect one. It has a brand new race car design of Lightning McQueen. Boys really like this bed as it has a real race car look in it. This bed has authentic car decal to attract the kids. It is very strong and durable as it has wooden frame and body. To get in and out, this bed has huge space in the front. The car has high sides, which help the kids not to fall down. Its colorful design attracts the boys most.

The bed has a perfect and a comfortable height, which help the boys to enter and exit to the bed easily. This bed has no legs unlike the other beds for toddlers. But it has a flat down side and the bed stays flat to the ground. This bed meets all the safety requirements of JPMA. You will need some assembly to set this bed. It has a lightweight of 40 pounds, which helps to set it easily to your home. Having Disney Pixar car collection in it, this bed is one of the favorite to the boys and your boy gonna love it.

Best toddler bed for girls

If you have a daughter and you are looking for bed for her, then here is the best toddler bed for girls.

7. Delta Children Interactive Wood Toddler Bed


  • Fantastic color
  • Gorgeous design
  • Bedtime checklist & Clock
  • Made with hard wood
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • JPMA certified

Con: Only for the girl

Looking for a bed for your girl? What else will be more prefect than a Pink colored be? This bed has bright Pink color, which easily catches the eyes. The design of this bed is also gorgeous. To ensure safety and security of your girl during sleeping, this bed has elevated sides. This bed has a convenient height for the girls to climb up and down. Hard and solid wood give a sturdy construction to this bed. This bed has a flat surface to stay stable on the ground.

This bed is not just a bed. It can be used for mere fun and learning. It has cute characters painted in it like Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse and other characters. There is a bedtime checklist on the footboard of this bed, which helps the girls to write down the list of their activities and chores according to time. It helps them to finish the chores in time. The clock in the bed helps them to learn the time of the clock and name of the days of a week. For setting up, this bed has an easy assembly. To ensure the entire safety standard, this bed is JPMA certified.

Best plastic toddler bed

Here is one of the best plastic toddler bed for the kids for you.

8. Delta Children Plastic Toddler Bed


  • JPMA certified
  • Plastic and steel made
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • 2 guard rails
  • Cartoon figures painted

Con: 50 pounds weight capacity is quite low.

If you want a bed for your kid, which is very light and easy to set up, then you are certainly looking for this one. This bed has an ultra lightweight of only 17.5 pounds. That’s why it is also very easy to assemble to any place of your house. To ensure safety of your kid this bed has 2 guard rails in both sides. Besides, there are huge spaces in the both sides to in and out by the kids into the bed. All types of mattresses fit easily into this bed.

This bed has a construction of high quality steel and plastic. These plastic and steel made this bed sturdy and strong. 4 legs with additional 2 legs give perfect stability on the ground. Its attractive color and design will be liked by your kid. It has painted Ninja Turtle figure in it, which is favorite to the kids. This bed is perfect for the kids above 15 months and below the kids about 50 pounds. To ensure the best safety, this bed is JPMA certified.


Does your toddler need a bed guard?

If we talk about toddlers, then we can not suggest bed guard for him because a baby having age 3 to 6 years is called a toddler and in age he is strong enough to manage his body and to stay on bed. A bed guard is ideal and goof for kids below age of three years because they can fall from bed but a toddler always consider himself as a spider man and he can fall. A child at three years can manage his body weight and can adjust himself in small or big spaces. During his sleep he will not fall because just like adults he can sleep on a smooth surface.

However, the use of bed guard can be used for kids who have some phobias r who have some “walk in sleep” habits or who do not feel comfortable while sleeping lonely in his room. For such kids, a bed guard can be used. The kids who are unhealthy and are weak can also use a bed with bed guards. For normal and healthy toddlers a bed guard is not recommended.


Time to give a bed to your kid? Choose one of these beds for your kid. Your kid gonna enjoy the time in the bed for long time until it will be the time to sleep in a general bed.


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