Best Tricycle For Toddlers 2022: Trike For 1 And 2 Year Old

Best Tricycle for Toddlers

Tricycles are the first vehicles driven by the kids in their life. So it must be the best tricycle for toddlers. As bicycle is quite difficult to control by the kids, parents prefer tricycles for they have 3 wheels to help the kids to handle it easily. These tricycles are used for the training of the kids to drive the bigger vehicles in the future.

But which are the best tricycle for toddler? In this review we will provide important information about the best tricycle for 1 & 2 year toddler in the market with buying guide to provide the useful information to pick the best tricycle easily.

3 best tricycle for toddlers

From toddlers, there are different types of tricycles in the market. Which is the best? Here are 3 best of them to help you to pick one easily.

Little Tikes 4-in-1 Ride On Deluxe

With nice and attractive design and color, this tricycle has comfortable seat with safety harness. The sunshade saves the kids from sunray. Detachable handle helps the parents to control the tricycle easily. Non slip pedals and footrests ensure both safety and comfort.

Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Trike

Removal wrap around tray of this tricycle ensures the safety, holds bottles and can too. The seat has 3-point safety harness to secure your baby. pedals can be used as footrests. Handle at the back helps the tricycle to use as stroller. Canopy saves the babies from sun light.

Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Tough Trike

This tricycle has the look of Harley-Davidson style with an adjustable comfortable seat. The handle bar helps the kids to control the tricycle easily. The storage bin is very useful to store kid’s stuffs. The thick tires give smooth ride.

Best Tricycles for 2 years old

For the 2 years there are a lot of tricycles in the market. From them we picked the 3 best tricycles for 2 year old.


Easy Steer Tricycle

schwinn-easy-steer-tricycleBrand: Schwinn

Comfortable seat with safety harness
Handle for the parents
Extra thick EVA tires
Steel made frame
Storage bin

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This tricycle is the perfect one for your kid for its convenient features. It has a comfortable seat, which has a perfect height for the toddlers. The seat includes 3-point seat belt for ensuring the safety.

The push/steering handle helps the toddlers to control the tricycle with ease. They can control the speed to with the help of the handle. As the toddlers can control the tricycle easily, parents can walk comfortably beside the scooter.

The EVA tires are extra thick to give a smooth ride. The tires are 26 inch long and 20.5 inch wide. These tires also look stylish.

The frame is made by high quality steel to use the tricycle for long. 2 different colors White and Red attract the toddlers very much.

The gravity lock dump bin is very convenient to carry toys or other necessaries.

Having all these features, this tricycle is one of the best tricycle for 2 year old.


Tough Trike

tough-trikeBrand: Fisher Price

Stylish look
Comfortable with perfect height
Easy controlling
Storage bin
Handle bar

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This tricycle is the ultimate tricycle for 2 year old as this is tough enough to use for them. This tricycle has the look of Harley-Davidson style, which is the favorite to the toddlers.

The seat is very comfortable which enables the kids to enjoy riding on it for long. The seat has a prefect height too.

The wheelbase is wide and stable to ride smoothly.

The handlebars have easy grip to handle the tricycle with ease. The foot pedals are large to drive the tricycle without any difficulty by the kids.

The storage compartment is handy to store toys, bottles or can and other important stuffs for the kids.

The rugged tires are strong and durable to give smoothest ride without any bump. Toddlers can ride as long they want to and can go anywhere they want. This is the perfect trike for 2 year old.

 Grow with Me Trikke

fisher-price-grow-with-meBrand: Fisher Price

Thick handle bar
Adjustable pedals
Adjustable seat
Thick tire
Easy control

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Another great tricycle for the toddler, which is loved by all the toddlers as this tricycle has the feature of grow with me trikke. This tricycle is the training vehicle for the kids to make them learn how to drive the bigger vehicles.

To control easily and to get the perfect grip, this tricycle has thick handles.

This is one of the perfect tricycle for 1 year old as this one has thick and comfortable pedals. Kids can easily ride and go anywhere using the pedals, which are adjustable. These pedals also help the kids to get the right balance of the tricycle. The removal pedal blocks help to make the tricycle adjust from easy foot-to-pedal. Another important thing is these pedals are slip free, which ensures a fine riding experience.

The seat of this tricycle is very soft and provides best comfort. The important thing is this seat is adjustable, which allows the adjustment of the height of the seat according to height of the kids.

The wheelbase is extra large to provide highest stability of the tricycles. The durable, strong and thick tires provide a long ride to the toddlers.

Best trike for 1 year old

For 1 year old there are also various types of tricycles. Here are 3 best tricycle for 1 year old.

4-in-1 Trikke

radio-flyer-4in1Brand: Radio Flyer

Safety harness
Adjustable seat
Canopy and storage bin
Durable wheels
Removal wrap with cup holder

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Radio Flyer is one of the reliable names for making toys for the kids for more than 90 years. This tricycle is the perfect one for the 1 year old as this has all the features suitable for 59 months to 5 years old kids.

This tricycle has wrap around tray which is removal to ensure the safety of the kids. The tray has cup holder to hold bottle or can.

This tricycle has the facility to use as stroller as it has handle at the back of it. Parents can easily handle it while going out.

The seat is comfortable with adjustable facility according to the height of the kid. There is a 3-point harness in the seat to protect the kids. The headrest ensures neck support and provides comfort to the kids when the tricycle is pushed.

The canopy saves the kids from sun light and increases the beauty of it, as it is stylish.

The tires are firm to give a smooth ride to the kids. The pedals are extra large to use easily. The pedals can be used as footrest for the comfort of the kids.

Having all these benefits, this tricycle can hold the weight of 49 lbs of any kids.

4-in-1 Ride On Deluxe Edition

little-tikes-4-in-1-ride-onBrand; Little Tikes

Attractive design
Adjustable seat
Safety harness
Metal/plastic frame
Sun shade
Easy use

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A great looking tricycle with eye-catching color for the entertainment of your baby. considered one of the best trike for 1 year old this tricycle has outstanding design with some convenient features in it. The seat of this tricycle is very comfortable which allows the baby to sit for a long time with ease. It has 5-point safety harness for the best safety of the kids. The seat is adjustable and has 4 different positions for the different types of the kids.

The handle at the back helps the parents to control the tricycle easily with one hand. This handle is adjustable and detachable for the convenience.

The frame is made by plastic and metal to make it durable and strong. The tires are thick and provide a quiet ride to the kids.

The pedals are quite handful for the kids to ride on this and these is also non-slip for the safety.

There is a storage bin at the back of the tricycle to carry necessary stuffs for the kid. The sunshade saves the baby from the UV of the sun. The footrest is very convenient for the kid to sit with ease. The footrests are foldable.

Rock, Roll ‘n Ride Trike

fisher-price-rockBrand: Fisher Price

Multiple uses
Easy use
Rocking fun

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This tricycle is one of the most popular trike for 1 year old for its convenient and great features and for one of the favorites to the kids.

This tricycle has Rock, Roll and Ride facilities for the kids. in this tricycle the kids can have Rocking fun on their own. But when the detachable handle is attached it can be controlled by the parents. So, parents can easily handle the tricycle. The handle is leaned backward and it helps the kids to seat with ease.

The non-slip pedal helps the kids to ride on their own. The footrests ensure the comfort of the kids while sitting.

The seat of this tricycle has the perfect comfort for the kids. The size of the seat is perfect for the kids to sit with ease.

The body of the tricycle is made of high quality plastic to last for a long time.

Best Tricycle for Toddlers Buying guide

To buy the best tricycle for toddlers is not a easy task as there are different types of tricycles in the market. But if you follow these instructions given below, it will be lot easier for you to choose the best one ofr your little one.

Quality: A high quality product always provides the best service. Don’t compromise with the quality. All the materials of the tricycle must ensure the highest quality for a long time use.

Comfort: Comfort is another important aspect, which you must consider before buying. The seat must be soft and have an adjustable height. There must be footrest in the tricycle. It ensures the easy sitting of the kid. The tires have to be thick to provide smooth ride.

Safety: For the safety, you should look for the safety harness in the seat. Thick tires get better grip on the surface. The handle bar must the firm because it helps the kids to drive the tricycle easily. You must look for the handle at the back of the tricycle to handle the tricycle easily by yourself.

Additional features: Before buying the best tricycle in the market you have to be cautious about some extra features like the design and the color of the tricycle. The design should be suitable for the kids and the color must be eye catching. Sunshade and canopy saves the kid from the hot sun light. The tricycle must have a storage bin to store useful things of the kid like toys, diaper and bottle.

Price: Price varies according to the quality and the features provided by the tricycle. Best quality product costs more. If you have a low or medium budget, you better take a deep look to the most of the products in the market physically going to the market or through online. But make sure that you get the best tricycle in your budget.

Recommended age for tricycle

Are you looking for a guideline to provide your baby with a tricycle? Are you worried about the exact age period at which you should a tricycle to your baby. So the ideal age at which your baby can ride a tricycle is three years of his age. But you buy a tricycle for your 1 and 2 years old baby also. A lot of trike available in the market which specially suitable for 1 and 2 years old baby. It is because at this age period his legs, feet and arms become strong enough to manage the balance of the body to take steps in order to run, and ride.

Three years of age are for normal and health kids. If your kid is weak and is not healthy he may not be able to ride a tricycle even at three years of age. Three years in a kid’s life a very important because in these years a baby grow very rapidly and his body organs become bigger and chunkier. At the age of three years his legs become strong to manage the burden of upper body while trying a tricycle and he can handle his body very easily. So you can buy a tricycle for your baby when he is three years old.


Tricycles are not only a fun instrument for your kid but also the instrument to help the perfect growth of your kid. Choose the best one and make your kid happy to enjoy his/her early days in the earth.


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