7 Best Booster Seats For Eating With Guide And Reviews 2022

best booster seats for eating

Good booster seats for eating are the blessings of the parents who have kids about 2 or 3 years of age. Teaching the kid how to eat is one of the most important duties for parents. As the kids are the beginners to eat on their own, it is quite a difficult task for them.

The first difficulty that they face is the seat to eat. Adult seats are not the perfect place to eat for the kids as the kids face height problems. This height problem also makes a difficulty when kids eat at any restaurant.

That’s why best baby booster seat for eating is here for the kids. These seats were made only for the kids and for their comfort. In this guide, you will get the right information about the best toddler booster seat for eating.

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Why you need good booster seat for eating?

Kids learn things in the childhood, remember all their lifetime. Childhood is the best time to teach them the good things and habits. A toddler never knows the appropriate way to eat when it is time to by himself. Besides, general dining tables and chairs are not perfect for a kid. A kid faces difficulty eating in them.

That’s why best booster seats for eating are here. These seats have comfortable seats with the perfect height for the kids. Some of the seats have built-in tray to keep plates, bowls or bottles and to eat with ease. Those seats which don’t have a seat, you can easily fit the seat with any general chairs.

The important thing is any types of kids can easily sit on these. As most of the seats have safety belts, there is no need to tension about the safety of the kid. Moreover, these seats are durable and easy to carry. As they have easy cleaning feature, you can easily wash them.

Reviews of 7 best booster seats for eating

Here is some great infant feeding seat for your convenience.

Fisher Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat

Plastic made
Shoulder strap
Easy clean
Easy sanitize the tray
Different height adjustments

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For your kid to give the best eating experience this has compact size with durable construction. It is made with durable plastic with no chance to damage with 5 years. It can bear the weight of any sizes of kids. This child booster seat for eating has the perfect shape to fit the bottom and leg. As there are 3 different height adjustments, kids of any sizes can eat with comfort.

Kids can eat with safety as there is 3-points harness to hold the kids tightly with the seat. For the growing child, this harness is most convenient. There are shoulder straps to carry the seat easily to any place. To adjust the seat with other chairs, this seat has front and rear seat straps.

This seat is very easy to clean leaving no crevices behind. The tray is very easy to sanitize in the dishwasher.

Keekaroo Cafe Booster

Soft and comfortable
Safety belt
Peel free
Easy cleaning
Color favorite to the kids

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A low profile eating chair for the kids to give comfort to the kids while eating. It has a soft and comfortable booster seat. For the safety of the kids and to eat with ease, this seat has 3 point safety belt. The belt is adjustable to any sizes of kids.

There are straps to carry it easily. As the seat is low profile, it easily fits with any other general sits at home or in the restaurant.

As most of the eating seats are damaged by the kids, this seat is free from any peel and tearing. Your kid can use this for years. This seat also has a very easy and simple cleaning. It has a skid-free bottom. The chocolate color of this chair is favorite to the kids though it has other colors too like pumpkin, lime, and aqua.

Peg Perego USA Rialto Booster Seat

5 different heights
Safety harness
Durable construction
Carry bag

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To solve the problems of your kid for eating, this seat will be a very smart choice. This seat has a very compact size to eat with comfort. It can be adjusted to 5 different heights according to your kid’s size for the comfort and ease of the kid. The tray is large enough keep plate or bowl and bottle easily. The seat is very soft to deliver the best comfort.

The safety of your kid is ensured by the 3 point safety harness of the seat. There are dual attachments straps at the back and below the seat to attach it easily to other chairs.

The design of this seat is well engineered for the convenience of the kids. It has a durable construction of top quality plastic. The tray is dishwasher safe and the seat is very easy to clean. This portable feeding chair has a carry bag to carry it easily. It is just 6 pounds of weight and bears the load of any kids more than 45 pounds.

Summer Infant Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster Seat

Height adjustments
Dishwasher safe tray
Great design
Adjustable with adult seats

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Another high chair that attaches to the table which has 2 in 1 feature. This seat turns into a toddler booster seat from infant feeding chair. It easily fits with any adult chair.3 point chair straps tie the seat to the chair. It has 2 different height adjustments to match with the growing age of your kid.

For the safety, this seat has safety belt to tie the kid tightly with the seat. This seat has a large sized tray to eat easily by the kids. To clean and sanitize the tray, it is dishwasher safe.

This seat has a great color with a great design and handmade pictures of animals. To store and to carry it easily, this seat has folding feature. The seat pad is removable to wash it easily.

The First Years Disney Booster Seat

Dishwasher safe
Cup holders
Fits with other chairs
Backside folds down
Plastic made

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Made only for your little girl, this one is the perfect one for the girls. It has a wonderful design of Minnie mouse with nice pink color. This seat is the perfect one for the sitting of the kids with comfort.

To eat with comfort, it has an adjustable tray. You can adjust the height and this tray is dishwasher safe to clean with ease. There is a cup holder too in the tray to keep bottle or can.

There is a 3 point harness for the safety of your girl. The compact size of this seat makes it perfect to fit with any adult chairs. To store and to carry easily to any place, this seat has fold down back side. With the durable plastic body, your girl can use this best booster seat for eating for years.

OXO Tot Perch Foldable Booster Seat for Big Kids

BPA free
Easy carry
Suits perfectly
Soft and comfortable

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A compact, small and perfectly designed eating seat for the kids which can be used by any kid over 3 years. This seat matches perfectly with any adult chair. Its non-skid base helps it to keep it on the chair without any slip.

The cushioned seat gives the required comfort and softness to the kids. The cushioned seat is free from any kind of stain. Kids can eat, study or watch TV with comfort. The design and color also smart.

Its compact size and light weight made it easily portable. For the safety of the kids, this seat is free from BPA.

Prince Lionheart Soft Booster Seat

Nice and sleek design
Slip free base
No slip or sliding
All types of eating
Easy use

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Looking for a small eating seat for the kid which suits perfectly with other seats? This one is for you. This seat has a nice and sleek design and appropriate size to match with any kid. Its gray color looks great. Your kid will eat without any problem as this seat is free from any kind of slip and slide.

The textured seat has soft foam booster and light density to eat maximum comfort by your kid. This seat suits perfectly with other seats like the adult’s seat. So you can use it in your home or any restaurant. With its 3 pounds weight, it can hold the weight of any kids around 40 pounds.

This infant feeding seat is waterproof and that’s why this is very easy to clean. You can carry this seat to any place as it is very light and small. Kids about 2 or 3 years can easily use this seat for eating or watching TV.

Consider to buy child booster seat for eating

To buy the best booster seats for eating you will need some tips.

Easy use

The seat must have an easy use. It must have a tray in it. The height of the seat must be adjustable to match with different types sizes of kids. Go for a compact sized seat so that it can fit easily with other chairs for the kid’s comfort. Low weight helps to carry the portable feeding chair easily to other places. Carry straps are most helpful.


Plastic made seats are the best for their durability. They give a long lasting service. Kids can seat without any risk. Plastic also make the seats light weighted.


Look for the seat which has soft cushioned seat. If your kid doesn’t get the right comfort, then the seat will be of no use. Soft padded seats are the perfect one.


The safety of your kid is another key factor. Safety harness is a must to tie the kid and give them a right balance while eating. The seat must be free from slip and slide. The base of the seat should also be non-skid.

Final Words

Teaching a kid to eat by himself is one of the most important lessons done by a parent. Without a baby eating chair it is not possible. So have a portable feeding chair and make your kid learn how to eat from his childhood.


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