Different Stages Of Child Development (0-24 Month)

It is the expectation of any parent to see the proper development of their child. 0 to 24 month is the most crucial stages of child development. It is the right time for the perfect growth. The right growth during this time indicates the overall health condition of a child.

The psychological development is equally important as the feeling and emotion develop in this period of time. So, parents are usually bit tensed during this period of their child. This child development stages is divided into several parts. Different parts have different symptoms.

If you have a baby of this growing age, then I will tell what the necessary things to do during this time. So let’s start from the very first few days of your child.

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First part: 0 to 4 month

This time is the most tender age of the human child. They need complete attention and care from the parents, especially from the mother. Babies don’t have the strength to move by themselves. They need help from others to move their hands and legs.

However, at the later part of this time, a baby can move its hands and legs on its own. It can identify any movement in front of it. Any bright object catches the baby’s attention. The baby can grab things and according to the childish instinct, the baby puts the things into its mouth. A baby moves its head to look things around it.

Second part: 5 to 8 month

The second phase of a child is the time to learn how to roll and crawl. A kid frequently attempts to roll on the bed. Completing this task, the kid then attempts to crawl. Most of the kids become successful in learning these two things. As the kid learns to crawl, it goes to things which catch its eye. During this time, a kid tries to sit on its own.

Third part: 9 to 12 month

The main factor of this period is to learn how to walk by a kid. A kid tries over and over again to stand on its own and to walk. Most of the babies become successful. A kid learns to sit on its own. The kid gets the complete control of the movement of its hands and legs.

From this period to 24 months, the parents need to be extra attentive because the kid goes any place and touches anything near it. Parents need to be careful enough to save the kid.

Fourth part: 13 to 17 month

A kid turns into a toddler in this period.  The kid can walk perfectly with the right balance. At the last part of this period, the kid can walk without the help of others. The hands and legs are completely got under the control of the kid.

A Kid tries to eat by itself. It is the training period to teach the baby to eat. Parents need to spend more time with the baby.

Fifth part: 18 to 24 month

In the last part of the child development, a baby gets complete control on walking. The baby’s next project is to learn how to jump. Kid tries to eat by without the help of the parents. So, it is the high time for the parents to teach the kid to eat by itself.

Another important thing is to train the baby is to poop by itself. If the kid gets proper potty training, he will do it when he will be 3 years old or before. Parents should help the kids to dress and undress.

Psychological development

During this development age, there are psychological developments too. Your kid will start to respond. The baby will show feeling and emotion. Happiness, sadness, anger, guilt, shame, frustration and excitement will be shown by your kid during this time.

Final Words

All the above information on stages of child development is about the majority percent of the children. Some kids grow slowly and the development is also hampered. If you face this problem inform your pediatrician and follow his/her instruction for the right physical and psychological development of your baby.


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