Differences Between Baby Bouncer Vs Swing Vs Rocker

Does your baby crawl or walk a little? If yes, then it’s the time to move your baby from the crib to other places, places like swing, bouncer or rocker for providing fun, safety and for a great sleeping experience. These 3 baby accessories have their different purposes. You need to know the use of them first to provide them to your baby.

There are differences depending on their size, features, use and specification. If you don’t know, it will be a matter of headache. So, to make you know about these accessories, here is this guide. It will give you the right information to choose the best and a perfect one for your little one. Lets go for know the differences between baby bouncer vs swing vs rocker

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A bouncer is what a baby can sit, sleep and play. A bouncer is made with plastic and other hard materials. For the comfort of the baby, it has a construction of cotton and foam. Some baby bouncing seat have wheels so that the baby can walk with it in the house. For the safety of the baby, there is safety belt in the bouncer. There is no chance to fall down of the baby from the bouncer.

It helps the baby to learn how to walk. Slowly the baby learns how to walk without the help of the parents. As safety is ensured, parents can feel relaxed. For the entertainment, most of the bouncers have toys in it. Babies can play with the toys. And when the babies feel sleepy, they can also sleep in the bouncer with ease and comfort.


If you wanna give some fun to your baby, then jumper is the best one. A jumper needs more effort from you than the bouncer. It is mostly used for making the baby sleep. Swings usually move forward and backward. It helps the babies to sleep with comfort. Some baby jumpers are run by electric power. So, you don’t need to push for move forward and backward.

With this feature, the swing also provides safety for the babies. There is no chance to fall down of the baby while the baby is in the swing. To last long, all the swings are made with top quality materials.



The rocker is like the swing. It is also used for baby’s comfortable sleeping. Rocker has a slanted base which helps to rock it. For baby’s sleeping, it works great. Most of the rockers are made of plastic, steel, and wood. There are manual rockers which you need to push gently. And there are other rockers which run through electric power. You don’t need to push them.

For faster sleeping, these electric rockers have soothing music and songs. So, your baby will get a sound sleep without any disturbance.


You have already known the differences between these 3 baby accessories. If you want to buy one of these for your baby, you can now choose the perfect one for the suitable purpose. I wish your kid will get what you want to give your baby.

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