How To Get Free Baby Welcome Box From Amazon

Free Baby Welcome Box

Amazon, the biggest online shop in the world. They are the biggest not only for their various products but also for their amazing price and their discount of the price. But to get the discount you must register to their site.

If you’re a registered customer, you will get 10% discount on selected items and you will get an amazing 15% discount on baby products specially on Diapers if you have Amazon Mom & Prime membership.

The discount will be applicable of the purchase of the selected items within 30 days of the due date of the baby up to $5,000. The outstanding benefit is, you can save $200 of $2000 valued products if you are registered customer and if you are an Amazon Mom member you can save $300 in from per $2000 worth products.

You liked a product out of Amazon? Don’t worry. You can add the product of another site to your Amazon Baby registry with just a click of mouse button. This makes your shopping easier and also makes this registry an all in all registry.

People usually like Amazon and their products for the price. The products they sell are lot cheaper than the other shopping sites. If you mix up all the facilities like the discount, free shipping and most importantly the price, you will surely save a handsome amount of money than purchasing from other sites.

Customers are pretty pleased with the free return policy of Amazon. Products are eligible for free returning after 90 days of purchasing.

The second most important thing to attract the customers is the huge collection of products. Probably Amazon has the biggest range of products among all the shopping sites. And you can buy all the products with discount if you simply register.

How to get a Free baby Welcome Box

  • First of all join to the Amazon Family. It is not necessary if you already have an Amazon Mom
  • Then select 15 product items to register following the Jumpstart list shown at the top of the registry page.
  • Click on “Claim Your Welcome Box”, which will be found on the left side of the screen when the listing is done. And then use the $35 promotional credit (depends on the Payment) and order your Welcome Box.
  • Find the box here.

Advantage of the Free 30-Day trial

Amazon provides a 30-day trial facility of the products which you can enjoy if you subscribe to offer. You can save money if you take full advantage of this offer. You need to register first and then you will get 15% off from the real price for 30 days. You can also save 20% on products during your free period. Most important thing is anybody is allowed to get this free trial offer. So use this chance as more as you can.

In brief

Discount: You will get 10 % off on the specific items for one-time order up to $5,000 valued products. Amazon Mom members will enjoy 15% off on the baby goods if they buy the items only from

Return: The free return of items within 90 days, is also very friendly to customers.

Pros: Their huge range of products will help you to choose the right item you are looking for. The price is cheap and includes no tax. You’ll get a gift certificate if you return a product to them even after a year in an unopened and new condition.

Cons: If you don’t buy the products only from or if you buy a product from third party seller, you can’t return it. And also the product won’t be returned to any physical store.


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