8 Healthy Homemade Baby Food – The Ideas You Need!

There are lots of baby foods in the market by several manufacturers. Why do you need to make food for your baby at home? The answer is all the packed baby foods are not good for the babies. Also, they don’t contain the sufficient amount of vitamin, mineral, and protein for the babies. That’s why you need to make healthy homemade baby food by yourself.


Why Make Your Own Baby Food?

As you will make the food by your own, you will know the quality if the food. There will be no preservative or other harmful substances in the food. Your baby will get the proper nutrition if you make the food at home. Here are some benefits of making baby foods at home.

  • Making baby at home saves some money as the packed baby foods are very costly. You can spend the saved money to buy other necessaries for the baby.
  • As the homemade baby foods are made from fresh fruits and vegetables, your baby will be healthy and fit. He will get perfect growth.
  • Making food for the baby at home is very easy. You can make the food by boiling and steaming. It will save your time and energy.
  • If you make the food with other family members of your house, it will be a great fun activity and you can pass a quality time with your family members.

Healthy Homemade Baby Foods : The Ideas

What are the healthy homemade baby foods? If you still don’t know, here are they.


If you want to give solid foods to your baby, squash is great to meet the taste and vitamin A. This bright orange is winter food and has a taste like a potato with mild and sweet taste.

Sweet peas

Sweet peas are very tasty and healthy for the babies as these have more food values. There are vitamin A& C, iron and calcium for the baby. There are canned sweet peas for your convenience in the market. But you can buy fresh peas from the market. Babies really like these peas.


To give fiber to your baby, whole-grain oatmeal is the best choice. It is a great solid food and works perfectly as single grain cereal. You can feed this food with carrots and sweet potatoes.


Known as the king of fruits, mango is the best to taste and great for vitamin and nutrition. Babies really like mango. In mango, there are different kinds of vitamins like A and C. There are also minerals in mango. Most importantly, mango free from fat, cholesterol, and sodium.


Loaded with vitamin A and other healthy nutrients and minerals, pumpkin is popular for its sweet taste. Babies happily eat and easily digest it. You can also use the canned pumpkins found in the market.

Sweet Potatoes

Thinking of a great source of vitamin A and C? You can surely try sweet potatoes. These are very cheap and very simple to cook and puree. Most importantly, babies love these potatoes.


With a great yummy creamy taste, this bright colored fruit is very much popular now as a baby homemade food. Your baby will get nutrients and vitamin K from it.


Corn is another healthy homemade food for the baby best known for its fiber and vitamin C. You can serve it with chicken though it tastes really good on its own.


What is more pleasurable than making your baby food at home? You can provide the best and most healthy homemade baby food to your little one with a very little cost. So try these foods and make your baby healthy and fit.


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