How To Get Free Diapers For Your Baby

get free baby diapers

With the birth of the baby, some extra expenses add to your budget to buy necessary things for the baby. Diaper is one of them. As the diaper is more costly now a days, it will cost you a big amount of money every month. Most of the parents are anxious about it.

But there are ways to reduce the cost of this diaper. Getting free diaper is the best way. Here we will give you the best ideas about how to get free diapers, how much parents spend for the diapers and some bonus tips reduce cost.

How much we spend?

Parents usually cost a large amount of money for the diapers. In a month, disposable diapers cost around $72. Wipes cost around $20 in a month. That is total $92 in a single month. That is huge for a month.

That is the cost of a single month. If we calculate this cost for a year, it will be $1104. The most important thing is(you are not gonna like it), to get used to the potty chair or toilets babies need 3 years from their birth. It means this cost you have to multiply with 3 years and it will be $ 3112.

This huge cost is only for buying diapers? This is really annoying. You definitely need some free diapers to shorten the cost. So, how will you get some? Here are the tips to get some free diapers.

12 Effective way to get free diaper

Giveways & Sweeptakes

There are some websites like Everyday Family, which provides free diapers for the new members. You can win free diapers for a year if you join and enter the site. It will cost you $750.

Well diaper brands like Huggies and Pampers also run this kind of attractive promotions and offers. Most of the people usually don’t register as they think they won’t win. But when it is matter of luck, you never know what is in your luck. So always, keep an eye for these offers.

Amazon Family

Amazon gives a great offer if you are an Amazon Family Member. You will get 20% off on any diapers+ free shipping of the diaper, if any of your friends signs up under you. You will also earn $10 if your friend buys anything after signing up. Your friend will get 20% off and free shipping on diaper purchase. It is a big saving from the cost of diaper for you and for your friend.

Huggies rewards program

If you enter the codes of all the packages of diapers after joining the Huggies reward program. Entering every code will give you some points and for 500 points, you will get free Jumbo Pack of Diapers. By completing activities and reading the emails of your friends and family members, you can also collect some free reward points. You can save some money by collecting the codes of your friends and family members if they are not willing to collect them.

Pampers gifts

By purchasing Pampers products, you can collect codes and with these codes, you can collect lots of free points from the Pampers Gifts to Grow Program. These points will help you to get free Pampers diapers.

Baby magazine

Sometimes diaper companies collect information of buying list of moms. Though some moms don’t like it, it is quite helpful to get some baby magazines from the diaper companies.

Free diaper trials

Some diaper companies like Honest Company and Everyday Happy provides free diapers for trial if you sign up. This will save your money and after the trial period, you should cancel the shipment. There is no penalty for cancelling the shipment but you need to decide it before your next order.

Free samples

Some diapers company sends free diaper samples if you contact them through email or fill up their form through their website. This is smart way to save some money for diapers and to get some free diapers. Huggies, Simply Right, Earth Baby and Seventh Generation are the brands for providing free samples.

Test & Review Diapers

Diaper tester is nice way to get free diapers. Leading companies will take your interview about their diapers and if they like your thoughts about their products, they will send you some free diapers. Of course, there will be an agreement but you will surely get some free diapers.

National Diaper Bank

If the cost of the diaper is out of your reach, you can look into the National Diaper Bank if there is a location near you. This will help you to get some free diapers. You must have qualification for this program and the qualification varies place to place.

Online Surveys

There are many online surveys going on through internet. Participate in them and save the Free Gift Cards given by the survey companies. You can use these for 20% for Amazon Mom Promotion to get some free diapers.

Non-profit organizations

There are many local organizations, which helps the people of low income and without income. You have to contact with them to get free diapers and other baby products. These organizations are diaper banks, low-income organizations and Churches.

Baby Registry

Some diaper companies give opportunity to create a baby Registry and with this registry you will get a free baby gift bag and this bag includes coupons and free samples. Ultimately, these coupons will help you to get some free diapers and cheap diapers.

Bonus Tips

Rather than getting free diapers, you can also save money from buying diapers. And the best way is to train your baby how to potty in a potty chair. Babies are usually get fitted to potty training when they are about 18 months old and they need 5-7 weeks to be successful. As 7-8 diapers are needed for each day, an early potty training will help you to save a great amount of money.


I think your all headache of the cost of diaper are gone if you have read the tips gives above. Be smart and follow these tips to save a handsome amount of money.


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