Top 5 Kids Polaroid Camera – Ultimate Reviews and Guide 2019

Who doesn’t love taking photos? For the kids, it is 100% right. But with the standard cameras having lots of critical functions will be a hard task for the kids to operate. That’s why the kids Polaroid camera is the best. It has fewer functions but delivers almost the same quality pictures like the digital camera and the DSLR.

The most stunning and the interesting feature of the best Polaroid camera for kids is the printing. These cameras can print the photos taken with it immediately after capturing. Kids can capture photo and share them with other kids and their family members. I grew up with these types of cameras and I bet you too. Why you won’t give your kid a camera like these?

But before giving a Polaroid camera to your kid, you need to know about all the details about these cameras as the Polaroid cameras have been changed a lot than your time. In this guide, you will get all the necessary info about these cameras.

Kids Instant Polaroid Camera

Why buy good polaroid camera for children?

Kids really like to take photos just like the adults. As they are new to experience this photo shooting, it is like an adventure to them. When a kid gets a camera, he takes picture of all the surroundings like people, pets, nature and so on.

As the kids are very eager and restless, they want to see what picture they have taken as soon as possible. But with the standard Polaroid or digital cameras, it takes a long time to print a picture. Kids Polaroid camera is the best to solve this matter.

All the Polaroid cameras for the kids have built-in printer. This printer can print out the picture within seconds. Kids don’t need to go to the lab.

If you are worried about the picture quality of these cameras, I can tell you, we are not in the 80s or 90s. The technology of these cameras has improved significantly. These Polaroid cameras can capture more details and rich colors than before. Kids can take photos with the same quality like the digital camera or DSLR.

The printing paper and films are very low in price which is great for the kids. Films are sold in packs. In one there are 10 films or more. These are very cheap. Zero Ink or Zink papers are the papers for these cameras are available and cost very low.

Having all these features and benefits, Polaroid cameras are the perfect to entertain the kids with the best way. For the best fun, you can certainly give your baby the best kids Polaroid camera.

5 Best Kids Polaroid Camera Reviews

There is lots of Polaroid cameras are sold in the market of different manufacturers varied on different features and quality. Here are 5 best of them.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic


Adjustable shutter and flash speed
Kid mode photography
Double exposure mode
Short distance photography
Great shutter speed

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Fujifilm made a great Polaroid camera for the kids which has some great features with outstanding design and color. It has a nice and attractive design suitable for the kids. Besides this silver color, there is also another black colored one.

This camera has a very high-performance shutter which has a great speed. This shutter can capture any fast moving object while taking photos. As the kids and pets run very fast, this shutter can easily capture them while running.

With the advanced technology used in it, it can detect the real brightness of the surrounding. Kids can optimize the shutter and flash to take the finest quality picture.

The light trial can be photographed with the help of the Bulb mode in which the shutter remains open during the shutter button is depressed. You will get 10 seconds for this. With the help of the Macro mode, this camera can capture photos of the object close 30-60cm. This feature is very much helpful to capture selfies.

Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera

ZINK paper
10-megapixel camera
Compact size
Instant photography

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A nice looking Polaroid camera only for the kids to take photos as many as they want. This camera is popular for its smart design and shape. Its compact size helps to fit perfectly into the hand. Kids can also carry this camera into their pockets of shirt or pant. With a sleek design, this camera has lots of colors including white, blue, purple red and so on.

This camera has 10-megapixel lenses which can capture the brightest pictures with more details and colors. 6 different capturing modes enable to take versatile photos. With extremely fast capturing power, this camera can capture photos while printing is going on. You can take group photos as it has timer option.

Kids love to take photos as more as they want. To ensure the freedom of photo shooting and to store lots of photos, this camera supports maximum 32GB SD card.

But the most significant feature of this camera is its ZINK instant paper which can print any picture within a few moments. This ZINK paper can print the real picture with actual detail and color. With the printed picture, kids can easily share with their friends and family.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera

Slim and light
LED flash
Updated viewfinder
Takes greater quality picture
Automatic exposure
Different colors

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Considered one of the best Polaroid camera for kids, this one is a what a kid wants. It has different colors in it for the different choices of the kids. There are blue, pink, black and raspberry colors besides this Yellow color. For the convenience of the kids, this camera has slimmer and lighter body. For this benefit, kids can easily carry this camera in a small bag.

This camera has automatic exposure measurement to capture the clearest photo. With the help of the bright LED flash, this camera can capture finest photos in any dark place or at night.

The updated viewfinder gives greater visibility and clarity to capture the best quality pictures.

The new high-key mode takes brighter pictures with a soft look. It helps to take perfect portraits for the kids. Kids can manually use the dial ring to focus on the object or place to take pictures.

Polaroid PIC-300 Instant Film Camera

polaroid-picQuick electronic shutter
Auto adjust
4 different scene setting
Takes crystal clear photo
Auto flash

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Another great Polaroid camera for the kids to give them freedom to enjoy their time with best of photography. This camera has a powerful lens which can take great quality photos full with brightness, color, and vividness. This camera instantly prints photos of business card size which is perfect for the kids.

To capture photos in the low light area or at night, this camera has auto flash. The flash gives light like day and every detail is captured by the camera.

The manual exposure compensation helps to get the right exposure of the photo. The electronic shutter captures photo quickly. It also captures the moving objects like kids, pets or toy cars instantly.

To take versatile photos, this camera has 4 different types of scenes. These scenes ensure perfect shot in any types of light. A bright day or dark night, it is not a problem for this camera to capture photos. For the convenience of the kids, this camera works fine with the Polaroid 300 instant film too.

Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 Instant Film Camera

Updated capturing power
F14 lens
Double focus
Optical viewfinder
Dark and light control feature

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Looking for a good Polaroid camera for children? This camera by Fujifilm has all the features to make you love it. To capture the finest picture with all the details full of rich and brightest color, this camera has 95mm F14 lens.

With double focus, this lens camera gives the best photo capturing to your kid. This camera gives wide format photography which is favorite to the kids. The lens ring dial ensures the real focus to the shooting zone to capture the best photo. Kids can print the photo instantly with this camera.

This camera has a compact size to get the right grip in the hands. This convenient size helps the kids to carry this camera with comfort.To capture photos in extreme light and darkness, this camera has light and dark controller option. It provides high and low key effects. Whether it is dark or light, it gives the best photo experience to the kids.

The flash is powerful enough to enlighten a whole place to capture all the details. Its advanced shutter and flash assure to capture any moving object to capture easily.

Guide to Buy Best Polaroid Camera for Kids

To buy the best kids Polaroid camera, you need to follow these instructions thoroughly.


Quality is the main thing to consider for buying a Polaroid camera. Carefully check all its features. Make sure that it has all the necessary features. Manufacturer brand is also equally important.

Camera quality

As the camera will be bought for capturing pictures, the quality of the lens will be considered first. It must have greater power to capture brighter pictures. Also, it must have the quality capture the finest photos in both light and dark.

Flash and ring dial

You must pick the camera which has bright flashlight. LED flash is the best. Ring dial of the lens helps to focus on the objects to capture easily.

Size and weight

The camera should have a compact size. The smaller the better. A compact sized camera can be carried easily in a bag. Wight is also important as a lightweight camera is very easy to handle.

Instant capturing and printing

You should buy a camera which has an instant capturing ability. The shutter must be powerful and faster to work. Just after capturing the photo, the camera needs to print the photo immediately.


Usually, all the Polaroid cameras are very cheap. The printing papers are also cost very low. You can buy them from any retail shop near you.

Final Words

Kids Polaroid camera is not just cameras, it is the medium to make the kids happy and jolly. The photos they capture are the memories which will remind them of their childhood when they will be grown up.


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