8 Must Have Baby Stuffs In Your Registry

To parents, having a baby completes them. A baby is their ultimate source of happiness and there is nothing more important than your baby, should have your attention most. You want to give the best you can to your little one. As requirements of a baby are completely different than the adults and if you are a first-time parent, you have no idea what you might need, this short article can help you.

There will be literally a big list of requirements that are must have for a baby. Some parents even buy these stuff  before the baby born. Here are 5 essential items that you gonna need for your little one.

A Crib: Even for the new born you gonna need a crib where the infant will spend most the time sleeping or playing. If you have a small nursery, you should have a mini crib. But if you have a medium size or spacious nursery, you should have a U.S. standard size affordable crib. Make sure the crib is convertible so that you can convert it to a toddler bed and ultimately a full-size bed for future use.

Just to make sure you bought the safe crib, don’t forget to buy GREENGUARD Gold certified and U.S. CPSC safety standards meeting crib.

Nursery Set: Having the crib is just a small part of a complete nursery,  a vital one though. Still, you gonna need a baby mattress, projection mobile, skirt etc to complete the nursery. Instead of buying them each of the items individually, you should buy them as a set from prominent baby items producers like Fisher-Price, GEENNY, NoJo etc. That will be much more cost effective for you.

Baby Wrap: Every parent loves to snuggle with their little one. Also, during the day and night, you need to do a lot of cleaning, preparing baby food for your little one too. In such situation, a baby wrap can be your great solution.

Normally, you can use any baby wrap for those baby aged between newborn to 18 months. Using the baby wrap won’t create any problem for your body too. The wrap distributes the weight of the baby evenly to your shoulders or hips. It’s tested, proved, and widely considered to be safe for your baby too. You can get any baby wrap within $20 to $30 from any online store like Amazon.

Diaper Bag: Trust me, there gonna be a lot of pees and poops. So you will in need of lots of diapers too. To have a neat & clean, organized nursery, there will be no alternative to a diaper bag. From time to time, you will move a lot with your baby. May be a small visit to grandpa’s home for the overnight stay or may be a long tour. To make it smooth and hassle free, a diaper bag is a must. If you don’t want a filthy nursery, a diaper bag should be on your baby registry.

Within around $ 50 to $60, you can get a quality diaper bag from your nearest baby store or online store like Amazon. If you decide to buy from Amazon, there are some cool brand like Skip Hop, Huluwa, Graco etc. First, read some parents’ reviews and then decide to buy.

A Baby Walker: Teaching your baby how to walk is a fun but time-consuming work and there is no way around it. But you can make your job a little bit easier having a baby walker. Believe me, your little one will learn walking a lot faster with a walker. But there are some safety concerns regarding walker. You should never leave the baby alone with a walker.

A Baby Stroller: A baby stroller can come handy if you need to move or travel a lot with the baby. In fact, you gonna feel the necessity of having a stroller from the early stage of your baby. A baby stroller comes with other features like a baby car seat and so on. Based on your travel frequency and kind, pick up any highly recommended baby stroller.

A Food Maker: For the last few decades, baby food makers have saved the countless number of hours of parents around the world. And not just valuable time, I am talking about saving from lots of cleaning & kitchen time too. Baby food makers make parenting a lot easier & fun at the same time. With a modern electronic baby food maker, you will not only be an expert chef but also a creative one too.

Carrots, peas, bananas you name it. Even food that requires separate processing or steaming, with a baby food maker, it is possible too. Within no time, you can prepare your dream food recipe and become a super mommy to your little one.

Infant Tub: Infant tub can be handy as it can help you prep up your unstable baby without much hassle. In the past, parents used to use the kitchen sink for bath time and it is still a good option for many parents with back pain. But the good news is you can set the infant tub in the bathroom or if you have back pain you can set the tub on the top of the kitchen center for a pleasant bath time. There are various affordable infant tubs on Amazon. It will be a wise idea to have it for your little one.

But there are some potential dangers too. Never ever let your baby go near the tub alone. This happens mostly when your baby starts crawling and you forget to shut the door of the bathroom.

There you have the most fundamental 8 items for your registry! I hope you like it and get them as soon as possible. If you are a first-time parent, you should talk to your nearest relatives or friends for some other recommendations. But these above 8 items are must have. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and families so that they can have some good information too.

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