5 Newborn Baby’s Essential Care Tips

For a first time of having a Newborn baby is an exciting feel, but it may be intimidating if you have no idea of handling your baby. Some parents prefer to approach baby consultant, some take advice from doctors other consider all time nurse to take care of their baby. We are supporting the thought that no one can be better than a mother for her baby. There are so many problems arises when a mom does not keep baby around her, their fragility may be threatening.

Baby’s food for initial.

The first 6 months of baby’s health just rely on mom’s feed. It is an essential initial diet for a newborn baby which can resist so many newborn diseases. If a child does not  have the feed, Then their health will be intimidating. In so many cases we have seen that most of the moms avoid  to feed her baby and considering market milk which affects the baby growth. This market milk gives instant weight to your baby but makes them inactive.

Keep away your newborn from dirt.

As a newborn have the very weak immune system, they can’t resist any infection.  so they are   liable to infection. Using of sanitizer and washing hands before holding a baby, is the most primary precaution.

Secure handling

Taking up to your baby or lay on to bed is critical. Newly born has not much flexible and strong bones to carry in any way, this act should be careful with everyone who are going to hold the baby. The neck and head of a baby need a support when Cradle up. Avoid shaking briskly to stop him crying. This act causes bleeding in the brain or sometimes results in death.

Avoid bouncer

For first 5 months avoid bouncing carrier or stroller that shakes too roughly and vigorously. We prefer a mom cradle and bed, these two are the safest places for a newborn. also, avoid to thrown up a baby.

Particular sleeping time for newborn

A newborn baby requires 16 to 18 hours sleep every day. Mostly newborn take sleep at night even while feeding. This approach of night sleep establishes the growth of the baby. Daytime naps also necessary for infants it regulates the digestive system of a baby.

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