12 Things A Newborn Baby Must Have : Don’t Miss This Post!

things that newborn baby must have

Being a parent is the greatest happiness for any man and woman. The smile of the baby is the most beautiful thing than any other thing to any parents. But to make your newborn baby happy, your baby needs some essentials. There are 12 things that newborn baby must have.

As this age of the baby is very sensitive, these things must have for newborns. Here we will give you the list of items to buy for newborn baby.

1. Nursing Pillow

Nursing pillow is needed for the new moms who never experienced breast-feeding. As the babies can’t control their head and neck, it is most important to give a right positioning to the head and neck while breast feeding. A nursing pillow places in the Mom’s lap and wraps around to provide a precious space for the baby to stable and firm. These pillows are very soft to make the baby comfortable. A nursing pillow supports the weight of the baby and helps a Mom to feed her newborn baby with comfort.

2. Baby Monitor

When your newborn baby turns into 5-6 months old and more, it is able to roll, crawl or walk, you need to monitor your baby more closely. But you can’t stay in front of your baby all the time as you have other household chores. Baby monitors are the best in this purpose.

There are audio, video and wifi baby monitors, which will help you to monitor your baby even if you’re not in the baby’s room or you’re out of the house. These monitors will make you relaxed and will make the baby monitoring easy.

3. Stroller

Strollers are the best friends to the parents to carry the babies while they go out of the house with their babies. Any sizes of babies can easily fit into the stroller.

The seats of these strollers are comfortable and safe as they are soft and have safety harness with them. The sunshades of these strollers save your baby from the heat of sun light. The storage bins store useful things. There is footrest for the kids and handle bar for the parents to handle the stroller easily.

4. Swaddle Blanket

Swaddle blanket is in the list of items to buy for newborn baby to wrap the babies around and to make the babies safe from falling down from the bed. These blankets are very soft to provide the best comfort to the babies.

To save the babies from various types of diseases, these blankets provide warmth in the winter and make the baby cool during summer.

5. Infant Baby Bathtub

A daily bath helps the baby to prevent all kinds of bodily diseases. Any hard surface is avoidable to give a bath to the babies. That’s why Baby bath tubs are considered to be best and safest for this purpose. Parents feel comfortable to give a bath to their babies in these bathtubs.

Most of these bathtubs are made by soft plastic to make them perfect for the newborn babies. Some of these bathtubs have other additional features to entertain the babies.

6. Baby Bottle

Baby bottle must have for newborns for feeding the milk and water. When it’s time to give alternative milk to the baby bottle is very must essential. As these bottles support Nipple in the head of these, you can feed milk and drink your baby water easily. Most important thing is, using these bottles, anyone can feed the baby at any time.

7. White Noise Maker

Sometimes it gets too much difficult to make the baby sleep. Parents want to make their baby sleep in a quick moment. White Noise Maker is the best for this purpose.

White Noise Maker makes a ‘’whoosing’’ sound, which is very steady and slow. Babies feel sleep after listening it for 5-6 minutes.

8. Baby Onesies

As the babies need to change the diaper for many times in a day, parents really get bored and the parents need to wash their hands after every time they change the diaper. Baby Onesies is here for reducing the parents’ labor. Onesies is very smart to change the diaper of the baby very easily and quickly. Parents get relaxed as the Onesies changes the diapers real fast.

9. Baby Bibs

Newborn babies must have baby bibs. When babies are fed, baby Bibs saves the baby cloth from milk, water and food spills. Sometimes babies’ spittle also damage the cloth of the babies. Baby Bibs is the only one to save the clothes of the babies.

10. Diaper

Diaper is one of the essentials of a baby. Diaper helps the parents not to clean the stool and urine of the babies every time after they do it. Diapers store the urine and stools in it and parents just need to change the diaper time to time. These diapers are very soft and comfortable. As there is elastic with the diaper, it attaches with the babies firmly.

11. Baby Carrier

Baby carriers are the best to carry the babies without any problem. These are very convenient to carry the babies as they hold and carry babies in one’s back or against the chest. The important thing is, parents can hold and carry their babies quite easily and the babies feel comfortable in these carriers.

12. Baby Bouncer

Bouncers are very helpful and unique instruments for the babies. Babies love to jump or bounce. These bouncers help a baby to sit, sleep, and to jump. Parents feel relaxed to give a bouncer to make the babies busy with it and parents can do other chores. These bouncers are very important for the babies as these bouncers make the leg muscle of the babies stronger and help to get the right balance when the babies start to walk.

You’re feeling anxious about these 12 things a newborn baby must have? Don’t panic. These may be more in number but are very cheap in price. Besides you can’t raise your baby without these essential things. So, collect these things as early as possible to make the best care to your baby.


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