6 Tips For Newborn Baby Care In Summer Season

Newborn Baby Care in Summer

Winter and summer are the 2 hostile seasons for the babies. Moms are always anxious about newborn baby care in summer season. From them, summer comes with its own problems for the babies. Heat rashes, dehydration, heat and warm atmosphere are the main cause of summer. How will moms keep their babies out of these? Here are the solutions.

1.    Right Clothes

To stay at home during the summer you should avoid using synthetic dresses for your baby as Synthetic dresses absorb more heat and cause discomfort and heat rashes.

To go outside, you must choose the long sleeve dresses which are light. These dresses ensure comfort for the baby. You can use a sun hat for the baby. For the right blood circulation, you should pick the elastic less hats. Taking advice from your pediatrician, you can use sunscreen for the betterment of your baby’s skin.

For home and for outside, you must choose the light clothes made with cotton.

2.    Suitable nappies

Disposable nappies help the babies to get comfort and relaxed during summer days. It is always better to use cotton nappies than the disposable nappies because disposable nappies keep the babies warmer. Moreover, disposable nappies create heat rash around the sweaty places.

Cotton nappies are comfortable and don’t create any rash. Cool clothes and a cool environment are friendly for the using nappies.

3.    Food

If your baby is familiar with solid foods, then boiled milk and water with few feeds will be perfect. But for the infant, you need to breast feed the baby frequently. You must make sure to keep the baby hydrated.
Cooked foods get spoiled quickly during summer. So, before feeding, taste the food. Keep the food in a cool place like the fridge to prevent the foods from spoiling.

If your baby is used to with formula milk, then use powder milk as cow’s milk get spoiled quickly during summer.

4.    Keep baby Hydrated

Make sure that your baby gets hydrated all the time. Sometimes you will find your baby gets dehydrated by watching some remarks like rapid breathing, flushed face, and restlessness. Sweat dripping beads are not always found on your baby’s skin or forehead. So, you need to be aware all the time and keep the baby hydrated.

For the baby above 6 months, you can try water. But for the baby below 6 months, you must give breastfeeding all the time to prevent dehydration of your baby. As the babies drink more during summer than the normal time, you must be prepared to feed the baby at any time.

5.    Heat rash
Though heat rashes are common for the babies during summer, these are harmful to the babies. These are red dots on the neck hands, back and the face of the babies. These feel itchy for the babies and they are always in discomfort during summer.

To prevent rashes you need to give a regular shower to your baby. Use mild soap with slightly warm water. A cool place helps to defend heat rashes while loose fitting clothes give comfort to the baby.
Baby diapers are also responsible for making heat rashes. So use diapers only they are needed. A temperature around 25 degrees provided by air condition is very helpful to avoid rashes.

6.    Use a Summer Friendly Baby Carrier

To go outside use light-weighted Nylon carrier as they are better than the heavy fabrics like Denim. Make sure that the carrier has enough space to pass air. If your baby looks flushed, remove the baby from the carrier. If you pick stroller for carry, then umbrella stroller is the good choice for its shade which protects from the sun!

If you are afraid about the demerits of summer for the babies, you can remove your fear by following these solutions.


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