Are Trampoline Safe For Children?

Trampoline jumping causes a high risk of damage or injury for kids. Jumping can lead to sprains, strains, fractures as well as other damages, which include potentially neck and head injuries. The possibility of injury is high that the AAP or American Academy for Pediatrics discourages everyone to use trampoline at home. A number of trampoline injuries take place if there are two or more people jumping on a trampoline.

Kids could get hurt if they: 

  • Land in a wrong way while jumping
  • Land in a wrong way while flipping or doing tricks (however, this must not be permitted as of the possibility of neck and head injuries)
  • Try to stunt
  • Jump or fall off
  • Land on frame or springs


Common Injuries that Can Be Acquired when Playing with a Trampoline

Every year, there are thousands of people who got injured because of the improper use of a trampoline. Most of these accidents happen at home where there is a home trampoline. Kids who are younger than 6 years old are more prone to injuries and the common injuries acquired by patients are:

  • Broken bones wherein surgery will be required
  • Concussions or any other injuries
  • Strains or sprains
  • Scrapes, bruises and cuts
  • Head & neck injuries that can result to permanent paralysis and death

How these injuries happen? Well, most cases happen when there’s more than one person who uses the trampoline. Someone may get hurt when he or she:

  • Lands wrong whilst jumping.
  • Lands wrong whilst flipping or doing somersaults. This must be prohibited because of the risk of neck and head injuries.
  • Tries to carry out stunts.
  • Was hit by somebody else who plays in the trampoline with him or her.
  • Falls or jumps off the trampoline.
  • Lands on the frame or springs.

The Benefits Of Trampoline

Yes, it is true that trampolines cause high risk, particularly for kids, however, it also comes with many advantages. Trampolines are in fact the best gift for kids of all ages. Not just does a trampoline encourage fun and exciting bond with family members and kids, but it also serves as a superb equipment for training and exercise. Teens and kids love to show friends and family their tricks. A best trampoline for kids can give fun memories which will last a lifetime.

With modern day technology, like computers, video games as well as cell phones, sometimes it is hard to get kids outside and get them active. Trampoline gets children keen about playing outside. By being outdoors kids get Vitamin D from sunlight that aids with healthy bone development. Meaning, kids are getting healthier by means of exercising and getting Vitamin D while enjoying themselves.

Children who jump on a trampoline can enhance their agility, balance, timing skills as well as rhythm that will help them in other areas of their lives like dance, athletics and simple activities of everyday life. Trampoline jumping also strengthens the kids’ heart through increasing blood circulation that is obviously essential as your heart is the most significant muscle in the system. A stronger and healthier heart lasts longer. What is more, trampoline exercise has been proven to improve bone density that strengthens the bones. This is significantly essential to young and growing kids who need strong bones.

Trampoline is the best equipment for hyperactive kids. It provides them with a fun, safe place to ease all of their stress. This could be valuable not just to the kids, but to parents as well. During the school year it is essential for children to have a place to free their energy after sitting in a hot and stuffy classroom all day.

At the end I hope its clear to you that trampoline safe for children or not. So you can allow it with consider the risk fact as well as benefits.


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