Tula Vs Ergo Comparison – Which Baby Carrier Is The Best For You?

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Babies are very sensitive tenders and delicate beings who deserve close watch and care, therefore when one moves around with a baby then comfort for both your baby and yourself is essential.

There are several companies that manufacture baby carriers, depending on their taste for the market and what they think is essential for the product and the handler among the very many out there Tula carries and Ergo baby carriers are one of the most famous with significant distinctive traits. Here we try to make a comparison on tula vs ergo baby carrier

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Tula carries.

Tula baby caries is one of the brands designed by a passionate couple from San Diego with a desire to provide fun and comfort for babies and their parents.

This make of carrier is made in a compact manner and the baby can be carried on the back and front, it is much close and the contact and bond between the mother and child are enhanced. Tula carriers are significantly strong as ergo and they can be used while breastfeeding the baby on transit, while on a bicycle or walking. The mother can also keep the baby much warm and close. This carries is made of the removable hood made of light weight canvas to cover the baby which is very essential, it also has a compact seat up position for the baby with legs suspended towards the front to help the baby growth.

This carries also can carry heavier babies and also contain a pocket for baby extras and this is necessary for every outdoor. You just do not know what lays ahead.

Ergo carries.

This is a carrier company with a nationwide target on mother-child connection and specialized in outdoor events. It carries Very in style and make, however, both have been found useful and preferred by different customer

Ergo baby carriers are also known as the 360 carries meaning you can use the carrier to hold the baby in all round position, back, side and front. This carrier I can consider it to the most comfortable to the baby more than the mother. It can hold a baby much better if the baby weighs much less. The back can hold the baby with much more weight than the front. The baby becomes heavier the parent or caregiver strains. However, ergo carriers are designed for two situations, an infant, and a baby. The make and layout of the carrier are thick, with a hood that holds a sleepy baby. The baby can play freely while heavily supported and is very good for outdoor. I think it’s not warm and little too open for infant especially the front carry.

Things in common

Protective hood, back and front carrier, baby friendly, supportive waistband.


Tula is more baby friendly as compared to the ergo.

Ergo is more outdoor and fan as compared to Tula.

So, Which one recommended ?

However I prefer Tula baby carrier; the baby close to the mother, the baby friendly colors and the passion in the carrier takes the day for me. For a mother, Tula carrier is my favorite.

Final words

Baby carriers should be able to make the baby more protected as well as let the baby have fun. Sometimes the carrier becomes heavy and the distance long and weary with a comfortable carrier the journey becomes happy and bright. In my opinion, both the carriers have a beautiful supportive waist hold.

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