12 Unique Christmas Gifts For Kids Who Have Everything

12 Unique Christmas Gifts for Kids who have everything

Kids love toys, boy or girl. But there comes a time when the kids get bored of the toys. They seek for more versatile pass times from what they can learn more things. Christmas is the biggest occasion of the year to present gifts to the kids.

As the kids of this age seek unique gifts, you need to provide the best gift that can give pleasure, entertainment and can teach the kids new things. Parents usually get confused to give the best one for their grown up kids. This guide will help you to choose the best one from this list of 12 unique Christmas gifts for kids.

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12 unique and awesome gifts for kids

1. 3Doodler Create 3D Pen


This 3D pen is a unique one as it has features to draw vertically and horizontally. It gives 3D effect while drawing anything. If your kid has an artistic talent, then it will be the best as Christmas gift. This pen also includes 3D art tools and other unique accessories.

2. Automatic Stealing Coin Piggy Bank Saving Box


To build a mentality to save from the childhood, this bank saving box is the perfect gift for Christmas. It is a fun way to save money. A monkey eats up the coins and saves them for your kid. In its box, your kid can save lots of coins. With its great design and color, you can easily choose it.

3. The Little Patient


Hero of the popular Prof. Dietrich Grönemeyer’s children’s book series, Erwin is very much popular among the kids. From 3 to 12, every kid loves Erwin. It lasts for a long time because this doll is made with cotton and microfiber and easily washable with the machine. This is very educational for the kids because they can know about the human body from this doll.

4. MOTA Jetjat Ultra Drone


Kids just love electronic toys. RC planes are the one of their favorites. But drone are also gaining popularity among the kids. It gives pleasure to the kids more than anything else. Kids can capture photos and videos with this cheap drone with camera. A smartphone is enough to see the videos and photos.

5. Power Wheels Thomas the Train


A great gift for your kid to play at indoor and outdoor. This fun train is run by a 6-V rechargeable battery and there is easy stop and go feature. On the track, this train has the speed of 2mph. Once charged, the battery need not charge for 30 hours. As a Christmas gift, it gives more pleasure to your kid more than anything else.

6. Freestyle Luge Snow Sled


To slide on the snow during Christmas is the best fun for the kids. This snow sled gives the best experience to the kids. With its durable construction, this sled can jump without any risk of the kids. The handle helps the kids to stay smoothly on the sled. It is also available in different attractive colors too.

7. KOOBA Deluxe Edition


This play set is regarded very attractive to kids as a Christmas gift. It is a very challenging game but very easy to learn. It can be played with 2-4 players at once. To last long, this toy set is made with high-quality materials. To play at indoor and outdoor, there is few other options comparable with this set.

8. Zero Blaster – Blasts Smoke Rings Up To 12 Feet!


This ray gun gives great fun to the kids as it can shoot smoke up to 12 feet into the air. Kids can play with it at any place. The smoke or fog is made by water. So, it is safe for the kids and environment. As it is very easy to control, kids can easily handle it with comfort.

9. AISHN Knitted Mermaid Tail Blanket


For the girls, it is one of their favorite. This handcrafted mermaid blanket gives warmth to the girls during the Christmas nights. It is made with Polyester and friendly for skin. The mermaid tail shape is really liked by the girls. For a sweet dream to the girls, this is the ultimate choice.

10. LIGHT STAX Illuminated Blocks Classic Set (36 Pieces)


A very educational classic brick set for the kids to make toys on their own. The bricks are very bright and attractive because they have LED technology. The benefit is there is no need for any connectors or wires to light the LEDs.

11. Peaceable Kingdom Keep Out

If you kid like to have a special diary where he or she can express his or her thought then this diary is best one. This is also called as the dreaming locked book for kids. By using this diary your kid can write his thought, record his amusements and record his music collections. In fact this is the product in which your kid can explore all his liking, disliking and good or bad experiences. The 104 double sided pages of the book provides your kids with a best platform to expose their thoughts. The colorful pages of the diary encourage your kids in drawing and in having a making picture of things that have observed. They can write their daily life experiences on the colorful pages of this book.

12. Fun Animal Hand Tattoos


Kids love stickers and tattoos. Kids love to make their hands full of tattoos during the Christmas with other kids. This tattoo set includes 2 dozen animal hand tattoos. There are shark, snake, crocodile and other animal tattoos in it. Though assorted with colors, it is non-toxic.

Tips for Kids That Have Nothing to Do With Toys

When the kids grow a little old, they start to like different types of gifts from the elders. Toys are less attractive to them. So, if you have a kid of this age, you need to think again. Kids of this age like more creative and tactical toys and games. If you want to give a Christmas gift to one of this age kid, you better choose a gift which can develop the creativity of the kid or give them entertainment without playing with toys.

There are lots of gifts like these like horror or thriller books, tickets for an amusement park, movie or a match, trip plans, museum membership, puzzle games, music player, drawing kits etc. As the Christmas time is the time when school is closed, kids can pass their time with pleasure playing with these educative games.

Kids love to learn new things. Christmas gifts are the best chance to give the unique gadgets to the kids to make their creativity enriched. you can pick any from this unique Christmas gifts for kids who have everything list.


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