When To Move Baby From Bassinet To Crib?

When to move baby from Bassinet to Crib

There is nothing compared to the lap of mom for a child in the world. It is the safest and the most comfortable place in the world for the children. But it is impossible for the moms to keep their children in their laps all the time.

So, the bassinet turns into the safest place for the babies after the mom’s lap and they spend their early days in the bassinet. In course of time, parents need to move their babies to other places, bigger places like the crib for many reasons.

If you have a baby, it is very important and a duty for you to know when to move your baby to the crib from bassinet. We have brought this guide to show you the right guideline when to move baby from bassinet to crib

When to move baby from Bassinet to Crib


The age of your baby is the most crucial factor to move to a crib. You should move your baby at the right age of your baby. The range of the age starts from 3 or 4 months. This is the right time for you for planning to bring a crib for your baby. As the baby grows more, bassinet will become unsuitable for your baby. And also the baby starts to move by himself more during this age. So, you need to look for a crib since now.


Size is another important factor. It varies from child to child. Some grow faster than the others. At this age, babies need more space to move. A bassinet isn’t the right place as it is quite small in size. So, if your baby is getting bigger is size, you should arrange a crib as soon as possible.


Bassinet is perfect for the infants as they are light in weight. So, when the babies gain more weight, bassinet gets unfit to bear the load of the weight. On the other hand, a crib is much stronger than the bassinet having more capability to bear the weight of the baby. And some babies are usually fatty.

So, if your baby is fatty or getting more weight, crib is the right place to move on.


The nature of the baby is another key factor to move your baby to the crib. Babies try to roll when they are able to roll by themselves. And some babies usually roll more. In the bassinet, there is more chance to fall down. The baby must be hurt and injured. That’s why the bassinet is unsafe.

Crib, in comparison, is safer because it has wooden or plastic frame which prevents the babies from falling down. This frame also prevents the baby from jumping out of the crib as it is high enough for the babies.


With the grown age of your baby, the baby needs more comfort and bigger space with the grown age. Bassinet can never provide these to your baby.

But crib is unlike the bassinet having more space and comfort for the baby. More space means more movement of the kid which is essential for his growth. And, in the crib, you can use soft mattress to give the best comfort to your kid. It will make your baby sleep well. A great sleep will make him refreshing all the time.

These are the 5 major facts to move your baby from the bassinet to crib. If you are following these facts, you are giving a healthy childhood to your baby for sure.

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